b'INDUSTRY NEWSHurricane Ida Slams into Gulf Coast; Park SubmergedIn late August, Hurricane Ida hit the Gulfhouses cleaned and (the) pump station re-Coast of Louisiana as the fifth-strongestpaired. It will be a long recovery, she said. hurricane to ever hit the U.S. mainland,While floodwaters have caused consid-leaving millions without power.erable damage at her campground, so did As it progressed across the Northeast itthe hurricane-force winds. continued to flood cities and towns, includ- Weve been through hurricanes before. ing New York City, killing dozens of people. But this was scary because of the trees. We The Louisiana RV Parks & Campgroundshad really heavy winds. We believe there Association (LARVC) continues to work onwas a tornado that came through. You can getting updates from its members as it dealssee where a bunch of trees were twisted, with the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. she said. Lisa Thibodaux, executive director ofPoston said she wont really be able to the association, said that she was havingbegin cleanup efforts until the floodwaters trouble connecting with some of her south- recede.Oncethathappens,shesaid, eastern Louisiana members, but that thethen we can start cleaning the cabins and ones she has heard from had canceled allthe store, cut out the fallen trees and get Labor Day activities.those hauled off. Most of the parks in that area are stillWildlife in the area has also been af-without electricity, she noted. My parks infected by the storm. We have peacocks central and north Louisiana do have avail- here that have been up in the trees for ability, with all utilities. Of course, some ofHidden Oaks Campground in Hammond, La., was hit by severe flooding. about four days now, Poston said. We can the parks in southwestern Louisiana aresee them flying from tree to tree. (Were) completely full of contractors and localsof last year after having a permanent site atout (before the storm hit). But some ofhoping the babies survived. who still have not been able to rebuild fromthe park that she enjoyed on weekendsthem werent able to, Poston said, addingThe National Association of RV Parks last years hurricanes.during the previous three years.that her guests have a mix of travel trailers,and Campgrounds (ARVC) Foundation Arlene Poston and her husband, Scott,Our house is nine feet off the ground,fifth wheels and motorhomes.isseekingdonationstohelpsupport got quite a bit of damage as Hurricane Idaand we had three steps to go before (theAlthough she still has access to pipedpark owners, like the Postons, who are swept through Louisiana, pummeling theirfloodwaters) got into our house, Postonwater with good pressure, Poston is drink- suffering due to the impact of a natural 250-siteHiddenOaksCampgroundintoldWoodallsCampgroundMagazine.ing bottled water. She is also having to usedisaster. Hammond, La., with high winds, rain andWe have four goats. They cant swim. Weher generator for electricity while she waitsDonationstotheARVCFoundations floodwaters from the Tangipahoa River.have them on our back porch right now.forthelocalutilitycompanytorestoreDisasterReliefFundwillgodirectlyto The park is located about an hours drivePostons park is underwater, however, in- power.campgrounds affected by these natural dis-northwest of New Orleans.cluding 150 transient campsites and 100Oncethepowerisrestoredtotheasters. Park owners do not have to be ARVC The house is fine, but everything ispermanent sites. Her eight cabins are ele- campground by the energy company, wemembers to apply for assistance.flooded. We have a lot of trees down andvatedonpylons,butrisingfloodwatershave primary lines to be fixed and lines toTo donate or apply for assistance, head powerlinesdown,Postonsaidofthemanaged to get inside of them.alotofsites.Ourpoolwillneedtobeto www.arvc.org/ARVC-Foundation.Jeff campground, which she purchased July 1Most of our guests got their campersdrained, cleaned and refilled, (our) bath- CriderWCM Pennyslvania Campgrounds Hit By Floods, Road ClosuresJason Vaughan, executive director ofcreeks rose out of their banks, he said. the Pennsylvania Campground OwnersAt the same time, Vaughan said he Association, reported on the aftermathwas impressed by the hard work and of Hurricane Ida after it passed throughdedication of his associations member-his state. ship.Campgroundownersandstaff Whatafewweeksithasbeen,have been working around the clock to Vaughan stated in a press release. Hur- get their parks up and running and open ricane Ida was the third tropical systemso that families can enjoy the holiday to hit Pennsylvania in the last two weeks.weekend, he noted.We are fortunate in Pennsylvania to haveUnfortunately, some campgrounds not taken the storms like many otherare not able to have their parks or every communitiesandstatesontheGulfpart of the parks open, but they are hard Coast, but the aftermaths have had theirat work to make sure that families enjoy effects. Flooding, road closures and lackthe last summer holiday as well as the ofpowercertainlyhavebeenfeltatbeautifulfallcampingthatisrightAn aerial view shows flooding at Buttonwood Campground in Mifflintown, Pa.Pennsylvania campgrounds in the lastaround the corner, he said. several weeks, disrupting the dog days ofCampgrounds reporting to the associ- groundinBurntCabins,Knoebelsground in Chambersburg and Lizard summer.ation that they were affected were BlueAmusement Resort and CampgroundCreek Campground in Lehighton. MostMany Pennsyvania campgrounds haveRocksFamilyCampgroundinin Elysburg,, Hersheypark Camping Re- of these campgrounds are right on the beensaturatedandcampgroundsandLenhartsville, Buttonwood Campgroundsort in Hershey, Jonestown/Hershey NEwater, but many others were affected as communities watched as rivers and smallinMifflintown,YeOldeMillCamp- KOA in Jonestown, Twin Bridge Camp- well, Vaughan said. WCMGlamping Show USA Anticipates Large In-Person EventAfter a successful first Glamping1,540 users login to take part over the shows three-daywhile other things have been added. Show USA in 2019 that saw morerun.In 2019, there were eight conference sessions avail-than 700 attendees and 30-plus ven- Still, even though the virtual show was a success, Korseable over the two-day show, and were going to have eight dorstakepartattheArapahoetold Woodalls Campground Magazine (WCM) that he isconference sessions available over those two days again, County Fairgrounds Event Centerexcited to return to an in-person event this yearset tohe noted. Were going to do the same kind of structure in Aurora, Colo., David Korse, thebe held from Oct. 5-6.we did in 2019 by giving attendees a full hour between owner and organizer of the confer- Registrations, both for conference delegates and forsessions. That offers plenty of time for networking, visit-ence was anticipating even morepeople coming just to the expo, are way ahead of the paceing exhibitors and wandering around and looking at people for the 2020 version.from 2019, he said. The indicators are all good and Istuff. Its not just being locked up in sessions all day. COVID had other ideas, but Korsethink people want to come.New for this year, we have added a pre-conference persevered with a virtual version ofKorse explained that some facets of the conference willworkshop on Oct. 4 that the American Glampingthe show that saw a final total ofDavid Korse be familiar to attendees who took part in the 2019 show,Glamping continued on page36WOODALLSCM.com October 2021 3'