b'Hersheyfrom page 3 Although the COVID experience has brought crowdsFimfofrom page 6jumping all year.to the park like other campgrounds, it kept SuwanneeAs far as the traditional tent sites, he noted that those It was great this year and great last year, saidfrom being able to offer full music festivals this year.sites help introduce people to camping and fill areas Mike Shoemaker. Its been very good for the indus- That doesnt mean there was no music. A quick glanceof the park not well-suited for RVs. try. Whether its COVID or whatever you want to callat the resorts website www.musicliveshere.com showsWe have one area of the New Braunfels park, for it, its been really good for our industry. All my friendsa number of acts booked through October. But thingsinstance, that we didnt want to build a bridge over a who are on the executive board for the National As- are being presented differently than in the past.small creek to access for RV sites, he highlighted. We sociation of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) areThis past year has actually been a good year forwanted to maintain a nice riverfront and keep the nat-the same way. Everybodys having record years andcamping. People want to get outdoors and experienceural beauty and trees intact. That offered us the oppor-people are buying campers because thats the safestwhat its like, said Ryan Gamble. Our music festivalstunity to create more of a rustic campsite there. You way to travel.have been a little different. We did not cut out livehave campers who maybe dont have an RV or might Shoemaker said that because of the strong demandmusic, but instead, we had what we called Golf Cartwant to enjoy a more rustic experience and these sites for camping, Natures Resort has undergone upgrades asDrive-ins. You still got to see live music, but we sociallygive them that option. well as expansion.distanced, so we did whatever we needed to do to makeBrossenbroek noted that the Camp Fimfo brand has The demand is there for sure for new campers thatit safe for everybody.also helped Northgate tackle the permitting process, are coming like crazy, and they are realizing camping isGamble said the only thing slowing things down atwhich can be a long one for many park developers. He fun. Its family fun. We have 400 sites. Were the biggestSuwannee this year has been the persistent rains thatsaid that the first location in New Braunfels wasnt lo-park in the county. We have our own boat launches withhave hit Florida.cated within city limits, making the process quite easy, Gulf access and a wine bar down there with live musicBut not having a full slate of events offered time forbut that the Waco location was more challenging. all the time. There are lots and lots of planned activitiesSuwannee to update some of its facilities.We had to go through the zoning process, but for-for the kids. We have a bounce pad, a water slide and aWe redid every bathhouse within the park, Gambletunately we had our first location somewhat in mind pool. Theres just a lot to do.said. We added a screened-in porch to the caf so wealready, so we were able to present that along with our And sticking with the things to do theme, Suwanneecould have live music outside. With the inability to dooperating track record and the type of product we Music Park in Live Oak, Fla., offers boating, kayaking andthe big music festivals it was a good time to be able tooffer, Brossenbroek explained. We were able to show a full slate of musical act throughout the year to attractdo the upgrades to our park. Weve made huge improve- them that we were going to be complimentary, and it visitors.ments in the membership area.Travis Pryor WCM went very smoothly.Ben Quiggle WCMMARKETPLACEWOODALLSCM.comNovember 2021 33'