b'EDITORS NOTES BY BEN QUIGGLEConference Season: The Big What If?Woodalls Campground Magazine (WCM) was forced to ask about any contingency plans that conference organizers with the National As-sociation of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC), Leisure Systems Inc. (Jellystone Park), Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) and the Camp-ground Owners Expo (COE) might have if COVID derails plans again. Most people in the outdoor hospitality industry were hoping that COVID would be an afterthought in some regard when fall conferences rolled around, but unfortunately that is far from the case. There is still a big What If? as vendors and conference attendees make their plans. (You can read more about each conference inside this edition.) As WCM goes to print in late September it appeared that The Glamp-ing Show USA, which runs from Oct. 5-6, was going to be able to host an in-person event. David Korse, organizer, has indicated that the venue in Aurora, Colo., was still open.But other industry conferences are still a solid month away and President Bidens recent vaccine mandates have made conference goers a little jittery.The recent announcement that the Elkhart RV Open Houseone of the largest gather-ings of RV dealers in the U.S.was cancelled also sent shockwaves through parts of the in-dustry. That cancellation occurred two weeks before the show was to take place in late September. KOA, Jellystone Park, ARVC and COE have all reported that conference registrations are going well, but that it appears some vendors and attendees are holding off until the last minutehoping to avoid any cancellations that may impact hotel and flight bookings.Conference organizers have all told WCM that they are pushing ahead with their con-ferences, which means the only thing that could derail the first in-person national shows in two years would be if state or local rules dictated that the actual conference venues had to shut down.This is something that doesnt seem likely to happen according to most organizers, who have completed site visits and who stay in communication with venue officials on a regular basis.But the What If? factor still exists. What will happen if a conference is forced to cancel? Many of the organizers WCM spoke with noted that they have virtual backup plans in place.KOA is already going to have a virtual component in place for people who cant attend. If something happens, the company will simply switch to using that format for the whole show.ARVC will be recording sessions and plans to have those up and running after the con-ference or instead of a conference. And Jellystone Park will look at the possibility of relo-cating if something happens to its venue in Kentucky. For its part, the COE would simply cancel its conference and look forward to 2022.So, while the industry is laser-focused on hosting in-person conferences, there are plans in place should the worst happen.Fingers crossed those additional plans are never needed.WCMwww.woodallscm.com GG M E D I AVol. 52 No. 11 Nov. 2021 & GROUP LLCContact Information: EditorialSherman Goldenberg, PublisherRick Kessler, Managing Editor sgoldenberg@rvbusiness.comrkessler@rvbusiness.com Office: (574) 457-3370(734) 777-6830 Mobile: (574) 457-6637 Fax: (574) 457-8295Gary Gerard, Editorial Director ggerard@rvbusiness.com Ben Quiggle, Editor(574) 528-1275 bquiggle@rvbusiness.com Mobile: (574) 306-7781Jeff Crider, Senior Editor campinginfosource@gmail.com (760) 469-5905 Advertising:Ally Kollat, AccountWendy Thorne, Account Executive, National Ad SalesExecutive, National Ad Sales akollat@g-gmediagroup.comwthorne@g-gmediagroup.com Office: (574) 266-7980Office (574) 266-7980Art Direction:Trina Nissley, Art Director tnissley@rvbusiness.comAll general correspondence, circulation and display and classified salesinquiries may be directed to the following: Woodalls Campground Magazine, C/O G&G Media Group LLC, 2901 E. Bristol St., Ste. B, Elkhart, IN 46514. Fax: (574) 266-7984Owners, managers or marketing directors of privately held U.S. campgrounds may receive a free subscription upon request to Woodalls CampgroundMagazineone free subscription per campground. Others may purchasesubscriptions at these rates: $24.95 per year U.S. or $35.95 per year in Canada. Contact Woodalls Campground Magazine, C/O G&G Media Group LLC, 2901E. Bristol St., Ste. B, Elkhart, IN 46514. Email: rvbusiness@rvbusiness.comWoodalls Campground Magazine is published monthly by G&G Media Group LLC at the above address. 2 November 2021Woodalls Campground Magazine'