b'MySitesLaunched by SEPI Marketing about We have already redesigned some elements of our Mo-two years ago, Brian McGuinn, director bileRVing.com marketing platform to get park spacesof SEPI Marketing, told WCM that the filled easier, he shared. With these new adjustments,business is set to see significant growth website traffic dramatically increased, and we are seeingduring the first quarter of 2021.the results of these adjustments in our partners bookings. Whenyouthinkoftechnologyit In addition, our customers are looking for marketingshould be intuitive and easy to under- consistency, McGuinn added. We provide that becausestand, he explained. Our goal for 2021 MySites customers are also able to receive free website de-Brian McGuinn is to separate ourselves from other sys- sign work and custom guest guides through us at no extratems, not by adding features that some costs.customers may or may not use, but to create a customized He noted that owners on the system have enjoyed theprogram that aligns with that specific businesses termi- platforms simplicity. nology and processes.MySites charges a parks guests a processing fee, so park owners do not pay for theMcGuinn believes that this type of customization will make it easier for owners to system, according to McGuinn.understand and then train employees to use MySites.(800) 832-3292www.bookmysites.comNewBookNewBook has hit the ground running this free features such as paperless check-in, e-signature docu-year,reportedKristenOHara,directorof ments, two-way SMS, our GuestAssist app and our artificialbusiness development in North America. So intelligence chatbot, OHara noted.far, we have already released 44 new features The company is also set to revamp its entire booking engine,and welcomed Equity Lifestyle Properties as NewBook will offer NewBook Online 2.0beginning in 2021.a client. We are powering booking engines for This upgrade will see an enhanced user experience, func-200-plusRVparksandresortsonRVon- tionality and advanced upselling tools that will ensure ourtheGO.com. clientscansecuremaximumreservationsandrevenue,Kristen OHara She stated that speed, safety and stream- OHara explained. Additionally, we continue to add onlinelined experiences should be the No. 1 priority travel agents to our In-Built Channel Managerwhich alreadyfor campground owners and operators.connects to Airbnb, VRBO and HomeAway, plus hundredsWe currently offer a suite of self-service hardware, including more.kiosks, key dispensers, and keypads, and a range of contact- (310) 855-3773www.newbook.cloudResNexusNathen Mayfield, president of ResNexus, said the company had a great2020 despite COVID and is looking forward to 2021 with a mix of new services. Our booking engine has gone through several generationsand we will be releasing generation six this year, which hope-fully will be ready for a majority of our customers by April,he shared.More new features for 2021 will include professionally de-signed websites. We provide custom websites at a fraction of the cost ofanyone out there ($229), said Mayfield. And we provide con-tent services as well. Nathen Mayfield Text messaging is big and ResNexus is addressing this grow-ing demand, noted Mayfield. Owners can use the system to communicate toboth current and potential guests for events and openings. We have two options. One is $47 per month with 2 cents for a text and 4cents for a text with an image or an $87 per month fee for unlimited texts,explained Mayfield. With a free trial for the first month, its an amazing prod-uctforkeepingintouch with guests. And if you strug-gledwithGoogleadsinthepast,ResNexusmakesiteasy to do that, too,he pointed out. I am a marketerandalwayshatedthat they asked me20,000questionsbefore I could placean ad, Mayfield said. With the new ResNexus system you can seamlessly doads. The fees for ResNexus can be paid monthly or annually based on the num-ber of campsites and lodging units a campground has, with the addition ofseasonal adjustments. If you are open just seven months out of the year, it will not cost you asmuch as if you are open year-round, Mayfield concluded. The averagecampground starts at $1.75 per site, per month, or $175 for a 100-site resort.(385) 218-2637www.resnexus.comRoverPassWe are kind of exploding this year, said Lisa Senecal, director of marketing forRoverPass. This year we are seeing trends and numbers pushing first-time RV buy-ers and campers into the industry. We are focusing on how we can make the travelexperience for those campers and the campground owners safer and easier, so they20 -May 2021Woodalls Campground Management'