b'Park Model RVsfrom page 20 This is becoming very popular and the reason thats becoming popular is thatmore than half of our business goes to resorts, campgrounds, communities andit a good lead time. other places where they buy multiple units, Grymonprez explained. When theyreBenedict noted that the quotes the buying 50 or 100 PMRVs to put in their parks for rentals they want a certain percent-company is giving people arent good for age of them to be wheelchair-friendly.very long. He said campground owners and developers are also looking for units that sleepIt used to be 30 days and now its two families or groups.weeks, she said. If they order it within We are doing a lot of bunk rooms, a lot of lofts in bunk rooms, things like that inthe 14-day quote, then well honor it. But, the rental market so they can sleep more, Grymonprez said.if its later or takes too long, then we have He told WCMhe expects the PMRV market to continue growing over the next fewto give them a new quote because things years.are just changing too fast. I think the PMRV industry is going to continue to grow because anybody thatBenedict said park owners are mainly puts in an RV resort is going to put in PMRVs, Grymonprez noted. I have a reallyattractedtothecompanysunitsthat good, positive feeling that our industry is going to be strong for the next five or sixcomefurnishedandarereadytogo years.when they arrive at the park. 903-677-0108www.athensparkmodelrvs.comwww.skylinepm.com406-727-3192www.pkscabins.comStone Canyon HomesSkyline Champion Like other companies that WCMspoke with, Stone Canyon Homes has been deal-Amidst a very strong year, the company continues to see orders coming in as it ing with supply issues that at times have led to larger backlogs.works hard to produce the orders it has in its backlog, according to Grymonprez. We have been ableThe company is currently offering higher wages and incentives to entice potential to lower our backlogs,employeesasitdeals not because orders arewithstaffingissueslike down, but because themany other companies. supply chain issues areWeareworkingon easing and the price ofways to get employees to lumberhascomestay onboard once they down, noted Pulliam.get hired, he explained. PulliamsaidthatWith 12 plants spread there is plenty of goodacross the U.S., the com- business out there forpany is also working to manufacturers that cansimplifythenumberof build units.PMRV models it offers. WehavehadtoSomeoftheplants turn down some busi-that maybe used to offer ness this year just be-30 floor plans now offer cause there was no way15floorplansbecause to produce the units, he noted.were trying to help production build more units, Grymonprez noted. Were trying The company plans to launch a new company that will produce log cabin homes.to not offer as much flexibility and keep the standard models. Were trying to become Pulliam noted that Stone Canyon plans to work with another manufacturer duringmore streamlined. this process.The company has also expanded its ability to produce wheelchair-friendly mod- 205-465-8011www.stonecanyonhomes.comels, which all of its PMRV plants now build. Park Model RVs continued on page 3024 September 2021 Woodalls Campground Magazine'