b'Supplier Insightsfrom page 14 CampLife has been recognized by Electric RVsfrom page 6theNational Association of RV Parksattracted a lot of attention and new and Campgrounds the last two years overnight. Unless you are metering thatcompanies are popping up at a quick in a row as its Supplier of the Year and site, you will have a big increase in thepace. Duffy said he feels as though Duffy said that the award acknowl- use of electricity.CampLife has a head start over some edges the growth the company has Elliottsaidittypicallycostsaboutof the newer competition due mainly seenandtheincrediblecustomer $100 to meter the electricity at a camp-to the features they already have in service it provides. site. Park operators will need to monitorplace. Its pretty amazing working in this their guests electrical consumption toIt will take quite a bit of time for industry, he added. determinetheextenttowhichtheysome of these newcomers to catch up Looking to the future the company should meter their campsites.with the different features we have, planstoimproveitsmarketplace, Mike Gurevich, who co-owns and op-he explained. But I think competi- which is commission-free. erates the 400-site Cherry Hill Park intion in the marketplace is good. It Wereseeingaboutathirdof College Park, Md., said he sees RVersprovidesmoreoptionstotheend reservationsthroughoursystem towing electric vehicles and chargingconsumer and ultimately its going to coming directly from our CampLife them at his campsites. But he said therekeep the prices down. It also ensures marketplace, Duffy noted. are just a few RVers doing this and thethat we continue to bring our A-game 877-783-2367 costs of charging vehicles is not yet mak- Campers using pedestals like these to charge EVsand provide that amazing customer www.getcamplife.comWCM ing a significant impact on his overall will likley make owners review their fee structures.service. electricity costs.Our overnight rates are based on two electric vehicles to tow RVs. I saw a Teslaor three air-conditioners per unit running pulling an Airstream and another elec-ADVERTISERS INDEX in July, he said, adding, I am thinking tric vehicle pulling a retro trailer, hethatcarswontbedramaticallyworse said, though he has yet to see an electricthan that, at least for now. truck pulling an RV.Advertiser Page # Advertiser Page # Gurevich said the merits of metering A more immediate question for pri-to ensure guests pay for charging electric vate park operators now, Zanger said, isAccessParks11 Leavitt Recreation25 vehicles may depend on the cost of elec- trying to figure out the economics of in-tricitylocally,sinceelectricitycosts stalling electric vehicle charging stationsApplebrook RV Parks.8 MySites/Southeast Publications.8 varies by utility company. and whether it makes sense financiallyGene Zanger, who co-owns and oper- to do it. B&B Electrical6 PayRange19 ates Casa de Fruta RV Park in Hollister, Youll see hotels that have chargingBusiness Finance Depot.26 Pelland Advertising29 Calif., said he simply charges guests $5 to facilities. Its an amenity, but were tryingcharge their electric vehicles at one of his to figure out if we can put in our ownCavco/Chariot Eagle/Fairmont9 Phelps Honey Wagon.27 50-amp RV sites. Casa de Fruta is a diver- charging facility with a 100-amp electri-Cell-Tek30 Pilot Rock14 sified business that includes a fruit store, cal outlet with the proper receptacles fora restaurant and a 300-site RV park. RV charging, he explained. Some com-CheckBox Systems18 RezExpert15 Zanger said he sees a fair number of panies will come in and put in the sta-Delta Treatment Systems13 Staylist Pro7 guests in Teslas who stop at his restau- tions and pay a portion of it to put it in,rant for lunch or dinner while charging but nothing more.Dogipot21 Tengo Internet2 their vehicles at a Chevron station next Zanger said he would like to have EVDuo-Pets.23 Tower Company.27 door that was equipped with 20 super- chargers in front of his restaurant, butchargers about two and a half years ago. havetheEVchargingcompanypayEaton Corp.18 TPB Management 30 But his park is also just 70 miles away some kind of rent for using the space. SoHialeah Meter.2 Utility Supply Group Inc5 from Teslas headquarters near Silicon far, he hasnt been able to find any com-Valley. panywillingtopayforthiskindofJamestown Advanced Products.22 Utility Supply Group Inc32 Having a Tesla charging station next arrangement.door has been good for his business, Tesla itself installs its own chargingKay Park Recreation.20 Woodford Manufacturing Co. .24 Zanger said, adding that the vehicles tell stations. Kampgrounds of America/KOA.4 Workamper News29 the driver at the beginning of their trip Tesla is an eco-system like Apple,where they can stop and how long they Zanger said. If Tesla wants to build aKampgrounds of America/KOA.12 YESYour Electrical Solutions.10 will need to charge so they can plan their charging station, they will build it, butLancaster Log Cabins32 day. they own their own charging stations.Zanger has also seen people usingJeff Crider WCMMARKETPLACE30 June 2021 Woodalls Campground Magazine'