b'SUPPLIER INSIGHTS n BY BEN QUIGGLE & RON BARGERWaterWars Offers Unique Setup Allowing Campers to Enjoy Water Balloon FightsMinnesota-basedWaterWars was break,causingthestarted due to a dry, hot summer in water to come through1988.strategicallyplacedTommy Woog, owner of the com- holes and soak the op-pany, noted to Woodalls Campground posingteammem-Magazine (WCM) that bers. his dad was running an Users never get hitentertainmentcenter by the balloons, Woogand hosted ATV riders noted. who would drive along The company man-thesandtrack.They ufacturersalmostawould leave after they dozendifferentver-were done to cool off at sionsofWaterWarsawaterslidelocated that come in differentTommy Woog just down the road.sizes and offer differ-My dad realized that we needed to ent features. Some arehave something so that people could designed to be station-cool off and would stay longer, Woog ary,whileothersare WaterWars offers a variety of different setups, including the Downpour Derby (left) and the Dyno Stationary unit (right). noted.mobile. His dad had a dream one night and It really just depends on a persons aluminum,whichmakestheunits and we have been able to meet the or-he woke up the next morning with the budget, Woog said.lightandrust-proof,accordingto ders that are coming in.ideafor WaterWarsinhishead.He Woog said campground owners typ- Woog. He predicts that the company willbuilt the first unit and then patented ically gravitate towards three different There is hardly any maintenance continue to see strong interest in itsthe idea. Woog said that he and his dad products. The Dyno Stationary unit that is required and the units are de- products for years to come. began taking the idea around to vari- and the Dyno Stationary unit with a signed to be durable, said Woog. The We are in the midst of a very strongous trade shows around 1990.Depth Charge feature. Campground elastic part of the slingshots will need year and the campground industry hasWe figured if a water balloon game owners also like the stationary Down- replacedfromtimetotime,andof had a tremendous impact on that, heworked in northern Minnesota, then it pour Derby.course owners will need to purchase said.would work other places too, Woog Tommy noted that each unit they more balloons, but besides that, the 800-950-1132explained.sell comes with 14,400 balloons. The unit is pretty maintenance free. www.waterwars.com WaterWars is a game that includes only running water that is required is The company has had to increasetwo battle stations that are separated for the balloon filling station that typ- prices due to shortages on materials itby a short distance. Inside each battle ically is located near the WaterWars needs to manufacture the units.B&B Electricalstation is a slingshot that allows the equipment. Park owners can sell packs We have been pretty fortunate for Eaton Powerslide RV Pedestaluserstoflingwaterballoonsatthe of 10 to 20 balloons for a couple of dol- themostpartthough,Woogex- Distributed by B&B Electrical andother battle station. The balloons land lars in their campstores to campers.plained. We started buying more ma- manufactured by Eaton Marine, theon the opponents battle station and Theunitsareconstructedoutof terials last year when things were quite Supplier Insightscontinued on page 3212 September 2021 Woodalls Campground Magazine'