b"Jellystone Developmentfrom page 27 PCOA Campaign Focuses On Womenenough to look at what the industry has done and the facts behind it. We are talking about aThePennsylvaniaCampgroundvideo in front of the target audience at billion-dollar industry and theyre shutting thatOwnersAssociation(PCOA)haskey times across the internet and on growth pipeline off in some respects.launchedthelargestTVcommercialcable TV placements. Total projected Jellystone Parks, like almost every camp- campaign ever taken on by the associa- impressionsare900,000.Theother ground, has struggled on the employment side,tion, according to PCOA officials.pieceisamulti-channelinsertion, with many franchisees working through theThe$40,000campaigntargetingwhich will be paired with a 15-second busiest season they have ever had with fewerwomen from 30 to 49 started July 19 andVisit PA spot. This has 500,000 projected staff members.will run through Sept. 12.impressions for the campaign. That definitely created some frustration, butThe campaign is targeted out of statePCOAsExecutiveDirectorJason I think it is getting cleaned up now, said West- and will be broadcast in New York City,Vaughan stated that advertising out of over. Its been a slower than normal process,New Jersey, Cleveland and Columbus,state and increasing the brand recogni-and a lot of those folks do the cleaning of theOhio, and the surrounding areas. Totaltion out of the state of Pennsylvania has cabins and things like that. So, thats kind ofprojected impressions are 1.4 million,been a key goal. Earlier this year the as-stunted growth in that area because who wantsA new TV series has allowed younger au- note PCOA officials.sociation increased distribution chan-to put in more cabins if there is nobody there todiences to connect to the Yogi character.The program includes programmaticnels for directories by over 45,000 out of clean them.is also set to drive even more interest to Jelly- video and real-time bidding to placestate.WCM Cabins have become a large part of Jelly- stone Parks. stone Parks growth, with Hershenson highlight- We feel that it will raise awareness of YogiFloridafrom page 6 if it floods, they don't want anybody being ing that Jellystone campers love cabins andand some of the other characters and we areat risk. If we were to take another hurri-owners typically have no issue selling them out.thrilled about the new TV series, HershensonWe cut the side off and turned it intocane like Irma, we'd have some landscape There are a substantial number of our fran- said.the back of the bar, Gothberg said. An- cleanup, all the mulch would come out of chisees that have between 50-100 cabins, andLooking forward, there are no signs that theother subtle thing is the pool area, whichall the planters, but the minute they turn they are planning to add even more, he ex- growth trend for Jellystone Park is going to slowhas been so well landscaped that youthe power back on, we'd be able to start plained. There is more of an investment to builddown.dont even know you are walking into aputting people on sites. those cabins, but the revenue generated makesWe are getting calls every day inquiringpool area. We invested extra to avoid another up for it on the back end.about franchise opportunities and our parks areEverything has been built to with- hurricane loss like that, including hurri-The new Jellystone! TV series on HBO Maxbusy, noted Westover.WCMstand another hurricane like Irma, ac- cane strapped roofs, flood panels, con-cording to Gothberg. crete wallsetc., Gothberg added. We All the utility boxes are above the basedont want to go through that again. flood elevation, which I believe is aroundTolearnmoreaboutthepark 11-and-a-half-feet,henoted.Thatandreserveasite,headto means if you're going to sleep, you have towww.koa.com/campgrounds/sugar-be higher than 11-and-a-half-feet, becauseloaf-key/Ben QuiggleWCM 28 October 2021Woodalls Campground Magazine"