b'SUPPLIER INSIGHTS n BY BEN QUIGGLEBattle Company Innovates Laser Tag, Seeing Growth in Outdoor Hospitality IndustryMilwaukee, Wis.-based Battle Com- equipment likes to do. I dont want to gopanyhas been making innovations in the for the realistic. I want to go for the mod-laser tag industry for the past nine years ern or video game-based laser tag thatunder its founder Aaron Fisher. people are playing nowadays.Fisher had the idea of trying to make a Players wear one headband that acts aslaser tag system that wasnt so lame, ac- the target other players are trying to shootcording to lifelong friend and director of at. There is also a target on the gun.sales Brian Sytkowski. You receive it either on the headbandWe want to bring or theres a sensor on the front of the gun,whatpeopleseein Sytkowski said. It eliminates any sort ofmodern video games cheating. If I can see you, you can hit me.to life, he noted to If I can shoot you, you can hit me.WoodallsCamp- There are also other add-on featuresgroundMagazine like shock bracelets and grenades among(WCM). other things.Thecompany There are plenty of options depend-workswithinmulti- Battle Company provides park owners with a variety of tools ing on the types of games park ownersple industries, includ- that allow them to create their own, unique laser tag games.want to host, he added.Bryan Sytkowski ing the RV park and For a 24-unit package, Sytkowski saidcampgroundspace, owner the power to be able to operate different styles of laser guns to choose that park owners can expect to pay aboutthe haunt industry, mobile entertainment games with just one person if they want from. The No. 1 gun at the moment is the $25,000 and that the package includes thecompanies and universities and colleges. to. The EDGE software, has 35 different Battle Rifle Pro, which is a smaller unit guns, scopes, headbands, utility boxes forHe recently installed a new system for the game modes and 90 different weapons that is great for most ages, according to all the different game modes, firmware ca-Yogi Bears Jellystone Park Camp-Resort built into the system. One of the best parts Sytkowski. pable to update, network and networkat Kozy Restin Harrisville, Pa. about our system, too, is you can make The company also offers a BRM unit configuration and the software. There is aThe arena we created for them is phe- your own game modes and you can make thatsmorerealisticwithrealbattery- one-year warranty on all equipment.nomenal, Sytkowski noted. yourownweapons. Wegiveourcus- powered recoil. Sytkowski said that the return on in-Battle Company can create arenas in tomers a lot of versatility and options to That is the most realistic laser tag gun vestment depends on the type of gamesboth indoor and outdoor areas. run the equipment the way they want. that you can find, he said. anownerhostsandhowmuchtheyIt is an incredibly versatile system, We also have a great customer sup- The Battle Rifle XL is in the middle of charge players to take part.pointed out Sytkowski. port team and we fully train operators on the pack and tends to be the favorite for I want customers to think outside theHe noted that what makes this system how to use the equipment, he added. adults with longer arms. box because the system can do so much,standoutfromarun-of-the-millone Every customer has a different vision on We dont want to be real but we dont he noted. It really opens a lot of differentsomeone can buy at Walmart or any other how they want to operate the equipment wanttobeliketraditionallasertag, doors to make money that owners prob-retail location is the advanced software and we want them to run it the way they Sytkowski mentioned. This is modern. ably havent thought of before.that runs it. want to. This is new. This is fresh. Its more versa- 414-305-8750ItscalledEDGE,Sytkowskiex- The companys No. 1 selling package is tile. I guess youd say people want to play www.battlecompany.com/campgroundsplained. Within EDGE, it gives the park a 24-unit set and the company has several modern video games and thats what our WCMCampLife Continues to add New Features as it Expects More Growth in SectorCampLife has been providing reser- thepast15yearssothecompany Founded by Tyler Duffy, the com- gratewithreserva-vation and management software to the could be described as ancient in tech pany originally started with an idea for tion systems. Now itRV park and campground sectors for years. a self-check-in kiosk that would inte- services around 540campgrounds.Wehavebeenactively growing ourteam and right nowis a great time to bein the outdoor hos-pitalityindustry, Tyler DuffyDuffy told WCM.The company had originally distrib-uteditssoftwareundertheSunrisemoniker but went through a rebrandtwo years ago and is now just knownonly as CampLife.Recently,thecompanyhasbeenworking to build out its features as itlookstoaddmorevalueforcamp-ground owners.One of the big features that wereworking on is anew packagingfeatureforpointofsalewhere you canputdifferentpackagesto-gether and sellthosethingsonline,saidDuffy.Maybeyou want to sell firewood and a smoreskit as a camping bundle. You can do dif-ferent add-ons at the point of sale or inthe reservation process.Rightnow,thereservation/parkmanagementsystemsectorhas Supplier Insightscontinued on page 3014 June 2021 Woodalls Campground Magazine'