b'costing a few thousand dollars.ity is about selecting the best Be fully prepared to hear that the existingapproachandassociated systemisinsufficientforpotentialfuturetechnology for your unique growth. Unless your system is particularly welllocation. maintained, or potentially oversized, this will beAfter finishing the inspec-the likely outcome.tion, and before starting de-sign,getapreliminary Next Stepsengineering report (or, at a Effective wastewater professionals will pro- minimum, a flow and load vide services and next step recommendationsreport)fromyourdesign in addition to a system evaluation. If everythingprofessional. This commonly is running fine and treatment capacity exists inoverlooked step is critical to the system, there may be nothing else to do. Thecorrectly scoping and sizing evaluationmaysimplyrecommendsomeanyproposedwastewater minor operations and maintenance. Ongoingtreatment facility. Anything maintenance is critical to any well-functioningless is just a guess.Maintaining and repairing your wastewater treatment system is key to ensuring wastewater treatment system, so follow the rec- Ifexpansionisinorder,there are no issues when campers go to empty their tanks. ommendationsandperformanysuggestedyour professional will work maintenance checklist items as soon as possi- with you to ensure all local ble or on the schedule recommended.and state regulations and permitting require- system, wastewater treatment system and a dis-The greater challenge begins if upgrades re- ments are followed. Most wastewater treatmentchargeordispersalsystem.Alsoincluded quiring capital expense are recommended. Fewupgrades or expansions require a permit or a re- should be permitting services and construction peoplecampground owners includedget ex- view by your states jurisdictional authority. Youradministration, which can include bidding, bid citedaboutspendingmoneyonwastewaterwastewater professional is the key to navigatingrecommendations and on-site project repre-treatment. What we also know for certain is thatthis process. You have a facility to run. sentation. Thescopeofthesefeeswillvary nobody likes to go camping next to a smelly,Your planning document may also make rec- greatly depending on the size and complexity of poorly operating wastewater treatment facilityommendations regarding treatment technolo- your system.and word travels fast among customers and po- gies,systemsizingandoperationsandHere are five wastewater treatment design tential customers. Maintaining a top-notch facil- maintenance expectations. It will also likely in- best practices that will help you in talking with ity will gain loyal followers and positive reviews.clude estimates of probable cost. The right pro- your design professional and understanding Doing otherwise can destroy your business. fessional is usually plugged into the equipmentthe recommendations you receive as a result of manufacturing community and will know howthe process: Planning for the Inevitableto consult with system manufacturers to prop-Recreational facility wastewater can vary in Many people believe they can go it alone,erly scope your system improvements and anycomposition from site to site. For example, RV but think twice; it is usually the smallest detailcapital outlay that will be required. If you havewastewater is emulsified and therefore the de-that has the biggest failure effect on any waste- a wastewater treatment system operator or asign will need to include solids management. water treatment system. It is not recommendedmaintenance team at your facility, review anyUp to 24 hours of solids settling should be con-to try to design a new system or upgrade a sys- recommendations with them to make sure thatsidered to achieve even solids loading. tem yourself. Local regulations and codes caneverything passes the smell test. Pun intended. RVs have holding tanks for both black and be difficult to understand for a non-profes- gray water that are periodically drained and sional. Further, the options available for onsiteDesign Considerationsflushed. This often takes place on Sunday as vis-wastewater treatment are numerous and de- Design services should detail a proposed sys- itors pack up to leave after a weekend camping signing the most effective system for your facil- tem layout including a wastewater collectiontrip. This draining and flushing leads to surge 24 October 2021Woodalls Campground Magazine'