b'Funding the purchase of their park through the sale of rental properties in Ohio, theLawsons say that the Alabama community they now call home has been very welcoming. site as a pull-through site with 20-, 30- abusinessplantoapproachingaand50-ampconnections,aswellas bank, finding the right kinds of bankswater and sewer service. toapproach,aswellasnon-tradi-While some of their friends worry tional ways to obtain financing, she Time Away RV Resort features pull-through sites with a design that combines what theabout them opening an RV resort in said. Lawsons liked about other parks. Alabama, a state with a long history of Financialobstaclescontinuetoviolence against African Americans, pose a big hurdle for African Ameri-the Lawsons say they have been wel- cans, Alicia said, but these challengescomedinAlabamaandhavehad are not insurmountable. As Africangoodexperiencessofar,including Americans, we have to keep our debtpositivelocalmediacoverageand low, have enough cash on hand andvery strong support from white RV have a high credit score to get a realenthusiasts. loan, Alicia said. Nate and I makeWhile they planned a soft opening sure we are always ready and thatsin March to work out the kinks in their what we teach our kids, family andnascent park operations, the Lawsons friends.say they are excited about their grand TheLawsonsalsohaveanotheropening in June, which they will cele- major milestone they plan to cele-brate every weekend that month. brate in June: Their 30th wedding an-Theeventswillincludeopening niversary.ceremonies and guest speakers, in- Our 30th anniversary is comingcluding Charles Breedlove, who rep- up on June 12, Alicia said. But she re-resents the Southeast Region of the ceivedsomanyphonecallsfromNational African American RV Associ- campers wanting to be part of bothation; Anthony Montedelongo, who their grand opening and 30th wed-owns an RV repair company, as well as ding anniversary celebrations that thethe local chief of police and mayor. LawsonsdecidedtohaveagrandTheirdaughter,Arlinda,who opening every weekend in June.dancedwithAlvinAiley,thelate Its going to be a month of celebra-founder of the Alvin Ailey American tion, she said.WCMDanceTheater,willalsoentertainguests with dance performances.AliciaalsoplanstoprovideherAfricanAmericanguestswithfree,one-hour seminars on how to pur-chase land and start their own camp-ground business. We plan to gatherall of the entities necessary to movethem along the process, from writingCampground OverviewName: Time Away RV ResortAddress: 160 Summer Dale Lane, Lincoln, Alabama 35096Attractions and Amenities: A five-minute walk from Talladega Super-speedway, this 13-acre park features100 pull-through RV sites, a familyswimming pool, gathering areas,group campsites, tropical landscap-ing, a kids playground, a dog park as well as a bathhouse, laundry facilities, cable TV and Wi-Fi.Website: www.timeawayrvresort.com Phone: (205) 855-3033 WCMWOODALLSCM.com June 2021 29'