b'CALENDAR OF EVENTS Unique Accommodationsfrom page 30 Smart Operationsfrom page 8SEPTEMBER ing its products more accessible in 2021, Presuming that you would like to avoidaccording to Reid Burland, the com- that kind of fee and would like to go27-29: VCA Annual Meeting panys owner.through the process of removing yourWilderness Presidential Resort We are trying to make our products personaldatafromthesewebsitesSpotsylvania, Va. more accessible, so we created a new di- yourself, here is a list of some of theContact: 703-291-0657 vision, Lonesome Yurts & Treehousesto majorculprits,alongwiththeirre-OCTOBER provide kits to our customers, said Bur- moval URLs:land. The new division is entirely kit-Instant Checkmate5-6: Glamping Show USA based to be more standardized, more www.instantcheckmate.com/opt-out/ Arapahoe County Fairgrounds available and more affordable. Its kind Tree Wise Designs is a custom designSpyFlyAurora, Colo. of like Ikea on steroids. The treehouse or builder from its platforms up to its fully www.spyfly.com/help-center/remove-Contact: (805) 258-2836 yurt shows up and the resort or a local furnishedtreehouseswithkitchens, my-public-record contractor can set up the structure.bathrooms, heating, insulation or what-TruthFinder26-27: OCOAs Fall Conference In 2020, the company expanded to in- ever campgrounds require.www.truthfinder.com/opt-out/ Cherry Valley Lodge clude hard-sided walls and roofs as an Our covered wagons start at aboutBeenVerifiedNewark, Ohio option from fabric for treehouses that are $8,000, he said. Yurts start at about www.beenverified.com/app/optout/Contact: 614-221-7748 more cabins up in the air. Today, the $13,000 and go up because we can do search NOVEMBER company is custom building about any- either cloth, cloth with insulation orCheckPeoplething in a tree or on the ground, including hard sides. Even metal roofs and cedar www.checkpeople.com/do-not-sell-7-10: Leisure Systems Inc. Symposium treehouses, outfitter tents, yurts, covered walls. So, the options and price ranges info Northern Kentucky Convention Center wagoncampersandwhatitcallsthe can go up to $40,000 with installs. PeopleFinders Covington, Ky. Geronimo Platform Kit, which is a 12-by- 218-481-8733 www.peoplefinders.com/manage Contact: (800) 626-3720 12-foot platform that evolved from the el- www.treewisedesigns.comUS Searchevated zip-line platforms it built.www.lonesomeyurts.com WCM www.ussearch.com/opt-out/submit/ 8-11: 2021 Outdoor Hospitality ID TrueConference & Expo www.idtrue.com/optout/ Raleigh Convention Center Forrest Street Partners Buys 170-Site Spokeo Raleigh, N.C. www.spokeo.com/optout Contact: (303) 681-0401 Riverside Estates in GeorgiaIntelius 15-18: KOA Convention www.intelius.com/opt-out/ Raising Canes River Center Forrest Street Partners(FSP) purchasedRiverside Estates, a 307-site manufactured homeRadaris Baton Rouge, La.and RV resort in Covington, Ga, according to company officials. www.radaris.com/control/ Contact: eKamp It is the third RV park and first MH park the company has purchased in the Atlanta area. Several additional websites do notDECEMBER Riverside Estates is located in the growing Covington area, close to shopping, retail and maintain their own databases, basicallyplanned developments. The park has 170 RV sites and 135 manufactured home sites, as repackagingtheinformationfrom5-8: PCOA Convention & Trade Show well as a clubhouse, pool and playground. larger data brokers and earning a com-Penn Stater Hotel & Conference Center We love Atlanta and the growth potential to the east along Interstate 20. The whole metro mission on sales. In those instances,State College, Pa.area is underserved on the RV and MH side, said Reece Stead, a partner at FSP. In Covington gettingremovedfromthesourceof Contact: 610-767-5026 specifically, there are many new residential, retail, office and industrial developments under the data will remove you from moreconstruction and planned. With this growth comes the need for more workforce housing. than one site. Examples are the Peo-15-18: Campground Owners Expo Riverside has always catered to the full-time RVers who live and work out of their RV. We be- pleLooker, PeekYou and PeopleSmartBranson Convention Center Hotellieve this resort will continue to serve this community, and being located just off of I-20, we websites that run off the BeenVerifiedBranson, Mo. want to extend the parks reach to the transient RVers who are traveling and visiting the area. database, and InstantPeopleFinder thatContact: 608-525-2323 FSP has plans to asphalt the roads in the MH park, pressure wash and re-skirt homes runsofftheInteliusdatabase.ThenMARCH that need updates and add twenty new homes. On the RV side, additions will include a re- there are other companiessuch asvamped electrical system, new cable and internet, road and site improvements and refur- FreeBackgroundCheck.org(with a bald4-5: OCOAs Spring Conference & bishing the pool, clubhouse and bathhouse. FSP has plans to rename and rebrand the park eagle in its logo and which at $19.95 perTrade Show within the next few months. monthisanythingbutfree)thatEmbassy Suites Columbus Airport In Georgia, Forrest Street Partners owns also owns a Yogi Bears Jellystone Park Camp- seem to spit in the eyes of privacy rights.Columbus, Ohio Resort in Bremen, Commerce Athens Kampgrounds of America (KOA) in Commerce and is According to the FAQ page of their web-Contact: 614-221-7748 WCM looking to build its first-class A RV park in the Emerson/Cartersville area. WCM site: As a courtesy (sic) we can opt outyour specific information. Contact cus-tomer support and request the proce-dure instructions to be removed fromthedatabase.Eachindividualthatwishes to be opted out must be accom-panied by proof of identity and address.We will only be processing opt out re-quests we receive by fax or mail and norequest will be processed without com-plete information. Requests for opt outwill not be processed over the phone orvia email.You probably already knew that weare living in a world where personal pri-vacy rights are continually swept underthe carpet, and where there are count-less companies and individuals that arewillingtocompromisethoserightsthrough the use of dubious profit-basedservices. Although you may very wellfeel like David vs. Goliath, you can atleast attempt to fight back!PeterPellandistheCEOof Pelland Advertising, a company thathe founded in 1980 that has beenserving the family camping industryfor nearly 40 years. His company spe-cializes in building fully responsivewebsites, along with producing a fullrangeoffour-colorprocessprint advertising, for clients from coast tocoast.LearnmoreaboutPelland Advertising at https://pelland.com/or see their ad in this issue. WCM36 September 2021 Woodalls Campground Magazine'