b'Reservation Softwarefrom page 22face-to-face check-ins if they dont want to, she ex- CAMPGROUNDplained. Staylist is currently working on its booking site that willallowcampgroundownerstomarkettheirparkstocampers. Were working with campground owners, even if theydont use our technology, so theyre able to have a listingon staylist.com and were also sensitive to the fees, ex-plained Harness. Because the major OTAs charge a lot ofmoney. So, were looking at those sensitivities to make surethat our campground owners dont feel the hit from anyfees.Harness also highlighted the softwares new aban-doned night feature which allows park owners to sell siteson days sandwiched between other days that are booked. If you have someone checking out on a Saturday and someone checking into thesame unit on Monday, theres that Sunday night thats abandoned, she explained.No revenue is going to be made off that one night. What our technology will do isautomatically email the camper that is already in house and then also email thecamper set to arrive on that Monday and give them the option of either staying an-other night or coming in a day earlier and offer that site at a discount. The technologywill work for the campground and generate that incremental revenue.614-354-9891www.staylist.comWebRezProFrank Verhagen, president of WebRezPro, told WCMthat Busi-ness is booming. He stated that WebRezPro offers powerful campground man-agement software that streamlines inventory, rate and reservationmanagement, automates accounting and reporting, and can beaccessed on the go from a mobile device. All at an affordable price, he added. Designed to make anowners workday easier and more profitable, WebRezPro turnsFrank Verhagen overworked campground operators into happy campers. Verhagen reported that the companys flexible inventory is key.From campsites to cabins and even ma-rina slips, a variety of unit types can be setup within the same inventory and desig-nated with utilities such as power, waterandsewer,allsupportingapowerfulavailability search function, he noted.WebRezPros responsive online book-ing engine is fully integrated with thePMS, meaning the website is always upto date with live rates and availability. This new function saves time on the phoneand lets campers book their own sites.He said flexible rate management offered in the software package handles sea- ADVERTISERS INDEXsonal rates to long-term leases to group rates and special packages. When it comes to mobile accessibility WebRezPro can be securely accessed any-where on or off-site, Verhagen continued, from any computer or mobile deviceconnected to the internet. This is especially handy for managing advance bookings Advertiser Page # Advertiser Page #during the off-season. An optional location module for campgrounds organized by types of sites, such AccessParks13 Kampgrounds of America/KOA.14as separate RV and tent areas, or a mix of lodging types such as cabins and camp- Adventure Golf.20 Lancaster Log Cabins.36sites, allows owners to track revenue and taxes by location, organize availability andrate calendars by location, and can even provide independent booking engines and Astra7 Monarch Coin & Security33customized receipts for each location. Applebrook RV Parks8 MySites/Southeast Publications.8(403) 777-9300www.webrezpro.comWCMBransonfrom page 4 B&B Electrical.36 Pacific Yurts.4Camp Spot28 PayRange15these Branson shows actually started out doing their shows in caves and camp- Cavco/Chariot Eagle/Fairmont9 Pelland Advertising.32grounds, she continued. They went from town to town, putting on their shows.The more we got to learn about them, the more we got excited about their back- Cell-Tek.33 Phelps Honey Wagon.27grounds. Almost all of them have families just like campground owners do, right? Chadwick Mfg. Ltd22 ResNexus23They had to learn how to work with families. They had to learn how to market, to CheckBox Systems.29 RezExpert27fill up and get 20,000 people that want to come to their show. They do differentthings during the event that we all wanted to learn about. Commercial Recreation Specialists.29 Skyweb Networks.31In retrospect, said Severson, the current COVID crisis sparked the creation of Delta Treatment Systems.11 Staylist.21the COE due to the numerous phone calls that Severson was fielding from parkowners that didnt have access to a state association. Dogipot17 Tengo Internet2I had so many campground owners that didnt have an association calling us Dri-Dek10 Tower Company.12and saying, Oh my gosh, what can we do? she noted. So, obviously, I cant bethe executive director for every state, but if we can pull this together, they can see, Eaton Corp22 TPB Management.33Oh wow, this is how it works. This is the world out there. It gives them a little di- Firefly Reservations25 Utility Supply Group Inc36rection of what it can be like when you have a great trade show like that. Fluid Mfg.12 WebRezProInsertBoth Severson and Styer told WCMthat they did their homework regarding theExpos timing. Any campground owner will feel OK to come on in, experience it, Great American Direct.24 Woodford Manufacturing Co16and it will be, I think, a nice learning ground for them to get their feet wet and to Hammer-Head33 Workamper News.32learn the power of knowledge and sharing and being together, noted Severson.FormoreinformationabouttheCOEanditsDecembertradeshow,visit Hialeah Meter2 YESYour Electrical Solutions.10www.campgroundownersassociation.com or call (608) 525-2323.Ben Quiggle Kampgrounds of America/KOA.6WCM34 -May 2021Woodalls Campground Management'