b'Jamestown Advanced ProductsJamestown Advanced Products offers a full line of aluminum agility Someofthepopularpiecesthatequipment that can be assembled without additional tools and quickly dis- Jamestown offers include a Tire Jump, Per-mantled and stored for seasonal operations, according to Julia Heitzenrater, sonalized Dog Bone Benches and its Post-a marketing associate at the company. Mounted Dog Waste Containers.This year we allocated more of our design and engineering team to- Allofthecompanysequipment,bothwards other products but despite that, we have made some cosmetic portable and mounted, is designed to meetchanges to our existing pet lines and are excited to continue offering a pre- American Kennel Club (AKC) regulationsmier line-up of pet products, she explained to WCM. and can be adjusted to heights that are suit-able for the majority of dogs.Additionally,ourteamhasfielded an increase in calls regard-ing the three levels of Dog CourseSets for new campground installa-tions, Heitzenrater stated.800-452-0639www.jamestownadvanced.comKay Park RecreationForJanesville,Iowa-basedKayPark Recreation, dog park productscontinuetobepopularamongcampgrounds and RV park owners.With the inclusion of pets in thefamily unit, more and more vaca-tion resorts are adding pet parks fortheirguestsuse,notedMarileeGray,marketingdirectorforthecompany.TheDouble andTripleHoopJumpsare popular among the com-panyscustomers,accordingtoGray. She told WCMthat they are aneconomical addition to dog parks. from DOGIPOT, Mutt Mutt and otherPet waste stations are very popular companies, along with pet fountainswhen installed along walking trails and and several other products.near dog parks, Gray said. 866-741-8266The company also sells pet stations www.kaypark.comPolly ProductsMulliken,Mich.-basedPollyProd- cle to go with them, although some areucts is seeing strong sales in the pet seg- engraving the benches as memorialsment and notes that it continues to talk or with a parks name, said Sandrawith other suppliers who are expanding Anson, director of sales and marketingtheir pet product lines. for the company.We have experienced an increase The depots come with a mountingin sales on our Pet Waste Doggie De- post, pet waste bag dispenser and trashpots,usuallywithpeoplechoosing receptacle,allmadefrompost-con-one style each of a bench and recepta- sumer recycled material, according toAnson.The unit is fastened together withstainless steel hinges and fasteners thatare designed to protect against rust andcorrosion in harsh weather conditions.Each part of the depot is also soldseparately.877-609-2243www.pollyproducts.com18 June 2021 Woodalls Campground Magazine'