b'Commercial Recreation SpecialistWhile Commercial Recreation Specialist (CRS) is by the recreation area, maybe by some water andbest known for its water recreation features, it also maybe by a playground.offers a full catalog of other products, including a line Hartberg told WCMthat there are a lot of popularof dog park equipment. pieces the company sells, including a mister that al-According to Hartberg, the company can help de- lows dogs to run through water and cool off. Thesign a dog park with its in-house landscape archi- piece is hydraulically activated, which means notects and it also sells individual dog park products. electricity is needed and it runs for two minutes onceIn the campground world or at an RV resort a button has been pressed.youre typically talking fairly flat land, he noted. Its He recommends that park owners use a K9 grassa corner of the property that theyre going to fence or some form of artificial turf that has some porosityoff so that they can have a dedicated spot, so thats a and antibacterial properties to it inside of the fenced-little bit easier. Its almost more two-dimensional, if in area.you will, we can get a top view, lay out the sites and 877-896-8442make sure we reserve a little spot there for folks thats www.crs4rec.comDOGIPOT DOGIPOT has been offering a full line of pet stations, DOGIPOT sells pet stations, dispensers, DOGVALETS,including waste bags and trash receptacles, to camp- trash liner bags, litter pick-up bags and DOGIPARK dogground and RV park owners since 1994. park agility and amenity equipment.Linda Rosado, director of sales and marketing at the The DOGVALET is now offered in four different colors,company, told WCM that pet products have only been noted Rosado. The DOGITUNNEL is one of the mostgetting more popular among RV park and campground popular items the company offers.owners over the past few years. It is a beautiful centerpiece amenity and doubles asAll over the country, from multi-family developments agility equipment for puppies, explained Rosado.to campgrounds and public parks, she noted, dogs are 800-364-7681being accepted in all types of new spaces. www.dogipot.comDog-ON-It-ParksIn business since 2008, Dog-ON-It-Parks has con- more natural look, she noted. The company recentlytinued to see business grow as demand for more pet switched to a lighter construction material for the Na-amenities across the U.S. grows. tureDog line to help make it easier for owners to moveVandenBerghe said Dog-ON-It-Parks offers a wide at the end of the season.range of pet-friendly solutions for campgrounds and The items in this line are flexible as far as the in-RV parks. From dog agility equipment to all stainless- stallation options go, VandenBerghe explained. If asteel pet wash stations (both traditional basin style seasonal park wants to take this equipment down atand pedestal-style options), fire hydrants, pet waste the end of the year, the lightweight materials we usepick-up stations and site furnishings. make it possible.The companys NatureDogline has been a hit with 877-348-3647park owners since it offers agility equipment with a www.dog-on-it-parks.comDuo Forms DUO-PETSAfter 50-plus years manufacturing RV OEM parts and The GO PET B & Bwill come in three colors to startaftermarket accessories, Duo Form is moving into the with, said Shelly Ditmer, president of Duo Form, andpetarenawiththeintroductionoftheDUO-PETS will have upgradeable features and add-on accessoriesbrand. like a shoulder strap, backpack straps and decorativeThe company feels it has an opportunity to rely on decals and faceplates to make it as unique as the petsits RV and camping experience to help build specialty we are creating them for.pet products that will make camping with a pet easier The GO PET B&B is set to be released at the begin-and more hassle free, a niche that it feels has been un- ning of June. Other products are set to be unveiled laterderserved in the market.this year, including an RV door screen protector that isThe first product launch for DUO-PETS is the GO designed to protect a screen door from the claws ofPET B&B. The product is hard-sided luggage designed furry family members.to be durable and hygienic. The luggage case trans- 269-663-8525forms into a travel pet bed and food/water storage area. www.duoformplastics.com/duo-petsGyms For Dogs Gyms For Dogs is an Indianapolis, Ind.-based plastic benches, along with its play and agility equip-company that designs and supplies commercial ment.dog park products for facilities all over the U.S. The company does some work with RV parks andMost of the companys products are produced campgrounds, but it is still looking to do even more.from recycled waste and other sustainable outdoor Every time that I am in an RV park I see more dogmaterials. features and spaces, Director of Design John SarverGyms For Dogs not only offers dog play and explained. It is still a new thing for the segment, soagility equipment, but also drinking water foun- its still in the progressive stage. I think we will seetains, benches, shade structures, pet stations and more growth in that area over the next few years.a special dog fence system. The company also sells 800-931-1562its own proprietary pet waste stations and recycled www.GymsForDogs.comWOODALLSCM.com June 2021 17'