b'Park Model RVsfrom page 18 New developments and a demand for more campsites has helped fuel growth.We have had more campground rental business this year than weve had in thesteady gains in production numbers out West once we get our new PMRV factory up past, explained Duncan. Not only new developments, but just a lot of campgroundand running after the first of the year. owners recognizing the benefits of having rental cabins and increasing their ordersGage noted that Cavco is the only manufacturer to introduce ANSI 119.5 Park from what they have done in the past.Model RV, cabin, cottage, custom product and Tiny House RV rental financing for all 574-254-7163www.forestriverinc.com/parkmodelscampgrounds, resorts and RV parks. We have to stay ahead of the industry with new and exciting floorplans, decors Lancaster Log Cabins and creative ideas for all segments, he said. Our plan for the fall conferences is to Lancaster Log Cabins recently completed construction of a larger 45,000 square-introduce new and creative ideas for the hospitality industry that will take us to an- foot manufacturing facility with all new equipment and builds close to 400 units aother level, but also provide the type of products that take campgrounds, resorts and year, a number Smucker hopes to see increase as the company continues to see busi-RV resorts to the next level. Due to backlogs being so far out, we feel its a great year nesspourin.Hecur-to showcase these products. rently has 30 employees.800-622-8260www.parkmodels.com Lancaster Log CabinsusesalargeamountofForest River Park Model Divisionwood for both the inte-The Forest River Park Model Division offers an extensive range of cabin floorplans, riorandexteriorofitsincluding both loft and non-loft models, with features and amenities that enhance units, so it has been trickythe camping experience, to get enough materialsnoted Duncan. to continue production.TheKOADeluxe WeresomarriedtoCabin Series and Amer- our supplier down south,icas Park Cabins are the heprovidesallofourcompanys largest sellers logs, Smucker said. If hetocampgroundowners cant get us logs, then welooking for rental units. are to put it plainly, justRightnow,thecom- screwed. Were trying to find ways to keep that rolling and so far, we havent had topany is battling a short- stop the line which has been nothing short of a miracle and hopefully it can stay thatageofsuppliesand way.peopleasitworksto The cabins come with all the furniture included unless a customer doesnt wantbuild PMRVs. the furniture.Findingemployees Lancaster Log Cabins offers eight different models, with the five most popularright now is tough, so weve got this huge backlog, he highlighted. Were just not being the Sierra, Lakeview, Adirondack, Rancherand Ozark.building at the pace we would like to if we had the parts and people. Right now, Smucker said that the company is looking at a six-month backlog butthat he expects that to grow as more orders come in over the summer.Normally, by September or October we are completely booked out for the fol-lowing spring, he explained. I always try to get customers to book orders as earlyas possible.Smucker said that the costs of the companys units have gone up 5% due to thecost of wood and other materials.That isnt bad at all considering how much our material costs have gone up, hepointed out. I would probably say on average theyve gone up probably 20% to 30%but are closer to 50%, which isnt as bad as what some people are going through be-cause we dont use OSB or plywood.717-445-5522www.lancasterlogcabins.comPinnacle Park Homes Inc.The Rental Ready Line continues to sell well for Pinnacle Park Homes as ordersincrease on the campground rental side, according to Stewart.We have been able to keep our manufacturing plants going at 100%, she said.On the supply side ofthings, Stewart told WCMthat one day it might beone thing they are havingissuesgettingandan-otherdayitwillfliptosomething else.Werefamousforcedar-sidedhomesandthatsbeenarealbigheadacheonboththeavailabilityandtheprice,sheexplained.Mostofourexteriorsnow are fiber cement sid-ing, because we can do that more cost-effectively than we can do a cedar-sided homeright now.Stewart noted that the company has worked on several different developmentprojects this year and has been receiving sales inquiries from developers buildingnew parks.Weve done a couple of projects for three different developers that were buildingReal Log Park Model Cabins new parks and putting in PMRVs. That demand has gone up, she said. We are alsostill in the process of talking to other developers that just havent gotten to the pointyet of placing orders. The sales to campgrounds have definitely been up this yearjust because they need them.229-574-5159www.pinnacleparkhomes.com Real Rustic Log Cabins Turn-Key! Prairie Kraft Specialties LLC.Durable and Appealing Not a manufacturer of PMRV units, Prairie Kraft constructs traditional log cabins Amish Craftsmanship that are slid onto a cement pad when they reach a park. Pays Off Within 1-3 Years Bethany Benedict, the companys sales manager, noted that supply chain issuesimpacted the company, especially since it relies so much on wood logs.Park Model Cabins We use a lot of wood and that was up like 178% over last year, she noted. ThatStarting at $29,900 was a big deal and still continues to be a big deal, although it might start comingLocated in Lancaster, PA down a little bit, I dont know how much. Then the supply chain, theres a lot of thingswe cant get. A lot of items are back-ordered months and months out. Its hard to give717-445-5522www.LancasterLogCabins.com Park Model RVs continued on page 2420 September 2021 Woodalls Campground Magazine'