b'In Their Own Wordsfrom page 15 staying for more days.We have had a high demand for pull-thru sites, largely in part because of the high numberOn a positive note, since Hidden Oaks Campground is seeing more of first-timers or newbies. We also invested in a stronger Wi-Fi system for the park whichtakingoverthecamp- campers return due to renovation efforts. has boosted our guest satisfaction, many of whom still work remotely and are getting toground last July and doing enjoy working vacations.a lot of renovations and up-grades, we have seen quite Driftstone Campground, Mount Bethal, Pa.afewpreviouscampers Bookings are up by 50% due to weekday reservations. Fall camping is expected to become back and quite a few at full capacity and weekday stays are up by 50%. The park is seeing an increase in newnew campers stopping in. campers this year, with 50% of our reservations going to brand new campers. Seasonal re-We are constantly having quests are very high and even though we added new sites, we needed more.people who pass by everydaybutneverknewthecampground was here thatare stopping in to take alook for future camping.Our fall outlook is looking great with our three Halloween weekends in October just aboutfully booked and our Swamp Pop Music Festival booked since January.Eric and Kelli Schneider, owners of Riversedge Campground and Marina LLC in Malta, Ohio Poches RV Park is seeing more new campers, with new rigs. We are a 35-site, 30/50-amp full hookup campground located on the Muskingum Riverin Malta, Ohio, with free Wi-Fi. We can handle all-size RVs and offer river sites to RVs (23 Greg Domingue, Owner of Poches RV Park in Breaux Bridge, La. feet and under) and tents. So far, we have seen a 25% increase in reservations, and about My park consists of 85 RV sites and five cabins. Our bookings are thru the roof! Our10% of our campers are new RV owners.camper sites are about 95% full every weekend and our cabins are about 85% full sevenManycampersare days a week. telling us they are having a We are seeing a lot of new campers, RVers and cabin stays, and most of the newhard time getting reserva- RVers are loving camping as a whole. They express that they are enjoying being in thetions at other campgrounds outdoors more with their families. Most of them are coming into the campground in newand are grateful we have rigs.consistentavailability. Things dont look to be slowing down in the future. It will just get better from here.Sincewearearelativelynew campground, we areRiversedge Campground is newer but is seeing not seeing the high bookingmore campers catch on that the park is open. ratesofothercamp-grounds and always haveavailability, except on holiday weekends. We are booked solid for Labor Day Weekend butstill have plenty of sites open for the rest of the year.Birchview Campground in Coestsville, Pa.Bookings are up this year, however, we just started utilizing Campspot Software this sea-son, so I am not sure if it is due to the increase in campers or the visibility that Campspothas offered. Weekday traffic is increasing as we go along. Fall camping is about 50% booked. There is a Facebook group for people camping inPennsylvania and the discussions in there are forcing everyone to book way in advance. New campers versus regular are about normal. We are not seeing many comments aboutthis being their first camping trip or first season. We are having a really good season andthe campers are easy-going and enjoying their camping time.Matthew Benn, general manager of Sea Pirate Camp-ground in Long Beach Island, N.J.Our park is made up of a total of 276 campsites, which in-clude basic tent sites (no hookups) to full-service cabins. Weare about 65% seasonal as well.I would say through my 13-plus years here at Sea Pirate thisyear has been the busiest that I have ever seen it. Reservationsareupover50%anddonotseemtostopcomingin.WehaveextendedourseasonbySea Pirate Campground is threeweeksbusier than usual.because of thehighdemandfor camping. As far as the customers areconcerned, they are telling us that as longas Sea Pirate is open, they will be camping.Anita Pfefferkorn, owner of IndianRock RV Park in Jackson, N.J.Indian Rock RV Park has had a greatseason, so far, and looking even better forthe remainder of the summer into the fallseason. We have experienced more guestsIndian Rock RV Park says campers arestaying for longer. WOODALLSCM.com September 2021 29'