b'Incorporating Pet-Friendly Amenities at Your ParkPeople tend to remember a clever tag line, like Paw Pad, Bone Yard and Park & Bark, to name a few. A trendy amenity is always better when it is easy to find with proper signage and has a well thought out name. n BY JULIE STEWART is about to greet them.your amenities noticed and utilized. The cute names that get a chuckleWith orders to stay at home as much as Retail Space out of your human guests is just a bonus. possible in 2020, many households decided A great way to offer a convenient service to your guests, while Simple, Inexpensive and Thoughtfulto get a furry companion during quarantine. earning a little extra income, is stocking dedicated shelf space for Not all pet amenities have to be a big ordeal and cost you a lot ofAccording to the The Washington Post, some pets in your on-site convenience store. If you dont already have a money or time for upkeep. Just thinking through the items that a petshelters, rescues and breeders reported a pet store, they are easy to create. Fill your shelves with pet food, kitty owner may need goes a long way. Create a list of nearby pet-friendlysurge in applications for pets, with demand litter, pee pads, treats, chew toys, balls, animal fashion (leashes, col- restaurants, parks, local trails and pet boutiques. Dont forget to addoutweighing supply and spurring the need for lars, clothing and booties) and pet beds. You may even offer tiny pet a couple pet sitters or dog walkers. If you have a mobile pet groomerwaitlists.tents or tipis that are so adorable most pet owners cant resist picking in your area, set up a schedule for appointments that can be accom-Although money may have been tight for Julie Stewart one up. plished right on site. Do you have a local baker that would love thesome households over the last year, pet owners continued to splurge Outdoor Space opportunity to create a cake for pet birthday celebrations? Its a thingon everything from pet food and treats to pet sitting, toys and travel, One of the most utilized pet amenities is a gated, well-maintained nowseriously.noted these reports. Pets are truly a part of every family experience area where pooches can socialize and run free. We mention well- Pet Parting Giftat home and abroad. maintained because this is a key component to a well-received At check-in, recommend your guests stop by on their way out toThe American Pet Products Associations (APPA) National Pet amenity. Offering complementary pet waste bags will assist in keep- pick up a pet goody bag at check-out. This gives you the opportu-Owners Survey reported the pet market grew to $103.6 billion in ing your pet zones clean, as well as emptying your trashcans daily nity to discuss everything they loved during their stay and possibly2020, up from $97.1 billion in 2019. For 2021, its already estimated to ensure they are not overflowing. A shaded area to sit and relax is areas that you could improve upon. But remember, 63% of house-that $109.6 billion will be spent on our pets in the U.S. and forecasts always a hit for both the pets and their owners. If you choose to use holds own a dog, with a close second owning a cat at 43%. Bothpredict the global pet care market will reach $358.62 billion by 2027. natural grass, consider employing two areas that are adjacent to each cats and dogs travel well, so make certain you have goody bags forWith over 68% of American households now owning a pet, camp- other that can be easily switched back and forth to give damaged either. It may also be a good time to attach your business card, agrounds and RV park owners are becoming more aware of the need grass time to recover.coupon for their next stay or give away an item with your logo thatto provide pet-friendly amenities. Overall, the hospitality industry is During Their Stay states you are pet friendly.out-doing itself across the globe with imaginative pet services includ- Theres nothing better than an ice cream social on a hot summers Pet Protectioning Pet Psychics, Pet Massages, Doga Classes (a playoff yoga) and day. Doggy ice cream, that is. There are several recipes to choose Lastly, as a campground or RV park that caters to pets, take abacon scavenger hunts. from on Pinterest and most include natural ingredients like bananas, moment to make sure animals are not excluded on your insuranceLets get into some not so out there ideas that you can easily yogurt and peanut butter. But why stop there when you can also make policy for pet bites. We have seen policies in the market that havecreate for your upcoming camping season.Pumpkin Dog Treats for Halloween? The number of ways to incor- a specific Dog Bite Exclusion form added on their general liabilityWell start from check-in to check-out. porate pets into your events is endless. For dogs and owners who policy. This can have the effect of limiting or excluding claimsGreeting Your Pet Guests both enjoy socializing, schedule a weekly Yappier Hour featuring which arise out of dog bites and should be avoided. If you see thisSeveral properties now have dogs on staff, known as directors treats/snacks and pup-tails/cocktails. language in your policy, reach out to your insurance agent and theyof pet relations or canine ambassadors, who welcome both human Signage can help find a more inclusive policy for you and your park.and pet guests in the lobby at check-in. Even if visitors arent trav- People tend to remember a clever tag line, like Paw Pad, Bone Julie Stewart is a marketing specialist at Leavitt Recreation andeling with a pet of their own, this is a nice way to break the ice and Yard and Park & Bark, to name a few. A trendy amenity is always bet- Hospitality Insurance. Leavitt offers a wide range of products designedits especially popular with children. Just make sure you have a ter when it is easy to find with proper signage and has a well thought to help park owners effectively operate their businesses while ensur-sign on the door that lets your guests know a furry host or hostess out name. Adding signs directing your visitors is a must for getting ing they are protected should any unfortunate events arise. WCMWOODALLSCM.com June 2021 21'