b'check in with them to see how they are some of them could be potential re-doing. cruits to work with them. From an em- Learning how to deal with disruptive campers is key and protectsYou want to allow for an ongoing ploymentstandpoint,hesaid,all both campers and park employees from unnecessary stress.conversation (about their career path), campground operators should be look-Welch said, because this creates an en- ing at who is staying at their park. Youvironment based on what the employee will randomly connect with this differ-population is wanting and with this ap- ent audience that may now be open toproach the leaders know more of what the thought of working in the camp-their employees are looking for. ground industry.In any industry, Welch added, the Thesenewpeoplecanalsobringmore that a leader can be connected to freshperspectivestohelppushthethe employee, the better off you are. It campground business forward.doesnt matter what part of your career But while there is a potential newyou are in. You can create a path inside pool of campground industry employ-your organization so they can see the ees,parkoperatorsalsoneedtobeend result or goal they want to achieve. very, very aggressive with their hiringEmployees are more likely to stay when process because of the level of compe-they can see that path, whether they tition affecting so many industries, saidwant to be the best housekeeper or be a Glenna Hecht, a Dallas-based humancampground manager. You have to be resources expert who regularly speaksable to show that path for all employees, at KOA conventions and runs the com-no matter what they want to do. You pany Humanistic Consulting.have the ability now to look at the whole Parkoperatorsalsowave and see the trend, look five years need to update their jobout, 10 years out and create more career descriptions and poli-paths. cies, taking into account Learning How to Deal withAnd while wages are always part of how different things arethediscussion,immediatefinancial being done now duringcompensation alone becomes less of an thepandemic.They Unruly Campers is Key asissue when employees can see the abil- also need to make sureity to grow their careersand their po- Glenna Hecht everyone in their organ- More New Campers Enjoytentialcompensationwithinan ization is singing fromorganization. the same songbook.There has always been the ability to When the job duties are not up to the Camping Lifestylegrow people, Welch continued. But date or reflected in job postings or in-whats happening now is across the U.S. terviews,theapplicantmaywonderwere seeing people who have histori- what else is not defined in the organi-cally been locked up in cubicles some- zation? Hecht said. n BY JEFF CRIDER The Jenkins Organization required its entirewherewhohavenowopened A clear and consistent hiring process Private park operators are gearing up for park management team to take an onlinethemselves up to working remotely. provides a sense of security for the can- another record year of camping, with camp- quality service course offered by the DisneyWelch added that private park oper- didate and is indicative of a productive ing and RVing widely considered the safest Institute.ators should pay attention to the people and goal-oriented business culture, she vacation activity during the COVID-19 pan- We took the opportunity over the winterwho are staying at their parks because said. WCM demic. to have all of our management team com-But the influx of record numbers of first- pletethecourse,Jonessaid,adding,time campers has also presented many park Everybodycanusearefreshercourse,operators with a new problem: A significant even if you are a veteran park operator.increase in unruly guests with little or no Online courses, which cover topics suchknowledge of campground etiquette. as Disneys approach to leadership excel-Park operators tell Woodalls Campground lence, intentional listening and quality serv-Magazine (WCM) that they have seen an in- ice,areavailableatcrease in disruptive guest behavior, which www.disneyinstitute.com/online-profes-runs the gamut from people cutting across sional-development-courses/. others peoples campsites to not respecting One topic of park management that war-quiet hours or the parks efforts to enforce rants particular attention involves the strate-COVID-19 health and safety protocols, such gies that park operators use to deal withas limiting the number of guests allowed at unruly guests.a swimming pool or other water attraction. Each campground is different in han-Wehadissueswithenforcementof dling fights. We provide our managementCOVID restrictions, said Kelly Jones, vice team with tools to de-escalate situations.president of RV park op- You dont want to meet their threats witherations for The Jenkins threats or escalate the situation, said Jones,Organization inHous- whoworkedasasocialworkerattheton, which owns and op- Maryville Academy in Des Plaines, Ill., for 13eratesseveralYogi years before going into the campgroundBears Jellystone Park business.Camp-Resort locations, A lot of times, how you approach the sit-as well as independent uation makes a big difference, she added.RV parks marketed under Dont take an army of 20 with you if thereKelly Jones the Great Escapesbrand are only two or three you want to calmname. down. You also have to recognize when theShe added that some guests felt that by situation is beyond your means. If it involvesgoing to a campground they could not only domestic violence, call the police. Dont putobtain a feeling of pre-pandemic normalcy yourself in danger.but escape the rules of COVID that have The tone and volume of voice are alsobeen put into place in most public places critically important in such situations.across North America. The lower your voice is, the quieter theyThe staff certainly walked a very fine line will become because they want to meet yourbetweenaskingpeopletocomply(with level of volume, if only because they want toCOVID health and safety protocols) and un- hear you, she said.derstanding that they may have had a med- Being simple and direct is also important.ical issue and maybe thats why they were Be very clear on what your goal is, shenot wearing a mask, Jones noted. I think said. Avoid using the word need, shethere were lessons on our end, lessons in said, adding that the word need itself canempathy and certainly in patience. aggravate people. Instead of saying, I needOtherchallengesresultedfrompark you to be quiet, just say, Please be quiet.guests who took it upon themselves to be- Be very clear on what your goal is.come the mask police, she said. Jones said park operators also have toAnticipating similar challenges this year, use extra caution when dealing with intoxi-26 June 2021 Woodalls Campground Magazine'