b'Glampingfrom page 17 So, Should Glamping Be ViewedAll things considered, ORourke said theres Some See Plenty of Blue Sky as a Threat to The RV Industry? more than enough business to go around in both in Glampings FutureGlamping Hub, in turn, doesnt include any RV Many of those in the glamping business dont glamping and traditional RVing. In no way do I Some insiders estimate that glamping will beoptions in its offerings. We feel that RVing can see themselves as a threat to RV manufacturers think the RV industry should be worried in the a $4 billion industry by 2026. A new glampingcertainly be considered glamping in certain and dealers. Today, in a world where everyone leastabouttheglampingmarket,shesaid. customer base flush with cash, they point out,ways, explained Martinez. But RVing already is starving to go outside, supply is nowhere near Coming off last year, so many people gravitated has already spawned several organizations andhas its own economy and its own industry. It can meeting the demand we are seeing and will con- toward RV travel that it invigorated an already businesses that didnt exist a decade ago. Thathave elements of glamping in the experience, tinue to see, said Martinez. strong business. RV parks everywhere are ex- includes small boutique glamping experiencesbut we feel RVing stands alone and apart from Under Canvass Dusek also said the RV indus- panding to try to meet the huge demand. at locations such as wineries and working farmsglamping. try has little to fear due to the massive influx of David Korse, a principal partner in Glamping aswellasmanufacturersreadytoprovideWhile Martinez said glamping and RVing may both new glampers as well as fledgling traditional Show USA, also sees glamping and RVing as two unique structures.share a marginal overlap in terms of customers, campers and RVers. separate things. The initial Glamping USA Show Weve seen massive new glamping facilitieshe thinks glampers are looking for something Ourcustomershavealwaysbeennon- in Aurora, Col., in 2018 drew being built with 250 units, and weve seen peoplethat traditional RVing may not be able to offer. camperspeople who would not normally go nearly 500 industry atten- start a small hobby business with three units,Somebody who chooses an RV does it for camping by themselves, Dusek noted. So, we dees and 40 vendors. The said Korse, adding that glamping is also spring-specific reasons, he said. Its something that serve customers who would normally utilize ho- show was forced to go vir- ing up in urban areas such as Roosevelt Islandworks for them and they are going to use it con- tels by creating an outdoor experience for them. tual in 2020, but still saw in New York City. The glamping industry demon-sistently. But getting an RV isnt a light lift for We may see some overlap; we may not. But I positive results and is plan- strates the ingenuity of those coming up withmost people. Its a big commitment. Even stay- think 2020 showed us there was a huge appetite ning to return to Aurora for wonderful ways to create experiences at aing at a traditional campground may be a bit for being in the outdoors. That is a good thing for its second live show in Oc- higher level.much for the usual glamping customer. They glamping, and the RV industry. tober 2021. By the same token, AutoCamp is in a con-just arent ready for that type of experience. AutoCamps Miller said his customers arent David Korse And in February, Glamp- tinuedgrowthpatternwithnewlocationsThe beauty of glamping is that you just show up traditional RV buyers. AutoCamp offers an RV ing Show USA launched a new quarterly digital scheduled to come online in the coming months.and have this high level of luxury. Everything is experience that attracts a whole new type of cus- magazine called Glamping Business Americas, As pioneers in this industry, we are excitedtaken care of, and you can find something at tomer that traditionally may not have considered targeted specifically to glamping providers, po- to continue our growth trajectory and ownershipevery price point. buying or renting an RV, he said. tential providers and vendors. of this segment in the coming years, Miller said.People who like traditional tenting or RVing Currently, outdoor adventure remains on themight like glamping, but there are people who upward trajectory for travel trends and is some-dont want to tent or RV who still want a luxurious thing well continue to see develop.outdoor experience, Korse said. They may not There is going to be a lot of growth, addedeven own their own vehicle, much less a sleeping ORourke. People who have never consideredbag. They just like the idea of showing up for the an outdoor vacation are looking for new ways toglamping experience. They want the outdoors get outside. Not every person is going to be a tra-where everything is ready for you. These folks are ditional camper or purchase an RV. We knowanother world of prospective guests that wouldnt that. But glamping is appealing to an entirelynecessarily be RV park prospects or potential RV new audience.buyers.WhileKorsedoesntnecessarilyconsiderglampers easy targets for RV dealers, he alsodoesnt see glamping stealing from the pool of tra-ditional RVers nor the emerging group of new RVbuyers. The pandemic gave an entirely new groupof people the motivation to get outdoors, he said.If these first-time glampers have a great experi-ence, its a win for the entire outdoor industry.Above All, Parks Need to Make Sure Their Guests Expectations are MetOne challenge facing both high-end, glamp-ing-only resorts and traditional RV parks andcampgrounds with glamping offerings is care-fully defining each guest experience.Weve found that we are probably less at-tractive to the guest looking for a five-star hotel AutoCamp has been utilizing custom Airstreamsexperience, said Josh Bell, who has a foot in at its glamping resorts.both worlds since his family owns seven KOAproperties in the U.S. and is also the American ORourke said locations such as KOAs Ter-distributor for Australian glamping tent manufac- ramor Resort arent just a romantic couples retreatturer Eco Structures. On our campgrounds, we or girls getaway. We are targeting families atsee more guests who gravitate to our Deluxe Terramor, she said. That is a space I think is un-Cabins. derserved in glamping. Half of our glamping tentsAlthough Bell said most traditional camp- at Terramor Resort come with separate rooms togrounds in the right locations will see glamping accommodate more families.as a slam dunk addition to their parks, he em- Many of those new family glampers are Mil-phasized just how important it is in his view for lennials, she added, who are looking for newguests to know exactly what to expect at a given ways to introduce their children to unique expe-park. riences. KOAs 2019 North American GlampingWe are careful not to oversell what we are Reportfound nearly 50% of glampers are Millen-offering in glamping, Bell said. We give peo- nials and nearly 30% are Generation X while 45%ple another way to enjoy the outdoors, but we of all glampers have children. The KOA reportarent trying to promise five-star dining and a also found that 77% of glampers plan to glamplounge that may come with a high-end resort. again, and 43% of leisure campers who haveThats OK, as long as they arrive knowing what never glamped would like to try it.they are getting. That is why the future for glamping looks soBell, at the same time, thinks the guest who bright, she concluded. I think the growth po-experiences glamping at a mixed-use camp- tential is strong as more people try it, and wordground may end up being a good prospect for of mouth kicks in. The growth curve is steeperthe RV industry. than it was before.Its a great way to introduce more people to Meanwhile,ARVCsBambeithinksthe outdoor market who have a bit more dispos- campground owners would be wise to notable income, he said. They may decide they ignore the glamping phenomenon. Glamp-like the outdoors, and they could want a little ing and traditional camping can coexist,more flexibility in their travel than glamping can he said. Glamping brings in a more sophis-offer. That may lead them to purchase an RV.ticated, deep-pocket demographic. If weSo, if I was in the RV industry, I certainly dont want to send that customer some-wouldnt feel threatened, Bell added. Having where else, well figure out a way to pleasea glamping option at a traditional park may en- themandkeepattractingthem.Ourre-courage RVers to use their rigs more since their search and the KOA research indicate thatfriends and family will have a comfortable place glampers will come back. These are greatto join them by glamping. market conditions. WCM24 -May 2021Woodalls Campground Management'