b'Unique Accommodation Suppliers Work ThroughSupplyChainIssuestoKeepUpwithDemandA s COVID restrictions liftn BY RON BARGERandNorthAmericacomes back for a sum-merofpent-upfun,manyofthespecialtylodging accommodationsuppliers that WoodallsCampgroundMagazine (WCM)touched base with arealiveandthrivinginthis brisk business en-vironment.Business has beenvery good, said CurtDinges,ofBelgrade,Mont.-based MontanaCurt Dinges Canvas.Ourluxuryglamping tents are selling very well andcampgrounds seem ready to purchase.Business is boom- Unique accommodation providers are finding ways to meet customer demand,ing,saidAlanBair, while also innovating meet camper expectations. Credit: EcoStructures USAowner of Pacific Yurts.It may be the best wehave ever experienced. There are a lot of tire kickers along with ders have to be placed early for next his glamping tents is about 24 weeks ofWearehittingsome all the sales. For most of the people we season. It would be good for owners to full occupancy. records here. are talking to right now, finances are not get orders in by the beginning of Janu- And in comparingBusinessisjust the challenge.ary for a May delivery. notes with other tentAlan Bair crazy,saidKeith NicoleLoffler,theownerofNo- Bair explained that campgrounds of- builders,thatsprettyKrzeminski, executive vice president of madics Tipi Makers, is also doing well as fering specialty accommodations have closetoalltheCalif.-basedShelter sheadvisescamp- anedgeoverconventionalsites.He providers we spoke toStructuresAmerica, ground owners to plan shared that his yurts have helped some in the industry, he ex-providersofunique, ahead because of back- campgrounds stay in business during plained. clearpolycarbonate logs in production. some tough times.He said this is based Jason Higbeegeodesicdome-style We have been ex- Jason Higbee, the U.S. sales repre- on various tent sizes renting out be-glamping domes. The tremelybusyandare sentativeoftheNetherlands-based tween $65 and $200 per night. glamping systems are currently three months Outstanding Tents, actually did a poll Here is a look at what the unique ac-selling well. Every day out on the production on the simple payback period for his commodation market is offering at thewe are working on in- Keith Krzeminski of our tents, advised Nicole Loffler campgroundcustomersandfound moment.quiriesandquotesandneworders. Loffler. It is important to stress that or- that the total return on investment onBushtec Safari form a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living area, office isappropriateBushtec Safari is a factory importer to the U.S. of or open covered deck. The Kingfisher has one extension forallseasonshigh-end safari tents for campground and resort use that makes it 480 square feet.aroundthefrom its large production facilities based in South Africa. A tent of about 400-plus square feet runs $15,000 to country,high-The companys U.S. headquarters are in Norcross, Ga.$25,000 for the tent, with a price tag of between $40,000 lightedOlson.We are working with a variety of campgrounds and to $70,000 with a kitchenette, AC/heat, bath and fur- The exterior di-resortsfrom nishings. The tents are set in the campground on a plat- mensions of thehightolower form or slab.mostpopularend,aswellas 888-589-8368www.bushtecsafari.com modelare24-Airbnband spe- by-10feetpro-cialtyapplica- Conestoga Wagon Companyvidingantionssuchas Those looking to add a Conestoga Wagon Company interior of 180 square feet.theNavySeal product to their campground should order now as these Themostpopularwagonpackagerunsaroundranchwejust unique family lodgings are booked.$37,000 and includes A/C, heat, the double canopy andfinished in San We are booked out to December and January right one door. Renting out at $285 per night would almostDiego,said now, said Jason Olson, president of pay off the wagon in four months, noted Olson. Gary Flaks, CEO the company. The wagons are selling The shower houses are an install option for camp-of the companys U.S. division. We just formed a rela- well, as well as our shower houses. We ground owners looking to add something with an oldtionship with a very large campground network and will are getting a lot of good reviews and the western theme that includes laminate floors and all ofbe in many campgrounds across the U.S. in the next shower houses are almost equally as the amenities of basic bathhouses. Flexible layouts withyear.popular. one to three toilets or just shower houses are available. He stated that campground owners are mostly focus- Many wagon orders now come with The bathhouses start at around $33,000. ing on two distinct luxury safari tents.anaccompanyingshowerhouse. 307-277-0525www.conestogawagonco.comThe first is one of our basic A-frame tents called a Jason Olson Smart campgrounds are ordering theSpringbok tent and the Kingfisher from our Shaka shower houses with three-position showers separate Eco Structures USARangeseries of tents, noted Flaks. from three-position toilets to assure more than one Produced in Australia and Southeast Asia, Eco Struc-The basic Springbok is a 450-square-foot tent and is family can use the facilities at a time, noted Olson.tures USA offers turnkey installs of engineered tents andpopular due to its easy setup A-frame construction and We just received a call from a Colorado campground shelters for destination resorts. Built onrectangular shape.and the owner said the wagons he ordered from us are steel frames, the companys tents areMost have kitchenettes, full baths and double beds, booked solid for the rest of the year at $285 per night, designed to withstand the elements,explained Flaks. They have what most park model RVs he said in early July. This is a wagon that sleeps four according to Josh Bell, the U.S. saleshave but are bigger and have a more open feel.with a nice table in it, our most popular model. And the representative for the company.The larger Shakas are also one of the companys most model we are doing now with no bathroom, but rather There is a massive renewed effortpopular designs due to the endless opportunities that placing a shower house right next to it, is extremely pop- by the greater outdoor industry to getresult from its modular options, highlighted Flaks. It ular. new and expanded campground lodg-starts with the central 360SF Batteleurtent and then al- The new double hoop fabric top on the Conestoga Josh Bell ing installed to meet the demand afterlows for one to four 120-square-foot extensions that can Wagon, developed last year, can handle a snow load and Unique Accommodations continued on page 22WOODALLSCM.com September 2021 19'