b'Modern Marketingfrom page 10 some of the most effective marketers for Guest Viewfrom page 12 Cavcofrom page 3your message. ing, with digital versions to grow your fan Make sure every member of your staff will bring up a lot of information. Perhaps homes, said Tim Gage, national vicebase.Considercontestsbasedupon is aware of your recreational offerings. A it brings up clients they worked with, or ar- presidentofParkModelandCabinnaming a new facility, create a caption guest might just as easily stop a member ticles and blogs they have written, or talks RVs.this competition, start a TikTok chal- of your maintenance team as an activi- they have given. You can usually tell from Cavco has a long history in the parklenge or develop a promotional game tiesdepartmentmemberinquiring this information if it sounds like someone model business, the release continued.using a cutout or onsite picture point. Be about whats in store for the day. Con- who has experience in the type of work It helped pioneer the glamping move-aware of each platforms rules and regu- sider staff shirts with your theme weeks you need help with and frankly if they mentin1999whenitsupplied100lations for hosting contests and adhere or special events printed big and bold on would be a good fit for you. Your attorney cedar-sided park models for El Capitanaccordingly. Test your ideas, try different the back. Issue inexpensive buttons as a has to be someone you feel comfortable Canyon, a luxury resort near Santa Bar-concepts and measure your results to required uniform piece promoting your with, there is a lot of trust necessary to bara, Calif.determine an effective tactic.program.have a good working relationship and you The company subsequently devel-Handouts/Activity Schedules Get Going, The Season Is Short need to feel their representation lines up opedparkmodelrentalcabinsforMake use of these inexpensive com- Make the most of your high season. with your needs. Then call them! Often at- Billings, Mont.-based Kampgrounds ofmunication tools and share information Start today by making a plan, creating torneys will talk with you a little bit about America (KOA) in 2003. Today, Cavcoabout your parks happenings, special contentanddrivingexposurewitha your matter, what their experience is and continuestosupplymorethan500multi-weekend or mid-week stay spe- wide but targeted variety of platforms what their game plan would beyou can campgrounds, RV parks, and hospitalitycials and testimonials. Encourage your and pieces. Position your park as one get a feel for who they are and what they resorts across the U.S. and Canada.guests to participate. Suggest they look that can provide rich experiences a safe know. Most attorneys will tell you if you ac- Cavco is also a key park model sup-ahead and book their stays for popular haven to spend time with friends and tually need to hire them or not. Sometimes plier for Southfield, Mich.-based Sunweekends in advance. family, interesting activities and events you might hit a barrier where an intake Communities, which uses Cavco parkUseful Business Cards and ample excitement. Youll garner at- person will take your information for an models as rental accommodations forHeresauniqueprintedcollateral tention and, in turn, business. After all, attorney to review and call you back. If its newest resorts, including the Jelly-marketing tool: a business card with a our business is fun. they call you back, they are interestedif stoneParkatLarkspur inLarkspur,line for your guest to record their license Evanne Schmarder, principal and they do not then you know to move on if Colo.; River Run RV Resort in Granby,plate number, often asked for at check- founder of the RV industry-specific you expect quick responses. Colo.;andCosta VistaRVResort inin. This handy, useful marketing piece is digital marketing firm Roadabode Is it ever too late to hire an attorney? Chula Vista, Calif., which will open thiscarried in your guests wallets and keeps Production, has a new book to help Typical attorney answerit depends. If spring.your business top of mind. Be brief and you do just that. Marketing Your RV your issue is something that is governed by GagesaidCavcocontinuestoseeclear in what you print on the card, space Park/Campground Online is avail- a statute of limitations and too much time strong park model demand from camp-is limited, and be sure to include park able as an e-book at your favorite on- has passedyou in fact might have missed grounds and RV resorts not only be-contact information.linebooksellerorinprintat your window to do something about it. If it causethecompanybuildsattractiveDont Forget About People Amazon.com. WCM is something more transactional in nature, units, but also because it offers turnkeyNot to be overlooked, your staff can be such as updating and fixing your long-term services. We not only design, build,license agreementsthis is something on- ship and install these units, but we alsoReal Log Park Model Cabins going that can always be improved. offer furnishing packages that includeTake the time to build a relationship. An everythingfromkitchensuppliestoattorney is like a fire extinguisher, you linens and drapes, Gage said.might hope you never need one, but it is Additional demand comes from con-really good to have one in hand in case of sumers and park model dealers, who Real Rustic Log Cabins a fire. sell the attractive 400-square-foot units Turn-Key! Christine Taylor, a graduate of UCLA for use as seasonal and vacation get- Durable and Appealing School of Law, is an associate at The Towne aways. Highly Profitable Law Firm, P.C., a law firm with attorneys Cavcohas19factoriesacrossthelicensed in New York, Connecticut, Ver- U.S.,includingseveralthatproduce Pays Off Within 1-3 Years mont, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., park models under the Chariot Eagle,Park Model Cabins New Jersey & Pennsylvania. Taylor has FairmontHomes,andPalmHarborStarting at $29,900 grown up in the camping industry.Her Homesbrand names.Located in Lancaster, PA family has owned three campgrounds in This decision to build a dedicatedboth the Kampgrounds of America Inc. park model facility will enable Cavco to717-445-5522www.LancasterLogCabins.com (KOA)andYogiBearsJellystonePark go to a higher level in meeting the needsCamp-Resort franchise systems. WCM of customers, Gage said. WCMCALENDAR OF EVENTSAPRIL9: Maine Campground Owners Asso-ciations Virtual Membership MeetingContact: (207) 782-587414: CCLOA, Kansas ARVC and SDCOACombined Online SessionContact: (605) 222-483921: Arizona ARVC Convention & ExpoVee Quiva Hotel & CasinoLaveen, Ariz. Contact: (602) 403-6196MAY4: ARVCs Virtual Prospective OwnersWorkshopContact: (303) 681-0401AUGUST10: ARVCs Virtual Prospective OwnersWorkshopContact: (303) 681-0401NOVEMBER8-11: 2021 Outdoor Hospitality Conference & ExpoRaleigh Convention CenterRaleigh, N.C.Contact: (303) 681-0401WCM36 -May 2021Woodalls Campground Management'