b'options, and then discount the price slightly when a camper reserves a campsite.a fuller integration for payment processing. The company is also now offering integrated meter reading options that allow parkWe have been listening to our customers and trying to roll out features that they owners to track their meters right from the CampLife software.are requesting, Duffy explained. Down the road, CampLife plans to roll out its CampLife Pay feature which will offerwww.getcamplife.com CampspotCampspot continues to grow both its booking platform and its reserva- noted.Evenenablingan tions/management software as it continually works to integrate new features,online cancellation feature, according to Casey Cochran, director of business development. just speeds up the process The company is currently finalizing the details of its newthat much more for owners Online Cancellation feature that it plans to roll out during thebecause they dont have to fourth quarter of 2021. do it manually anymore. Park owners can enable the customer to cancel a reserva- Campspot is also looking tion online through this feature and it automatically becomesto open its platform for APIs available online for booking by another camper, Cochran ex- and allow owners to do full plained. It will automatically calculate the campers refund,editing from the back end. Casey Cochran with the cancellation fee in mind. That is something we areOpening up an API is a excited to roll out here soon. big step for us, Cochran ex-Another feature that the company is working on that has been named Addplained. Most other software Ons for Quantity for now is focused on giving owners a way to upsell itemscompanies have agreed to do before campers finalize a booking. APIs. We just havent, but we It allows a park to pull inventory from its point-of-sale, and then sell thathave a few companies that at the time of online booking, Cochran said. Right now, we have an inven- we are working with here in tory management system that allows them to upsell things like golf carts,quarter four to kind of kick off kayaks and other things. This new feature allows them to pull specific itemssome of these APIs. At this out of their point-of-sale while keeping track of inventory and all that infor- point, we want to work with a couple of them and make them successful, and then mation. A lot of owners sell firewood, ice and other items like that throughonce we have that, we can open up things more. This will be really good news for the add-ons. Now, things like that and T-shirts or anything else that are kindour customers that operate larger parks. of higher-priced items that are selling well, they will be able to list those thingsAnother improvement the company is working on includes tweaks to its directly from their point-of-sale at the time of booking.group reservations feature since Cochran noted the company is seeing more Cochran said that Campspot is focused on increasing revenue for the parkscampers want to book in groups. The company also released a new phone that utilize its system.app earlier in 2021 and a text messaging feature too. We always prioritize features that can help parks make more money, he616-226-5514www.software.campspot.com CampWorksWith many of its parks seeing record years in 2021, CampWorks has also ex- their information private. Others want it to be cloud-perienced a boost in business during the past year, noted Keith Johnson, ownerbased and so we have that solution as well. And, of of the company. course, then that makes it available to those who are Traditionally, a Windows-based software that was accessibleMac users as well. We had some inquiries from Mac remotely through a park owners computer, Johnson said thatusers in the past and we didnt have a solution for the company has now developed a web-based product, too.them. Now we have a web-based solution, which will It has all of the features of our traditional software, but canwork on any browser. Essentially that gives them the be accessed from anywhere now, Johnson said. This createsability to access it with any PC or Mac device. the best of both worlds in that you have all the power of a Win- Johnson said that CampWorks wants to focus on dows solution. There is a lot that you can do with a Windows so- analytics and reporting features down the road, while lutionthatgetssomewhatdifficulttodowithapurelyalso tying together all of the pieces like office reserva-Keith Johnson web-based browser-based solution. We essentially were able totions, point-of-sale, online reservations and the new deploy it through a browser mechanism. Its kind of a cool solution that wevesmartphone app. worked out with a third-party company that put it all together.We have those pieces all in play, and well be expanding on the smartphone That gives us the ability for multi-platform use, he added. Owners could stillcapabilities too, he noted. have it installed locally, which some people want it that way because they want320-300-4157www.viswrks.com/campworks Digital RezDigital Rez has introduced a couple of new payment methods that park own- sendalinktoacampertohave ers can use when it comes to paying the fees to utilize the Digital Rez software,them review their stay at the park according to Thom Gibb, chairman of the firm. too. Owners could send that with Owners can now pay a flat fee to utilize the software or passthe survey. along a $3 booking fee to their campers, an option that GibbDigital Rez has also rolled out an said was becoming more popular. SMS messaging service that allows The company has also integrated with two more credit pro- park owners to stay in communica-cessing companies to give its users more flexibility and fea- tion with their campers and offers a tures. Other feature rollouts include a survey module that allowschance to send out mass SMS mes-park owners to send surveys to campers and ask them aboutsagesintheeventofinclement the booking process or their stay.weather or to make announcements. Thom Gibb It will automatically send the survey when an owner wants800-811-5988 to and it will track the campers interaction with the survey, Gibbs explained.www.digitalrez.com;Along with that, we have a review module now that will allow park owners towww.rezexpert.com FireflyBradly Adams, the founder of FireFly software, says that the company contin- Parkownerscangettheirpay-ues to grow and roll out new features. ments by the next day and they offer This summer Firefly completed the unveiling of its SMS mes- excellent customer support, he ex-saging service, which allows park owners to send out automaticplained. messages when someone completes a booking or submits a pay- Fireflyisalsonowallowingpark ment. owners to create custom reservationYou can also have a conversation with a guest in the systemfees, which allow them to build any via text as well, he highlighted. Its another great way to getfees into the price of a campsite. ahold of people and stay in contact. You can also send out massOurperformanceisalsosome-texts to all guestspast, future or current.thing that we worked on, including optimizing our reservation grid, which our The company added a new payment processor, Basys, whichcustomers love because it is easy to access and work with, Adams said. Bradly Adams Adams said offers better processing rates for its clients.844-920-1120www.fireflyreservations.comWOODALLSCM.comDecember 2021 19'