b'Unique Accommodationsfrom page 19 During the shutdowns, we took a closer look at that the full bath inline and did some redesign and we are excited to intro- it, shared JohnCOVID, stated duce that product this fall, he explained. It is perfect Poynor,ofBell. We are re- for folks that already have an existing site that they want GlampingPodsceivingmany to use seasonally. The setup time is just a couple of ofAmerica.inquiriesfrom hours. 98% of what wethosewanting The new tent system is priced between $15,000 and build now is thetoestablish $20,000 depending on how it is outfitted. The company Mega Pod. newcamp- is also looking at financing and cost-sharing measures ThePodisground proper- for campgrounds to begin this Fall. about140ties as well. 619-997-5788www.ecotentsaustralia.com.au squarefeetonThe coolest the inside and roughly 16 feet long and 10 feet wide onpartofour Colorado Yurt Companythe exterior. It has room for a full-sized bed or bunks, aproducts, added Bell, is that everything gets delivered The Colorado Yurt Company has been producing full-sized shower, pedestal sink, toilet, a little kitchenettein kit format. Once it arrives on-site for the client they luxurycampingaccommodationsforover45-years area with a bar sink and room for a small fridge and mi-dont have to worry about sourcing lumber and other from its Montrose, Colo., headquarters, according to crowave on the countertop. A/C and heat are also avail-materials because its all included in the kit.John Gibson, owner and CEO of the company.able. He said campground owners continue to seek out the We were founded 45-years ago and we make yurts, Business is jamming! exclaimed Poyner. We arefamily camping market more than the couples market. tipis and tents, he shared. Everything is selling hot about a year out on orders right now. And we will beThe Eco Tents that includes a queen bed for mom and right now. We are working on those for the rest of this year. The camp-dad, as well as a bathroom and bunkrooms are hot sell- busyandyurts grounds are all doing well. We have a lot of reorders anders right now. areindemand they are all booked out.All of our Eco Tents range between $16,000 and because there is He said the per-night rates for the Mega Pod are be-$30,000 depending upon the options and sizes that such an interest tween $100 and $150 at most campgrounds. Those withcampground owners choose, he stated. It all depends inalternative pods on the waterfront may get more. on how they want to outfit and upgrade.structuresfor The company can fit two pods on a truck, so it helpsAt this time last year, Bell reported the company was campgrounds.to split shipping costs. getting ready to roll out a new, more pop-up style tent Webuild He said the Mega Pod retails in the $19,500 to $21,500that is less permanent and goes up quicker for camp- eachunitto range depending on amenities. These pods are deliv-grounds looking for flexibility. orderandwe ered fully built with plumbing HVAC and electrical insaw the demand coming. place and ready to hook up at the site. We increased staffing and 417-385-1664www.glampingpodsofamerica.comgot our suppliers togetherso we would not have too Montana Canvas muchofalead-time, Montana Canvas has been known for hand-craftingGibson added.canvas-walled tents for the past 40 years. Made andCurrently,thelead- tested in Southwest Montana, the company stated it hastime stands at about four a design to fit any need.months.AccordingtoDinges,Hesharedthatthe president of the com-companys yurts are engi- pany,itsLuxury andneeredstructuresand Suite seriesglampingcanhandlethetough tents are selling hot.Coloradosnowand Wecallour12-bywind-load requirements. 14-foot tents the Lux-Thecompanyshipsall ury model, he stated.over the world and has Itsdesignedtofitacustomers in every state queen bed and worksof the union, as well as well for a couple to sleep and live comfortably. Ouracross Canada.larger 14- by 20-foot tents, what we call the Suite model,Gibsonsaidthatthe are more for families. It can accommodate queen andlargest30-footyurthas king beds and bunk beds to handle all the kids as well. historicallybeenthe Dinges said these two models are perfect for camp-mostpopular,butthe ground owners ready to explore the glamping trend andcompany is seeing more come with everything needed to start. interestinmid-sized The Luxury and the Suite packages start aroundmodels as well. It makes $2,600 and go all the way up to $3,800. Both packagesyurts in 16-, 20-, 24-, 27- come in three upgradable versions and many optionsand30-footmodels.A are available. basic 30-foot model with Campground owners can add full-floor platforms,insulation, one door, two porches and furnishings. He advised that campgroundswindows and engineered could end up with a distinctive glamping tent for be-for an Alpine snow load tween $15,000 to $20,000 total. starts at around $30,000.An owner could potentially see a return on invest-Popularamongthe ment in one season at $200 or more per night.Tipis is the 18-foot model 406-388-1225www.montanacanvas.comthatsellsforaround$5,000andincludesa Nomadics Tipi Makers deck system and insula- Nomadics Tipi Makers is very busy and is offeringtion. These are also com- Campground Model Tipisin 2021, according to Loffler.pletely customizable and We are trying to findprices will vary.the production capacity toWiththeadventof fulfilltheincreasedde-Glampingsomeofthe mand, said Loffler. Welarger tents that we make think the trend will con-arethemostpopular, tinue and more and moresaid Gibson. People like glampingandcampingall the amenities and the accommodations will beability to sleep the entire needed. family in one unit.Shestatedthetrends800-288-3190 for her products are defi-www.coloradoyurt.com nitely towards larger andmore inclusive tipis, whichGlamping Podsareinthe22-to-24-footof Americarange. Campground mod-Ourhottestselleris els with the zipper mosquito screen door, critter protec-still the Mega Pod with Unique Accommodations continued on page 2622 September 2021 Woodalls Campground Magazine'