b'MODERN MARKETINGEvaluate Your Digital Tools: Shoulder Season Checklist A successful digital marketing program aims to attract more customers, provide a respite, help create memories and make camping a multi-generational family affair resulting in your Evanne Schmarderfinancial and personal success.Regardless of whether you run a fast- ital marketing programs. Most will apply Review and make note of websiteto deliver loyalty. If you collect email paced family park, brimming with ac- to your business, some sections mayanalytic metrics, measure against pastaddresses, stay in touch. tion all summer long or an active winternot; you may wish to add or delete a lineperformance. Review your email metrics. resort, full of boomers and nomads liv- item and you can adjust accordingly.SEO:Searchengineoptimization, Update/clean your email list. ing the good life, each fall and springWebsite: Your 24/7 sales rep, yourmaximizing your online presence for Review your Email Service Provider presentsanopportunitytoexaminewebsite is the online face of your park.search engine page ranking is vital andaccount and adjust it to best serve your your business practices, evaluate yourTheinformationpresentedmustbecomplicated. Moz defines it as the prac- needs. successes and draft new goals. This likelycurrentandreliable.Addingimagestice of increasing the quantity and qual-Review your templates to assure finds you reviewing financials, facilities,and other emotion-eliciting content,ity of traffic to your website throughbrand consistency. operations, staffing, and of course, mar- being clear on your operating schedule,organic search engine results. SEO is a Update/create an email content keting.Equallyimportantisgeneralupdating events, activities, asking formoving target, one in which you shouldstrategy. housekeeping. Sure, the physical kindfeedback and presenting stay specialsconsult professional help for the greatestMeasurement/Tracking: To under-that businesses like ours necessitate, butare worthy work. benefit. Working with a pro or on yourstand where your efforts stand against your parks online marketing needs a Update seasonal opening/closingown, look into the following: your objectives requires regular analy-semi-annual sprucing up as well.dates. Google your park name and othersis in writing. I recommend this prac-Its a big job but a smart move, pay-Update hours of operation.relevant terms (camping your town, etc.)tice take place quarterly. Because time ing dividends to those that eek out the Review/update rate page.and note where it appears in search.is tight during your busiest periods, do time to take a deep dive into the well-Provide current contact/reserva-Review and update your keyworda quick check-in and a more in-depth being and functionality of their busi- tion information.and phrase universe.review in both your opening and clos-ness.Tothatend,Imsharinga Create or update a photo gallery of Check your site speed.ing shoulder seasons. checklist of sorts, a Digital Marketingthe past season. Review your site for active and deadNew Ideas/Opportunities: Reflect on Do List if you will. Certainly not the be-Promote shoulder season specials.links.whats worked and what has been less all-end-all, use this checklist as a start-Provide information (even just a Assure each image on your site hassuccessful and use this insight to de-ing point, a place to help you enhancesketch) regarding upcoming events andan appropriate alt tag.velop new ideas, strategies and tweaks. your online marketing program.activities.Google My Business: Whether youveAsk yourself these questions: Review your URL and web host ac- created one or simply have a web pres-Should I work with influencers? DMDLcounts, noting renewal dates.ence, its likely your park is represented Does my websites pressroom en-In this sample Digital Marketing Do Regroup with your webmaster toin a Google My Business listing. Thecourage writers to cover my park?List, Ive segmented typical areas of dig- make any necessary backend changes.wise modern marketer will make sure Could my property benefit by offer-its optimized. ing off-season storage?Search for your Google My Business How can I maximize my seasonal listing and review listing information.staff for additional projects?Create/verify/claim your listing if Would my park benefit from hiring you have not already.a digital marketing professional?Update as necessary. Should I convene a focus group to Social Media: Whether you partici- discuss facility upgrades?pateononeplatformormany,ap-What review platform should I use proachingthismarketingtoolwithand how can I drive reviews? consistency is paramount. Fortunately, What can I do to encourage repeat many of the bones of a social mediaand referral business? profile can and should be similar.Check social media platforms forTake a Breath Then Get Down to Itconsistentbranding(logo,tagline,With the busy season behind or be-avatar image, custom URL, etc.)fore you, you deserve a pat on the back. Provide/update current about page.Your work, property and staff make a Provide/updateseasonalopen- tremendous difference in the lives of ing/closing dates.those you host. A successful digital mar- Provide/update hours of operation.keting program aims to attract moreProvide current contact/reserva- customers, provide a respite, help create tion information.memories and make camping a multi- Review and note metrics that yougenerational family affair resulting in are tracking.your financial and personal success. Review the effectiveness of yourShoreupthefoundationofyour content strategy.parks online marketing program twice Video: Seemingly gaining in popu- a year.larity dailyvideos, reels, stories, etc. Its worth the time it takes to measure are significant in promoting your busi- what matters, make changes as neces-ness. Dont miss out on this opportu- sary, provide the information that on-nity because youre unsure of how toline-lookersaresearchingforand start or reaching for a specific level ofimaginenewwaystosatisfytodays professionalism.campers.Review your video metrics.Make a plan to bring on video cre- Want to know more about market-ation stakeholders (videographers, ed- ing your RV park or campground on-itors, etc.).line? Evanne Schmarder, principal Update/createavideocontentand founder of the RV industry-spe-strategy.cificdigitalmarketingfirmRoad-Experimentwithvariousvideoabode Production, has a new book to properties (1-minute clips, reels, sto- help you do just that. Marketing Your ries, etc.).RVPark/CampgroundOnlineis Email: The communication channelavailable as an e-book at your fa-that just wont die, email (at least rele- vorite online bookseller or in print at vant, well-timed messages) continuesAmazon.com.WCM8 October 2021Woodalls Campground Magazine'