b'the same qualities as the System I option but includes the availability of counters.PHELPS HONEY WAGON SS PROCESS EQUIPMENTThe System III option is designed to satisfy federal, state and municipal specs and fea- I think our main go-to product here is tures all the same qualities as System I, in- going to be our 300G sanitation wagon, said cludingby-passswitchesandnon-resetBrian Schor, owner of Mendon, N.Y.-based counters. Each system is custom-built to in- SS Process Equipment LLC. Its not too dividual specifications. small, it\'s not too big and it Theflexibilityofourcontrolsystemsseems to fit 80% of what means that they can be applied not only tomost owners want to see controlshowersbutfans,lights,heaters,in a sanitation wagon.spas,airconditioners,dogwashesandHebelievestheer-more, noted Parafin. She added that the sys- gonomics of the unit are tems are "bulletproof." One system, she said,betterthansomeofthe saved the Big Sur California State Park aother units on the market, million gallons of water and 3,500 gallons ofPhelps Honey Wagon has been aroundmaking it easier to clean. Brian Schorpropane, paying for itself in its first season.for decades and is known for its portableIfsomethinggets Costs vary depending upon the optionspumps and tanks that can help empty out anclogged there is the ability to take the unit park owners are looking for. A System I unitRVs black tank right at a campsite. apart pretty quickly by cam-lock connections, for six showers is around $5,800. A SystemWe are extremely busy just like everybodyas opposed to traditional threaded connec-III unit for six showers is around $7,800. shot, accumulating and accumulating with aelseinthecampingbusiness,saidRontions, Schor highlighted. Our wagon comes 209-334-6144buzzer in 24-, 120- and 230-volt models.Shannon, owner of Phelps Honey Wagon.standard with fenders as well and we offer a www.fluidmfg.comThe standard meter theThecampgroundsaretwo-year standard warranty. company sells is the HM6busy too. seriesmeter.ItfeaturesPhelpssaidthebest MONARCH COINheavy-gauge, welded-steelsellersthisyeararethe construction and is avail- companys 300-gallon and Monarch Coin is best known for sellingable in black powder coat500-gallontanks.The shower and outdoor lighting meters. orabrushedstainless300-gallontankislow-We can do coin or token operated, or wefinish. profile and sits on a single-also have units with a push-button operation,The coin or token acceptor is a drop roll- axletrailertokeepRon Shannonbecause sometimes owners may not want todown mechanism that can accommodate aeverythinginasmaller charge but may still want to control how longwide variety of sizes of tokens or coins.footprint. It has a 50-foot suction hose with anThecompanyoffersbothastandard the facilities are being used, explained Hall.The company also specializes in coin orRV adapter.painted frame and a galvanized aluminum She said that these systems keep the watertoken-operated laundry facilities. It offers re- Theunitpumps50to60gallonsperframe. It also has a truck bed liner coating op-from being left on, which can seriously dam- placement coin boxes for Whirlpool, Speedminute and is powered by a Honda GX160tion. Optional bolt-on features include a tool-age leach fields and septic systems. Push- Queen, Maytag and others, with differentgasoline engine. Heavy-duty frames are pow- box that can be put on the wagon to house button meters can be set up for any timemechanisms for each individual brand. der-coated to protect from caustic solutionstools, gloves and other PPE. There is also a interval an owner wants and includes an op- Pricing is dependent on SKU numbers andand require zero maintenance. gas caddy in case the standard Honda gas tional lock-out system to regulate the timesa wide range of optional parts and acces- Honey Wagons start at a base price ofturbine engine runs short.when users can utilize the resources, as wellsories. $7,600. An optional Briggs & Stratton engine is as help to control unwanted abuse or misuse. 800-462-9460 or 859-261-4421717-502-1090available. Threetimerstylesareavailable:singlewww.monarchcoin.comPhelpshoneywagon.comSanitation Equipment continued on page 20WOODALLSCM.com October 2021 17'