b'flows and loads to the wastewater treatmentcomponents. If not, this work may be hired sea-system. These surges should be attenuated withsonally on contract. side stream dumping stations and flow equal- Parts availability is key to any fixed asset such ization basins before entering the treatmentas a wastewater treatment plant. Ask about the system.suppliers and sourcing of replacement parts ifMass loading inputs are more critical thanthey are purchased directly from the manufac-hydraulic loading inputs. Loading conditionsturer or through a distributor, and what the po-should be carefully evaluated before sizing thetential component cost is to get a feel for future wastewater reactor system. For existing facili- expenditures that can be factored into your fa-ties, a sampling program will help establish keycility budget. influent waste load parameters. Nothing is bet- Learn to manage your waste flows and loads. ter than real-world data.Periodic sampling is a good way to collect long- Any wastewater treatment system needs toterm treatment system data. This data is invalu-include more than one treatment train to allowable for future project needs or upgrades. For for system redundancy and seasonal scaling.example, code-required design parameters are Both high and low flow conditions should beoften highly conservative regarding waste flows considered when sizing pumping and air deliv- generated. If real data from your specific system ery systems.is available, it can be used to develop a more re-Technologiesproventoworkonhighalistic and potentially smaller-sized system.strength wastewater and that can handle sea- Part of managing flows and loads to the treat-sonal shifts in flow and load should be evaluated.ment system involves managing visitor expec-Attached growth microbiological systems aretations.Quaternaryammoniumcompounds well known for their resilience in starvation con- Giant Goose Ranch went with an EZ Flow dispersal(or quats as they are sometimes known) are ditions, which will improve system capabilitysystem for their dispersal field.often used for RV cleaning and disinfection. For during seasonal fluctuations in flow and load.large municipal systems they are generally not sion areas. In general, subsurface dispersal sys- an issue, but this is not the case for small onsite FinallyDischargetemsareconsideredeasiertooperateandsystems. When these compounds are present in The most critical conversation around anymaintain.high enough quantities, they inhibit the biolog-wastewater treatment system design is howical growth needed to make an onsite system will the treated effluent be discharged. The an- Operation and Maintenance (O&M)work. Additives that have warnings like dan-swer will often drive the type and quantity ofAll wastewater treatment systems have someger or poison can harm treatment bacteria system components. For example, surface dis- operationalandmaintenancerequirements.even if described as biodegradable. We typi-charge methods have lower disposal costs,This ranges from equipment repairs, such ascally recommend that site owners prohibit the but also have higher operations and compli- pumps and blowers, to chemical dosing, elec- use of quats at their sites.ance permitting costs. Also, regulations aroundtrical consumption and replacement of compo- Bleach, used at the proper dilution ratios, cit-surface discharge systems often require tighternents.Thesenon-capitalmaintenanceric acid or peroxide are perfectly acceptable dis-effluent water quality levels, which can be diffi- expenditures can represent a substantial costinfectantsformostwastewatertreatment cult to accomplish. Subsurface discharges, alsoover the life of the system. Request O&M esti- systems and are alternatives that RV owners can known as underground dispersal systems, willmates for each proposed project configurationuse effectively. typically have less stringent effluent water qual- anddiscussyourdesiresregardingmainte-ity requirements but, depending on the systemnancewithyourdesignprofessional.IfyouUse Net Present Value to Compare Capi-size needed, may have additional cost and landhave maintenance employees, they can learntal and O&M Costsrequirements to accommodate the soil disper- the system operation and maintain these keyA great comparison tool is the Net Present WOODALLSCM.com October 2021 25'