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You can visit our website when I dive into golf cart rentals.For some, not much thought is not?Whatistheruleforyour foranAutoIncidentReporting Is this the right thing for your RVput into risk management when it park?Should it just be employees form at www.LRHI.net. Download park and if so, what should you becomes to using a golf cart or other only? What if someone needs as- a copy for your records and have doing and or not be doing?utility vehicle at a campground. sistance? Is this allowed?unlimitedcopiesaccessibletoHowever, there should be.Golf Cart ScriptsIf you are a youremployees.Dependingon DamianPettyisacommercialSomeparkowners/managers park that uses golf carts to show severity of the accident, get state- insurance agent/broker for Leavittfeel that if someone is old enough people the property or run people ments from your employee, man- Recreation and Hospitality Insur-to drive a car, not much else is out to their site, do you have a ager,owner,guestand/or ance. Specializing in recreationalneeded when it comes to operat- safety script? Please hold on, no witnesses. Employees should take orhospitalityrelatedinsurance,ing a golf cart.standing,keepyourfeetand pictures of the area, the damage Damian has over 20 years of com-There are two concerns, how- handsin,dirtroadsarealittle to the golf cart and/or the object mercial coverage experience. WCMever. One is the physical damage bumpy, this speed bump is a big that has been hit. If you have se-tothegolfcartitself,including one,etc.Employeesshould curity camera footage, secure thefire, wind, hail, lighting, vandal- memorize the golf cart script to video and store it for future re- Were more than just the leadingism, theft, etc. This one is simple. assure uniformity with a common view. If an owner is concerned about message.Obviously,employees Moreandmorewereseeing campground industry trade thistheyshouldbeaddingthe can add their own flair to make it parkownersbuygolfcartsand publication. Check us out Online!coverage to their inland marine alittlemorepersonablebutit utility vehicles with the intent toThe latest industry newsportion of their policy. This only should be covering the basic in- licensethesevehiclesforroadpays actual cash value (what an formation. use.Ifthisisthecase,youdoCampground-related videosowner would sell the cart for onDocumentation of regular golf need to buy auto insurance liabil-Digital editionsCraigslist) normally.cart safety trainingDo you doc- ity to have coverage. However, ifThe other coverage and the big- umentthestaffsafetytraining you do not license it for road use, Sign up to get daily breaking news!ger concern for most is liability. and who was in attendance? How your general liability policy willWhat if someone runs over some- doyouhandlenewemployees? coverthisvehicle.Ifyouwantone else or hits them? We dont How often do you offer golf cart physical damage coverage for thetend to see many claims that in- trainingtwiceayear,maybe cart and it is licensed for road use, Give Us A Click Today!volve other people running into every quarter? If you are seeing you will want to make sure to ask woodallscm.compeople but we do see accidents claims more frequently than you for comprehensive and collisionwhere people run into objects or would expect, you might consider coverage on that auto policy.othercars.Typically,theyare increasing the number of training Hopefully, this gives you an un-parked cars. This is where your risk manage-ment comes in. Taking the extratime to review this with staff andscheduling a safety meeting canprevent that $2,000 dent in some-ones car. Most claims come from peoplebacking up. When visiting camp-grounds, I have personally seengolfcartszipinaparkingspotsideways to make it easier to getout, run into the office and backout again, but during that timetwo cars have boxed the golf cartin and they have to do a 10-pointturn to get out. Employee training may coverthe following: How to parkThis seems sim-ple; however, this is where mostclaims come from. Proper speed and control ofthe golf cart within the park.GolfcartinspectionlogsUsingadailychecklistwillac-complish both. Make it a habit to take the golfcartkeyswithyou.Cleaningcrewsmaybeinsideyourbathhouse and not have a line of sightto their golf cart. There have beeninstanceswherekidswilljumpon, pretend they are driving andend up stepping on the gas andWOODALLSCM.com September 2021 27'