b'untimely failure and negative impacts at your facility. In addition to rising numbers of campground visitors, increasing demand from those cus-tomers for more resort-like services are also driving escalating wastewater generation levels andassociatedchallenges.Dischargefrom thesewater-consumingamenitiessuchas kitchen/dining areas, showers, bathrooms and clothes washing add to the already highly vari-able waste loads observed at campground and RV park sites. These additional flows and loads may lead to maxing out the initial capabilities of the existing wastewater treatment system and exacerbate seasonal load fluctuations, fac-toring into any system upgrades or replace-ment. Understanding these issues is key. Below are some tips to take into consideration when look-ing at completing a wastewater system upgrade. Where to StartStep one involves discovery and data gather-ing. Collect as much documentation on the ex-isting wastewater treatment system as possible before beginning to assess your current situa- There are numerous treatment technologies that can work at any tion. Look for old plans and/or specificationsgiven park, so understanding the pros and cons are important.from the construction of the project, operation reports, permit submittals, energy consump- onsite wastewater treatment systems.permit conditions and potential regulatory im-tion data, O&M costs and details on any repairsLook for someone who is a certified waste- pacts that could impact any new design. Get-that have been performed since the originalwater designer, operator or professional engi- ting your wastewater treatment system upgrade system installation. Any detail is useful to aneer specializing in wastewater treatment andorreplacementrightandprojectingfuture wastewater professional when reviewing thepreferably has onsite or decentralized waste- needs accurately is key to operational effective-state of your system.water treatment system experience. These ex- ness and your budget. perts spend their careers looking at systems like Who do you Call?yours and will know how to review the informa- What to Expect Many resources exist to help select a quali- tion you have collected and assess your existingTypical decentralized wastewater treatment fied professional to assist with your project.system for operational condition and treatmentevaluations cost two to six manhours of on-site Your state regulatory authority may maintaincapacity. inspectiontime,plusanotherfourtoeight listsofqualifiedsoilscientistsorlicensedThey will also be best positioned to accu- manhours of documentation research. The re-wastewater treatment system designers. Yourrately project your future needs. The profes- port might be as brief as an email, or if a partic-local Water Environment Federation chaptersional you select will understand the terms ofularly extensive evaluation is needed, it could may have contacts who specialize in smaller,your unique permit or can evaluate existingbe a detailed preliminary engineering report WOODALLSCM.com October 2021 23'