b'Unique Accommodationsfrom page 22 Outstanding TentsHisfirmOutstanding Tents entered the United States market- beganhelpingtion along the base and fully customized with hand- place in 2018 and continues to expand, according to campgroundspainted artwork are in high demand.Higbee. It specializes in both safari and luxury glamping with the variousOur customers started offering toilet or bathroom tents. From its European base, it is well established and jurisdiction ap-solutions in the tipis, which can easily be done with currently exports to 48 countries.provals that varythese sizes, Loffler said. For the coming season, we will Built to last, according to Higbee, a fully furnished greatlyaroundbe offering customized design consultations which take tent has a life of about eight to 10 years for an initial in- theU.S.foritsinto account the location of the campground or resort vestment averaging around $10,000. The company also tentproducts.and the vision of the owners for a specific look and feel builds the furnishings for its tents. We stepped upfor their tipi village. Our smallest tent, the Safari Tent XSand our widest our role in help-We recommend starting with three tipis, she con- tent, the Safari Cottage Tent, are selling the best, he re- ing people get started and we have put a lot of energy intinued. But we have several campgrounds that started ported. These are the two family-friendly tents we sold that service, Higbee noted. with ten. The cost per tipi is about $3,500 to $6,500. the most of in 2021. These are year-round tents, he concluded. We haveCampgrounds must then account for the deck or the Not including shipping, the Safari Tent XS starts as a a lot of startups in our mix right now and are looking toconcrete slab base.base tent at around $5,000 with the Cottage starting at expand more into large, well-established campgrounds.541-389-3980www.tipi.com around $12,500. 503-754-0160www.outstandingtent.comPacific Yurts Pacific Yurts is the original maker offreestanding,easy-to-installyurtsfounded in the 1970s, notes Bair.Accordingtothecom-pany,be-causetheyminimallyimpactthenatural envi-ronment andareadapt-able to a vari-ety of energyandwater-saving waste technologies, yurts are anexcellent lodging choice for a variety ofsettings and budgets. Ski resorts to scout camps, businessenterprises and not-for-profit organiza-tions around the world are using PacificYurts to maximize revenue or extendtheir housing budgets, said Bair. Headded that his lodgings also make agreat venue for fitness and retreat cen-ters, as well as ecotourism destinationsand even massage therapy studios.Today people are looking for uniqueexperiences for their families outsideand many campground owners havediscovered the amazing potential of ouryurts to generate new ongoing sourcesof revenue, highlighted Bair. We havesome new color offerings we are featur-ing but the newest tool is our PowerDome opening that comes completewith a remote-control key fob. With theclick of a remote, you can raise or lowerthe dome skylight at the peak. Its simplebut its another industry first and nicefor people who dont want to mess withthe crank handle. He stated that the larger models30feet and moreare selling the best. 541-942-9435www.yurts.comPlainsCraft Covered Wagons PlainsCraft Covered Wagons is basedon the Kansas plains and just doubleditsmanufacturingfacilityto9,000squarefeettoaccommodatethein-creased demand for its unique wagons,including a new showroom. The company builds base units thatcan be customized to meet the needs orspecific demands of any campground,noted Dennis Steinman, the companysUnique Accommodations continued on page 3026 September 2021 Woodalls Campground Magazine'