b'www.woodallscm.com News and Information for the Outdoor Hospitality Industry Vol. 52 No. 7 July 2021InsideAffiliation EndsFlorida, Alabama groupsbreak ties with nationalARVC.Page 3Survey Says .Moms and kids are ready forsome camping. Page 6Doing it RightADA compliance is keyas park owners renovate.Page 19Face-to-FaceFlorida ARVC, AlabamaARVC host record-breaking conference.SUPPLIER Page 21 Are You Covered?INSIGHTS Working to Meet Demand,Insurance pros advise on how to navigate Lancaster Log CabinsExpanding Production cyber liability, employee issues and more Pilot Rock & OriginalPage 14 Jumping Pillows Products Page 12 There are a lot of things that can go wrong at a campground and ensuring your business is protected shouldbe a priority every year. Photo Credit: Katie Maynard/ARVCPermit No. 2 Page 18Milford, INPAID PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE Solar power draws green conscious campers, lowers costs.'