b'LiveRezIn business for the past 14 years, LiveRez got its start in the vacation rental market and is a newer entrant to the RV park and campgrounds arena, according to Jessica Singer, director of partner development.We have worked with some RV parks for years, and they like to think of us as their secret weapon, she said.The company offers website development services to parksrelationship management platform, robust reporting, owner portals and guest that need a new or better website, and Singer said the com- portals. We have a guest app, too. Guests who book directly on the website can panys experience in the hospitality industry is a big reason whydownload our app and then do all of their reservations right through the app. clients come to them. The company also offers one of the only state trust accounting platforms in We offer everything all-in-one, she explained. Owners getthe U.S., according to Singer. Jessica Singer a brand-new website that is bookable, and we even include webA lot of companies come to us because our trust accounting platform is so hosting, so were not going to charge extra for a web hosting feerobust, and its so intertwined with the entire platform, she highlighted. of any kind. We also have a built-in reservations platform, a built-in customerwww.liverez.com MySitesSEPI Marketing launched MySites about two years ago and has been imple- may not even know exist be-menting new features ever since, according to Brian McGuinn, director of SEPIcause what we do is thor-Marketing. oughlyunderstandhow The company just launched a feature that allows for hourlytheir business model works, unit rental for things like cabanas. McGuinn also pointed tothen we configure a system SMS messaging features that allow park owners to send auto- that works for them. matic messages to campers. Down the road, MySites We have a whole module that will allow people to segmentis working on simplifying their database and run text campaigns depending upon the dif- the entire system. ferent attributes of their customer base, like whether or not theyAsmorepeopleare Brian McGuinn have pets, children, the last unit type that they stayed in andconverting, we want it to those types of things, he added.be as user-friendly as possible, McGuinn highlighted. We want to focus on McGuinn noted that MySites has a few hundred customers at the momentease-of-use, speed and other functions like that. We want it to be good for both and highlighted the fact that it has done very little marketing to reach that point.large and small resorts. In the beginning, we found that the software we were using was not scalable, soPart of that push includes introducing multi-resort reporting that allows own-we had to go back to the drawing board, he said. Now, we are taking on privateers to aggregate details from multiple resorts onto one report. and public parks. Weve created hundreds of different settings that some people800-832-3292www.bookmysites.comNewBookShaun Cornelius, the recently minted CEO at NewBook, said that its customersto better manage their reservations. have reported very strong 2021 numbers as campsites book up quickly across the U.S.It allows campers to modify or cancel their bookings, easing That success in turn has been a key driver in what the company hasthe load for the parks owner, Cornelius said. I think the guests been focused on feature-wise this year.are more than happy to generally guide their way through that and Our clients are looking to us as a partner to help them with op- engage with those tools. erational efficiencies, to lighten the burden for their teams, he ex- NewBook has also recently completed an integration with Wild plained. The other objective is maximizing revenue and bookingsEnergy that will allow for better remote meter reading and integra-and figuring out how to do that efficiently while encouraging gueststion of remote meter reading technology, according to Cornelius. to book more online. The third trend we see, and I think itll just keepOther initiatives the company is highlighting include the ability going, is a better use of data and the reporting behind that.to up-sell or cross-promote items during booking and the ability As part of that focus, NewBook has been working on its automatedto promote lock site fees. Shaun Cornelius customer communication functions, as it works to ease the burdenWe are just trying to find more opportunities to increase the of communicating with customers.value for both our customers and their campers, Cornelius ex-Our system allows our clients to set up programs where youve got trigger-basedplained. emails and the client can decide how they work, Cornelius pointed out. Once theseGift cards and membership loyalty programs are also available. systems are set up, they just run automatically.Its all about efficiencies and creating more revenue from bookings, Cornelius said. Another focus for the company has been on the guest portal, which allows campers310-855-3773www.newbook.cloud ResNexusResNexus continues to work on its API with the focus being on integrating withdoctors note, funeral notifi-online travel agencies (OTAs), according to Nathan Mayfield, president of ResNexus. cation or other medical doc-It is important that we work with these OTAs and get our parksumentation and send that on these systems because they are the billboards for our entire in- right to us. It covers a period dustry, he noted.between 14 days before their The other big news for ResNexus is the introduction of itsarrival date or up to 30 days Worry-Free Booking feature that allows both campers and own- after their departure date. ers to still receive the money for a booking if it is canceled for emer- ResNexus also helps park gency or medical reasons.owners build an affordable website, said Mayfield. The company charges $299 for We allow the park to offer a limited warranty service on thea template website and $999 for a custom one. Nathan Mayfield booking engine that the guests pay for, Mayfield noted. It costsAll of our features like dynamic pricing, availability and more work seamlessly 10% of the total booking. If the guest cancels, they dont get thatwith our websites, he highlighted. 10% back, but they get the total costs of the trip besides that paid back to them. TheResNexus also offers a booking engine that shows the availability of a certain site same goes for the park.on a calendar, allowing campers to pick an open date that works for them. The campers do have to provide proof of the need to cancel, and that is prettyIt is all about making it easier for the camper to find a site, Mayfield said. easy with the tele-doc systems in place now, he added. They can screen capture a385-218-2637www.resnexus.comRMSRMS has introduced an SEO and website design service that is open toRMS is also offering two-way SMS messaging now that allows campers RMS and non-RMS users, according to Erin Cullen, assistant marketingto respond to text messages they receive. The messages can also be di-manager at the company.rected to an email account. We are offering all-inclusive hosting and a unique, fun website de- Instead of having to switch back and forth between your email, your sign, she explained. RMS has more than a dozen templates that parkcompany email tab and RMS, it will all be kept in your database, Cullen owners can choose from. With more Millennials camping, it is importanthighlighted. All the records will be stored in their contact information. to have a great-looking website because they are judging you based on it.Thats just a really good way to stay engaged with your contacts through The SEO portion is a little more difficult to describe to owners becausethe system. it does take time to see results, Cullen added. But gaining traction onThe company has also updated its guest portal to allow campers to SEO is important to boost reservations from locals and those traveling tomanage their own reservations. an area.858-427-1200 ext. 1www.rmsnorthamerica.com20 December 2021Woodalls Campground Magazine'