b'CAMPSITE VISTASBoulevard/Cleveland KOA Offers Campers a Quiet, Unique SpaceThis park is definitely not a typical KOA. In addition to the ostriches, the 100 acres behind the campground are occupied by an assortment of ani-mals, including four llamas, nine potbelly pigs, two peacocks, six horses,SueBrayand an assortment of cattle, sheep, ducks, roosters and hens. An RV trip is always an adventure,from guests in financially sponsoring ourLocated right next to the ostriches, is thethroughout the property, often populated andpartofthefunisencounteringnewborn piglets.second largest labyrinth in California,by neighboring coyotes and other wildlife. something new and different. But it wasNestled in southern Californias highhand built by the previous owners. ForIn 2019, James and Jai joined the KOA definitely a first when we stopped atdesert east of San Diego, Boulevard/those not familiar with a labyrinth, its asystem, rebranding the park as Boule-Californias Boulevard/Cleveland Na- ClevelandNationalForestKOAwasround meandering path, with a singularvard/Cleveland KOA. tional Forest KOA and found that ourbuilt in the early 1970s and was previ- path leading to the center. They dateWeve found lots of benefits by being next-door neighbors were eight friendlyouslyknownasTheOaksatSacredback 4,000 years or more and are useda part of the KOA family, noted James. ostriches.Rocks. Jai Ramsawak, a New York finan- for walking meditation, rituals and cer- Their reservation system and require-This park is definitely not a typicalcial advisor, was retained by the previ- emonies, but more often personal andments simplified things for us. Their KOA. In addition to the ostriches, theousownersforsomebusinessandspiritual transformation as people walkmarketing is helpful but most impor-100 acres behind the campground arefinancial planning for the park.along the paths to the center and thentantly having the brand is a big help due occupied by an assortment of animals,It was basically a rescue mission, andback out again. to our remote location and previous includingfourllamas,ninepotbellythe original plan was to get the park run- The former owners wife was intoreputation. pigs, two peacocks, six horses, and anning and hand it back to the owners,meditation, and she built this to scaleOne of KOAs central beliefs is the im-assortmentofcattle,sheep,ducks,says James. But they decided to movereplicatingafamouslabyrinthatSt.portance of fostering entrepreneurship roosters and hens.on, and Dad got left holding the bag.Pauls Cathedral in France, explainedamong our many franchisees across the Many of our animals are rescues,Were from New York, and we had no ideaJames. Many of our guests help us withU.S. and Canada, said Saskia Boog-said James Ramsawak,about RVs and knew nothing about run- the maintenance.Its a great spot to sitman, KOAs director of public relations, who co-owns the parkning an RV park. But we decided to runback, meditate and just unwind.when asked about Boulevard KOA. For with his father, Jai. Thewith the ball and see where it went. FromOur park used to be a stop for Cali- us,thatdoesntjustmeanproviding ostriches were in Yuma2013 to 2019, it was a total money pit. Wefornians on their way to the desert, saidtools to help business owners be suc-and were going to bedumped everything we earned from ourJames. And we all know thats a big partycessful, but also encouraging them to slaughtered,soweother businesses into this place, upgrad- scene. But thats not what were about.create their own unique vision for their thought theyd be a niceing the facilities, the infrastructure, andHere, we have an extremely healthy at- campground. Boulevard/Cleveland Na-addition. On weekends,most importantly, the reputation.mosphere.Itsaquiet,beautiful,un- tional Forest KOA Holiday is a wonderful weofferhayridesIn addition to the 150-site 40-acretouched natural environment which weexample of a campground fostering the James Ramsawak aroundtheparkandcampground, the Ramsawaks also in- saw as a health benefit. Turning thattype of unique, quality experience we our guests can feed the animals if theyheritedanotherunusualembellish- around was our biggest challenge.want in a KOA. wish. Were even getting some interestmentnotfoundinmostRVparks.TherearemilesofhikingtrailsCampsite Vistas continued on page 34WOODALLSCM.comNovember 2021 17'