b'CAMP Reservations CanadaThe founders of CAMP Reservations Canada tobookonlinefromtheirphoneordevice,saw an opportunity after trying to locate a camp- shared McDermid. site on a trip they took and in 2017 started pro- He noted that through the companys system,vidingreservations/managementsoftwareto park owners can reach more potential campersseverallocalcampgroundsinCanadian and streamline administrative workflows, as theprovinces.service works for parks of any size. The companysIt has been extremely busy, said Bryce Mc- booking website offers park owners the chance toDermid, CEO of the firm. Campground owners create a profile page for their campground, withare looking for systems now, so weve been busy a management system that takes care of admin-onboarding new clients. istrative workflows.He reported that by the end of quarter one he McDermid said that campground owners un-would have up to 90 campgrounds across Canada using his software system. The derstand the need to offer touchless options, but that they also balance that withsite offers campground searches and booking by map location, real-time campsite wanting to know who is entering the park. availability and secure payment. He said next year his company will start looking at entering the U.S. market asWe have added a multitude of new features to our system over the past year, but well. I think the one big thing is our new app that we have for campers that enables them info@campreservations.cawww.campreservations.caCampspotWehadanincredible2020, turecapabilities, Express Check-Inand more.withmorethan600newparks Campspotisfocusedonmakingsurecamp-joiningoursystem,saidCasey ground owners continue to see revenue growth, ac-Cochran, director of business de- cording to Cochran. velopment.Wepassed1,100 Thathasalwaysbeenthefocus,addedparks in total on the system, with Cochran.plans to increase what we accom- He pointed out that there are no upfront costs orplished last year in 2021.feestojoinCampspot,andthattherearenoCasey Cochran Cochranexplainedthat monthly or yearly fees either. Instead, the companyCampspothastechnologybuilt charges $2 per online reservation. into the system that no other software in the market Cochran added that most parksmore thanhas.90%take that charge/fee and pass it onto theThe software features a grid optimization algo- campers.rithm that is paired with Lock Sitefeatures, eSigna- (616) 226-5514https://software.campspot.comCampWorksHutchinson, Minn.-based CampWorks is continuing to see a The companys new mobile app, CampWorks Con-significant uptick in online reservations during the first quarter of nect, is now available. Johnson said it utilizes the latest2021, after a 400% jump in 2020.in mobile technology to work on all mobile devices andKeith Johnson, the owner of CampWorks, emphasized that his can be used with or without CampWorks software. firm offers a complete solution for campground owners that leverages CampWorks has also released a few new enhance-multiple leading-edge web, PC and mobile-based technologies. ments to its software, including a richer interface for on-We believe this approach is far superior to a purely PC or web- line reservations, interactive maps with more site details,based solution, he said. The main software is installed locally on new rate and data rule management capabilities, addi-Keith Johnson office computers for fast operation and comprehensive capability tional guest confirmation process options and muchfor day-to-day office personnel. Web-based technologies are used more, according to Johnson. to connect guests securely for real-time, online reservations and guest services. (320) 300-4157www.viswrks.com/campworksDigitalRezDigitalRez has been supplying SMS messaging, he added. All crucial for fast effi-reservationsoftwaretothe cient guest messages, enhanced guest surveys andworldwideaccommodation, guest reviews. We also have over seven different on-camping and charter industries line booking interfaces to choose from.since 1993.The company serves more than 4,000 opera-Like most of the industry we tions worldwide. have seen an increase in busi- Gibb added that his company prides itself onness,especiallyintheonline providing custom payment plans to suit individualThom Gibb booking arena, said Thom Gibb, campground budgets.chairman for the firm. We are We already have some unique features not of-moving ahead with some major developments to fered in other systems and we are adding more allfurther enhance our platform and what we offer in of the time, he concluded. 2021. (800) 811-5988We offer an integrated channel manager and www.digitalrez.com www.rezexpert.comFireflyBradly Adams, the founder of FireFly software, said his only enhance communication with guests. company is busier than ever.We also just rolled out a waitlist feature, so guests canWe processed over 30,000 reserva- be added to a waitlist when no sites are available for theirtions in the past year alone and we are desired dates, he added. This allows campground own-on track to process twice that many ers to quickly fill spaces that open up since you have areservations in 2021, he noted.list of people waiting to get in.One major new feature he is pushing The company also recently released its property avail-to roll out this summer is customizable ability calendar.SMS alerts, so guests can stay informed This allows guests to easily see what dates have sitesBradly Adams by text.available so a guest doesnt have to keep searching datesWecurrentlyoffercustomizable until they find an available site, Adams explained.emails that automatically send when guests arrive and The company also offers a kiosk that allows campersdepart, Adams shared. When payments succeed or fail to check-in without needing an employee to be present. there is also an auto-reply. But adding text messaging will (844) 920-1120www.fireflyreservations.comWOODALLSCM.com May 2021-19'