b'Farma Family Campground, Greenville, Pa. 2021 bookings are up more than last year. The fall is almost booked solid, so we areanticipating a very strong fall camping season. We are seeing an increase in new campersand they are bringing new life and excitement into our campground.Lafayette Kampgrounds of America Holiday in Scott, La.Weve been steady all summer, especially over the weekends. Our cabins have beenbusy. So far, the fall looks promising as well. Our local festivals are slowly coming back, thefirst in September is right here in Scott. Ballparks are picking back up as well. Customersare saying roads are busy with RVs and campgrounds are busy and sometimes tough toget into. We are hopeful.Family Affair Campground, Northeast, Pa.2021 bookings are up from last year. Fall is looking to be just as busy as mid-summerand above last year. Seeing an increase in new campers but still a lot of repeat campers.Erin Forrest, director of sales and marketing at Verde Ranch RV Resort in Verde, Ariz. Verde Ranch RV Resort says its marketing efforts are helping to boost business. As Verde Ranch RV Resort approaches its second anniversary in August 2021, wehave been very pleased with our progress. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, we have Karen Weber, owner of Mid-America Camp Inn in Goodland, Kan.had very strong growth, with occupancy better than expected. As we maximized our Retail sales are higher this year. Thats the opposite of several other parks who had seenmarketing efforts combined with our guest reviews and recommendations, the first half steep increases last year when more people were avoiding larger retail stores, choosing in-of 2021 has far exceeded our expectations and the demand for the second half of 2021 stead to get their camping gear at the more private stores at campgrounds. Now those peopleis strong as we approach snowbird season in Arizona. must be feeling more comfortable to shop at the larger retailers. WCMPark Model RVsfrom page 24 Unique Accommodationsfrom page 26 concluded.Wecanbuildanythingfrom a honeymoon suite to a straight-Woodland Park Inc. co-founder, along with his wife, Donna. up bunkhouse. Our approach is to stayBucking the trend for PMRV manufacturers, Woodland Park hasnt had horrible Pricing ranges from $30,000 to $50,000 flexible and to have a mixture of wagonsissues when it comes to per wagon. to satisfy a mixture of campers. retainingemployees, Weve added a lot of options to our 785-748-4588noted Soard. wagons and the bathroom models have www.plainscraft.netWe pay our employ- been popular, shared Steinman. Even Shelter Structures America ees well and we are able though we offer a basic wagon to start, Calif.-based Shelter Structures Amer-toretainthem,heex- we have many options and amenities ica providesplained. that customers might want. Weve de- aunique,Ordershavebeen veloped an insulated cover called the geodesicpouringinasdealers Bonnet Guard that extends a wagons dome-styleworkwithcustomers season and it has gone over well.glampingamidrisingpricesand He said campgrounds are well-capi- experience.supply shortages. talized and 90% of the wagons are fully Thecom-Thecompanyis loaded with baths, A/C, heat, Bonnet pany makesmainly highlighting some Guards, wooden ends with doors and anentireof the newer models and fully furnished. seriesoffeatures it came out with We think there are so many new Glampinglastyear,includingan campgrounds being built and owners Domes,WildSafariTents andPeakunderneath storage compartment that extends the width of a PMRV unit. are realizing that these wagons have a Lodge Tentsfor campgrounds under itsIts an innovation that has existed in more traditional towable RVs for a long time, high return on investment, continued Glitz Campbranded products.but never in PMRVs, Soard said. Customers have been wanting a way to store items Steinman,explainingthatformany Our domes are selling very well rightwhen away from their PMRVs, and our team was able to come up with a way to do families its a one- or two-night, memo- now, said Krzeminski. Our new acrylicthat. rable experience that they will pay for. domes or PC Bubble tents that are com-He told WCM that most customers are still looking for PMRVs that feature the Many are getting as much as $350 per pletely clear and very cool looking arecomforts of home. night for well-equipped wagons. hot. Its a more woodsy, private applica-800-999-4958www.woodland-park.com WCM Campgroundownersshouldre- tion. It looks like a giant bubble.member that we are a custom outfit, he He stated that the PC Bubble, PCstandingforPolycarbonate,stillhaswindows and doors for ventilation andcomes in six pieces that assemble easily.The domes come in 12- and 16-footmodels that can handle mostly couplesthat are camping.Glitz Camp is divided into four differ-ent segments based on tent style. Theres an African Safari tent, thedome-type tents, theres a tie peak tentthat looks like an Indonesian tent andthen there are some variations of theclassic dome, said Krzeminski.He said the initial investment in thedome-style tents varies between $5,000and $10,000 depending on the acces-sories and initial outlay of the tents.Wehavedomesthatcomewithflooringpackagesbutofcoursethatdoublesthepriceprettymuchandthatswhytheyre$10,000,saidKrzeminski. If you put your own deckon, then youre spending a couple ofgrand to do that.424-254-9172www.shelterstructuresamerica.comTree Wise Designs Based in Fargo, N.D., Tree Wise De-signs is focused on improving and mak-Unique Accommodations continued on page 3630 September 2021 Woodalls Campground Magazine'