b'are not as stressed reserving their camping experience.stay on top of what they need to order. The company just launched a partnership with Roadtrippersand ToGoRVas well. In addition, the company has part-We have been focusing on the reservation management side, but we are now mov- nered with Generali Global Assistanceing to make sure everything comes together so the travel side is included, too, Senecal (GGA) and will be offering travel insur-said.ance for purchase through RoverPassThe company is currently working on tools to help owners who book long-term travel marketplace. Insurance servicescampers.will include trip interruption and tripWe are setting up ways for them to receive payment on an up-front, weekly or cancellation, and a global medical net-monthly basis, as well as ways to block off campground site availability for these longer work of more than 750,000 in-networkperiods, she shared.medical providers. Roverpass is also launching an Online General Storefunction to its software that will Policyholders will also have 24/7 ac-allow campgrounds and resorts to sell up cess to GGAs travel support includingto 1,000 items, branded items, or snacks medical, legal, traveling companion assistance, assistance locating lost or stolenand drinks to campers. It also features an items, replacing prescriptions and even pet assistance. inventory function to help park owners (512) 643-3387 www.roverpass.comRMSBusinesshas Dominioni said. We are very well posi-justbeenincredi- tioned for accommodating change be-ble, noted Fredric cause we are an open platform.Dominioni,chief The company has recently deployedrevenue officers at new services and modules, such as aRMS, a global hos- new booking engine, that is both fasterpitalitysoftware and more reliable, noted Dominioni.companywith One of the new services is a websiteFredric Dominioni NorthAmerican builder. headquartersin For $79 a month we will build a newSan Diego, Calif. I think the combi- website, optimize it and maintain it, henation of COVID and people wanting said. to get away has driven very high de- At the end of the day a platform ismand for our services. only as good as it is understood and op-He said the company caters to over 6,000 clients in 45 erates, concluded Dominioni. What you are seeing now iscountries around the planet.a lot of software companies selling plug-and-play and one-People are out there looking for agility and cloud-based size-fits-all, and I call bull on this. We believe that everysolutions in this new environment, Dominioni noted. campground is different and in my view, its better to do theHe said that RMS prides itself on treating each camp- hard work and the homework early in the front end of the re-ground or resort as unique. lationship, which is why RMS is so effective. Our average customer is with us from five to 10 years,(858) 427-1200 ext. 1 www.rmsnorthamerica.comStainless Software Inc. Stainless Software Inc. is a provider online. This software saves campgroundof campground reservation software ownerstimeandmoneybyallowingwith a full-featured customer portal guests to make changes to reservationscalled Premier Campground Manage- at any time without help from camp-ment. The portal provides campers the ground staff.abilitytoindependentlyviewand They also wanted a way to securelymanage their reservations without re- collect payments, capture electronic sig-lying on campground staff for support. naturesonimportantformsandletBilly Chism, president of Stainless guests check in and out of the camp-Software, explained that its customers ground without requiring a trip to the of-wanted a simple and secure way for fice, he added.guests to manage their reservations The customizable guest portal allowsguests to view past, current and futurereservations, change reservation dates,add reservation comments and modifyadditional guests, vehicles and pets to areservation. It is enabled for email andtext message notifications and electronicsignatures of forms before check-in.(855) 522-4369www.stainlesssoftware.comStaylistKnoxville,Tenn.-headquarteredStaylist is focused on continuing to offera seamless experience for both camp-ground owners and campers, accordingtoAngela Harness,vicepresidentofsales and marketing. The goal is to make sure they are incontrol from the time they make theirreservation, she said. If they need tomake changes, they can do so onlinewithout having to contact the camp-ground directly, and it even goes as far ascontactless check-in.Harness said that the company hastouted its contactless check-in tools dur-ing the current COVID crisis. For some campers, it is important toknow that they dont have to have theReservation Softwarecontinued on page 3422 -May 2021Woodalls Campground Management'