b'INDUSTRY NEWSMissouri Inherent Risk Bill Protects Park OwnersThe Missouri Association of RV Parks getting the bill out of committee. Imans ef-and Campgrounds(MOARC) and the Na- forts were especially important at this junc-tional Association of RV Parks and Camp- ture, as she was able to make an 11th-hourgrounds(ARVC) have partnered to support arrangement with Rep. Tim Taylor to offerthe signing of House Bill 369, an Inherent the bill as an amendment to MO H 369,Risk Bill, in Missouri, and in mid-July the which then passed the House by a vote ofbill was signed into law by Missouri Gov. 150-1.Mike Parson, according to ARVC officials. I see using our joint team approach inThe bill specifically offers owners, oper- getting the Missouri Campground Inherentators and employees of campgrounds and Risk Legislation signed into law representsRV parks protection from frivolous lawsuits the best of what MOARC and ARVC arewhen an injury or death occurs as a result about and highlights the true meaning ofof an inherent risk of camping. The bill does member advocacy, explained Helms. Thenot shield a campground or its employees inherent risk legislation is as an importantwhen injuries result from willful or wanton tool to reduce frivolous lawsuits for camp-disregard for safety and clearly outlines the Missouri Gov. Mike Parson signs the Inherent Risk bill into law. grounds.types of warning signs that operators are Other inherent risk bills have been intro-required to post. torneys and insurance associations, reach- presidentandCEO. Thisbillisanex- duced in 2021 and ARVC is currently work-MOARC Executive Director Larry Helms ing a compromise on wording that allevi- tremely important piece of legislation for ingwithstateassociationsinAlaska,and lobbyist Kyna Imanwere instrumental atedpossibleopposition,addingan our industry and it couldnt have happened Connecticut, Maine, Ohio and Texas to pur-in getting the bill passed. Working with Jeff exception if a park fails to use that degree withoutthehardworkofeveryonein- sue similar inherent risk bills.Sims, ARVCs senior director of state rela- of care that an ordinarily careful and pru- volved. This is such a great bill for our indus-tions and program advocacy, ARVC sup- dent person would use under the same or The inherent risk bill was a long-time try, said Sims. The language of the bill canplied MOARC with the model language for similar circumstances. coming, as Rep. Brad Hudson (House Bill serve as a template and the process we un-the bill that was then amended as it went This is industry unity at its best. It is a 1070), Rep. Chris Dinkins (House Bill 72) dertook can serve as a guide on how tothrough the process. ARVC and MOARC big win for our industry and shows the and Senator Justin Brown (Senate Bill 50) overcome challenges and make compro-leadersalsotestifiedbeforetheSenate strength of state organizations and ARVC all made initial efforts to get the bill onto mises to reach an overwhelming majorityCommittee and negotiated with the trial at- working together, said Paul Bambei,ARVC the floor for a vote, but faced challenges of support.WCMKansas Assoc. Unveils New Name Latest KOA Report Says 24.5MThe Kansas Association of Expected to Camp During JulyRVParks&Campgrounds(KARVC) changed its name to TheKOAthe Kansas RV Park Owners MonthlyRe- KOA Sees 57.3%Association(KPOA) during its searchReportFebruarybusinessmeetingJuly Editionbut waited until the legal and continuesto Growth in Revenuemarketingchangeswerein forecastmoreplace before the association NorthAmeri- in Second Quarterannouncedit,accordingto canhouse-Mary Arlington, executive director of the association. holdsare Building on a strong first quarter,We even modified our previous logo to create two: one for our industry efforts planningto KampgroundsofAmericaInc.and one for consumer-based efforts, she noted. camp this year. (KOA) reported a 57.3% increase inWhen the founding members formed the KPOA in 1974 it was known as the FollowingthereleaseofKamp- revenue through June over 2020 inKansas Campground Association. grounds of America Inc.s (KOA) an- their recently released Q2 BusinessThis change has virtually no impact on our consumer-based marketing, said nual North American Camping Report Report.Arlington. Its the industry that needs to be aware of the changes, not only in in April, ongoing monthly research by Compared to the same period inhow we are identified but in how theyll find us online. Our new URL for members KOA indicates dramatic month-over- arecord2019,revenueincreasedishttps://ksrvparks.org.Ouremailaddressremainsunchanged: month growth in interest in the camp- justover28%.ThecompanyalsoCampKansas@ksrvpark.com. ing lifestyle. saw growth in franchise contracts inRichard Lord, KPOAs president, says the association remains otherwise un- A busy month for the camping in- the second quarter adding nine newchanged. dustry, data suggests that a staggering campgrounds,includingsixnewWe have always been a stand-alone organization, partnered with the National 24.5 million campers will venture out constructioncontracts.Addition-inJuly.KOAalsonotesimpressive ally, KOA reports a positive outlookAssociation of RV Parks and Campgrounds, as well as in-state tourism-related growth among new campers with the for the rest of the year, sharing thatassociations and Kansas tourism officials. KPOA continues to serve the needs new camper segment estimated to re- advanced deposits on future busi-of members when it comes to legislative affairs, education, industry trends and flect 4.9 million by the end of the year. ness at the end of the quarter wereso forth. This is up from estimates of 4.3 million up over 66% from the same periodWere just now launching our membership drive, noted KPOAs Treasurer in May and 4.8 million in June. last year.Karen Weber. Members will need to write checks to our new name. WCM Looking to summer as a whole, KOALatestcontinued on page34 Revenuecontinued on page34IMHA/RVIC, ICOA Merge to Form Single Indiana Assoc.The Indiana Manufactured Housing AssociationRecre- current ICOA president noted, Going through a pandemication Vehicle Indiana Council(IMHA-RVIC) has announced proved to us that we are stronger when our associations workthat the association is merging with the Indiana Campground together for the common good of all our campground mem-Owners Association(ICOA) and will collectively affiliate as a bers.partnering state with the National Association of RV Parks and Campground members will realize all benefits from IMHA-Campgrounds(ARVC) to provide expanded benefits to private RVIC and ARVC, along with past ICOA benefits, including acampgrounds in Indiana. printed campground directory. An extensive list of benefits toIndianas two campground associations are combining re- opment, said IMHA-RVIC Executive Director Ron Breymier. campgrounds can be found here.sources and promotional efforts statewide, and ICOA members Campgrounds, RV manufacturers and RV dealers coming to- The ICOA name will remain intact as the campground di-will have the opportunity to join IMHA-RVIC at the end of 2021, gether under one umbrella, speaking with one voice, will pro- vision of IMHA-RVIC. IMHA-RVICs office is in Indianapolis,making benefits on the state level, and now on the national vide a united front for promoting Indianas outdoor recreation where the management of the new association will remain.level with ARVC, available to all Indiana campgrounds. industry to consumers and government officials. Both organizations are working together to ensure the mergerThe merger of ICOA and IMHA-RVIC is a significant devel- Sandy George, owner of Pioneer Family Campgroundand is completed by the end of this year. WCMWOODALLSCM.com September 2021 3'