b"Sanitation Equipment Providers Notice UptickSanitation equipment providers have had to deal with supplier in Sales Following More Expansions, Upgradesissues amid a busy year. Credit: Phelps Honey Wagonn BY RON BARGER & BEN QUIGGLE WCM spoke with stated that although the sup-Like every other supplier to the camp- ply chain has created some challenges, they ground and camping industry in 2021, sani- are grateful for the understanding and patience tationequipmentmanufacturersandof their customers during these very busy distributors are being inundated with orders.times.The only clog in the works is adapting to sup-ply chain glitches that are plaguing the re- ENVIRO DESIGN PRODUCTS awakeningeconomy,accordingtothe businessownersthatWoodallsCamp-ground Magazine (WCM) contacted.Business has been very good, stated Lynnette Parafin, owner of Fluid Manage- The sewer caps the company sells closeComponents of the System I include an ment, a coin-operated shower control systemon their own due to a spring action and in- electronic coin acceptor and high-security maker. Supplier issues can present a chal- clude a seal that blocks out water and odors. stainless steel coin boxes that come in four lenge at times. Right now, the ship holding theThe people that do have our items lovedifferent choices. A System II option has all materials to make our shower tokens is stuckthem, Everly said.in the Panama Canal. Other than glitches like866-514-3684 this, we cant complain. www.envirodesignproducts.com Other campground san-itation equipment suppliers shared supplier issues asFLUID MANUFACTURINGwell. Danielle Hall, head of operations for the fourthKnown for its sewer caps, manhole coversFluidManufacturing,basedinLodi, generation, family-ownedand well monitoring equipment, Enviro De- Calif., specializes in electronic coin-operated Monarch Coin Company,sign Products has seen an increase in busi- systems for campground showers and dog foundedbyhergreat- ness due to new developments, expansionswashes.Danielle Hall grandfatherin1903,and the industry being busier in general. We are confident our shower control sys-shared that her business is on the rise. Oursalesdirecttocampgroundsaretem will enhance control of your showers and The pandemic last year was rough, butdoing really well, said Jeyree Everly, gen- helpreducewater,gas/electricand we made it through, said Hall. We're lookingeral manager of the company. sewer/septic costs, while creating an income up this year as things are getting busier andEverlynotedthatcampgroundownersstream to increase your bottom-line profit, busier. We are seeing some issues of course,want to pay special attention to their piping tosaid Parafin.especially with getting switches. I know thereensure that items like rocks and sticks, dontThe company offers its System I for pri-are a lot of issues for the entire world withmake their way down pipes and lead to clogs. vate parks or its System III for state and fed-product delays, shortages and backorders,Proper capping also ensures that kids anderal parks that demand strict accountability. but we are working through it. pets dont play around with the piping too,Fluid Manufacturing offers a two-year war-Many of the sanitation product suppliersshe explained. ranty on all its products.16 October 2021Woodalls Campground Magazine"