b'INDUSTRY NEWSCampCalNOW Works to Stay on TopCONYs Bennett of Wildfire Situation, Other Issues Honored by N.Y. Tourism Assoc.As we move into the late summersmaller pieces intopark is an area called Big Basin and Little months California is again dealing withit.Basin in the redwoods, explained Kelley.Donald G. large wildfires and Dyana Kelley, CEOIthinkitsim- Both burned last year, and Ive beenBennett Jr., and president of the CampCalNOW RVportant for us to paytalking to the park because Im going topresident and Park and Campground Alliance (Cam- attentiontoalloffeature them in the associations blogCEO of the pCalNOW), is again hoping that herthoseregulationsabout what their years been like. Do theyCampground member parks arent impacted by thebecause you neverhave people still coming? And I think, flames.know when one offortunately for them COVID has createdOwners of New Smoke,drytemperaturesandhighthesebig,broadthis need for people to get out regardless.York (CONY), heat levels have taken a toll on some,regulationssud- I think thats a really good questionwas named the Kelley noted to Woodalls Campgrounddenly takes in all ofand one that is going to remain to berecipient of the Magazine (WCM).these little pieces,Dyana Kelley seen for a little while, she added. WhyNew York Ive had somebody in the office justshe added. would people want to go out and go toState Hospital- Don Bennetttrying to be on wildfire watch, trying toPerhaps the most concerning issuethe mountains? Because theres a lush pay attention, trying to call our parks inthat has taken the spotlight recently is aforest and the redwoods and they can sitity & Tourism Associations wildfire areas, offering any assistancedecisionbytheSantaClaraCountyamong the trees. If none of that is there,(NYSH&TA) 2021 Outstanding and things like that, she explained. ButBoard of Supervisors in June that makeswhy would they go? Some of these areasTourism Executive of the Year its really hard.RV parks and campgrounds a non-con- are not going to rebuild in my lifetime,award, according to CONY offi-Amidst a surge in wildfires in recentforming entity. A move that Kelley saidfor sure. It will take decades to get somecials. years, Kelley has also been busy tacklingwill make it harder for park owners toof these places back.Every year, the states hospi-myriad of other issues facing parks in themake improvements at their parks.Drought is also another key focus astality industry nominates its most state. Firm partnerships with the Na- Parks in those areas are no longer al- parks near water are seeing water levels tionalAssociationofRVParksandlowed to update anything, she noted.drop to historic levels.outstanding employees. After re-Campgrounds (ARVC), the RV IndustryAnything that owners would need to goAny park that is on the water is tout- viewing all the nominations sub-Association (RVIA) and the RV Dealersto the county for, expansions, a remodel,ing that, but what if that disappears?mitted, the judges agreed that Association (RVDA) have helped propeladding a room, a lodge or anything likequestioned Kelley. Some parks may notDonald G. Bennett Jr. was the best the associations legislative efforts.that, they wont be able to do. I have noteven have the basic infrastructure left toof the best, said NYSH&TA Presi-Onerecentwinwasanexemptionyet heard that other counties are going tooperatetheirparks.Ifwaterisbeingdent Mark Dorr. All the winners fromtheCaliforniaAirResourcesbe doing this, but its hard to keep upstopped in areas, then nobodys going toof this years awards are STARS Boards (CARB) rule that would have re- with what every county is doing. I reallycome because they cant even offer them quired Class A diesel motorhomes to berely on park owners to tell me if they hearpotable water, right? The drought situa- in every sense of the word and part of an inspection and maintenancesomething thats going on. It is a very realtion here has gotten incredibly serious. Ishining examples of what New program designed to lower emissions.fear that some of these other counties arehave heard of some areas where theirYork State hospitality and tourism Sometimestheyputtheseregula- going to start jumping on this idea too.wells have dried up and they have toare all about. tions in place that are very broad, and itLooking to future challenges for theclose because they cant offer services.The Outstanding Tourism Exec-impacts sectors that they hadnt origi- association, Kelley noted that the verdictAll Californians arent used to having toutive of the Year award recog-nally considered, explained Kelley. Theisstilloutonhowwildfiresimpactshut off their sprinklers and let their grass fishing industry got caught up in this ruletourism even after the fires are out anddry. Nobody wants to do that, she added.nizes an executive who has too and it would have impacted boatall that is left is a burnt landscape.They just want this unlimited amount ofdemonstrated outstanding contri-rentals and fishing expeditions. RatherOne of our member parks is in Boul- water at their homes, and we all have tobutions of leadership and service than just focusing on large, commercialder Creek, Calif., which is near Santastart making some changes because it af- to the industry.WCM entities, they started dragging all theseCruz. One of the biggest draws to thisfects everybody.Ben Quiggle WCMRVIA Reports Record July ShipmentsResults for the RV Industry Associations July 2021 survey of manufacturers deter-mined that total RV shipments ended the month with 44,537 units, an increase of 3.5% compared to the 43,035 units shipped during July 2020; this July was also the best on comparable record with shipments surpassing last July. With this new report, the RV industry has set a new monthly record for each of the last nine months. The RVs built by people in our industry have allowed millions of RVers to create last-ing memories with friends and family this summer, said RV Industry Association Pres-ident and CEO Craig Kirby. This new shipment report shows the continued demand as more and more people see RVs as the best way to experience the great outdoors and live an active outdoor lifestyle. Towable RVs, led by conventional travel trailers, ended the month up 3.4% against last July with 40,511 wholesale shipments. Motorhomes finished the month up 3.9% compared to the same month last year with 4,026 units. Park model RVs ended the month down (-21.9%) compared to July 2020 with 261 wholesale shipments. WCMNCA Planning to Host Great Escape Oct. 13-14 The Northeast Campground Association (NCA) is once again preparing to host its NCA Great Escape on Oct. 13 & 14 at the Sandy Pond Campground in Plymouth, Mass. Call Sandy Pond at 508-759-9336 and mention NCA Great Escape to reserve a free campsite during the event. It cost only $99 per person to enjoy two days along the south shore of Massachusetts. The event allows park owners to connect with peers, tour local campgrounds, catch up with vendors who sup-port NCA and other activities. WCM4 October 2021Woodalls Campground Magazine'