b'2021 CONVENTION PREVIEWnBY BEN QUIGGLEIn-Person and Back in Raleigh, ARVC Anticipates a Very Upbeat OHCE with a Few New FeaturesHeading back to Raleigh, N.C., the National As-sociation of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) is hosting its Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo (OHCE) from Nov. 8-11 at the Raleigh Convention Center. For the park owners who were able to take inEducational sessions, Takeaway Tours, Master Classes, an expo and the last OHCE that ARVC held in Raleigh in 2017, many remember a conference that in- more are all on tap when ARVCs OHCE kicks off in November.cluded some great food near the convention center, along with a large venue that provided ample room for the dozens of educational sessionsThe Takeaway tours cost $299 for ARVC members and $599 for nonmembers. that ARVC hosts throughout the conference.ARVC will also be offering a Prospective Owners Workshop on Nov. 7 that is geared We are happy to be back in-person because we had heard that theretowards individuals looking to purchase or build a park. The cost to attend that workshop was some burnout associated with all of the virtual events that tookis $299 for ARVC members and $599 for nonmembers. place in 2020, noted Paul Bambei, president and CEO of ARVC. I thinkThe opening general session is going to be a panel moderated by Bambei that is fo-owners/operators like the ability to come and learn from peers in an in- cused on industry disruptors, including electric vehicles, and the impact they may have person environment.on the outdoor hospitality industry. Those taking part in the panel include Josef Hjel-Bambei pointed out that the outdoor hospitality industry is in themaker, chief innovation officer at Thor Industries; Gene Zanger, owner of Casa de Fruta Paul Bambei midst of a very busy and successful year, which means park owners/op- in Hollister, Calif.; Wade Elliott, founder of Utility Supply Group; and Christine Taylor, a erators are going to be coming to OHCE with plans to buy from vendors at the confer- partner at The Towne Law Firm. ence.Bambei noted that Taylor will be taking questions on several subjects We offer the only national trade show, and our members are coming to us to buy theirand questions from the audience. goods and services on the trade show floor, Bambei said.It is really important to keep our eyes on the future and get peoples Takeaway Tours are back for the Raleigh conference, with ARVCminds working in that direction, he explained. planning to do a circle tour of Raleigh on Nov. 7 as participants visit fourAnother popular general session, the Reservation Systems Panel, is campgrounds starting in Asheboro, which has the largest natural habitatmaking a return but with a small twist. Representatives from the compa-zoo in the world.nies participating will still get up and talk a little about their products and We have two campgrounds in Asheboro that will give us differentanswer audience questions, but near the end of the panel each software perspectives on how they work with that major attraction, noted Susancompany will bring up a campground evangelist. A campground evan-Motley, ARVCs senior director of education and events. Then we aregelist is someone who uses a companys product at their campground.David Baslergoing down to Pinehurst, which is home to golf tournaments, and weWe think it will enhance the panel, noted David Basler, vice president of member-have two parks there that we are going to visit and learn how they workSusan Motley ship and marketing. We are in the third year of doing this panel, so we didnt want it to with the golf tournaments and golfers.ARVC OHCE continued on page 2218 November 2021Woodalls Campground Magazine'