b'away.with news about the park. They reachState Associationsfrom page 3 attendees.While they hope to eventually ex- out to guests with news through emailCONY inducted former Adirondacks pand, they dont want to change Ke- and social media, providing ways toto raise funds to support the associa- Jellystone Park owners Mike and Gina bler Corner.contact them and to reserve sites.tion.Lenhard into the associations Hall of We dont want to change the vibe,TheyareveryactiveonsocialWith the reopening of the CanadianFame and also recognized Peter OCon-noted Paul. We want to expand, butmedia, even sponsoring a pet of theborders, Alaska has seen an increase innell, CONYs longtime lobbyist who rep-with more space between sites, creat- week, allowing guests to submit pho- travelersplanningtripstoAlaskaforresented the association throughout his ing more of a forest service campingtos of their pet at the park. (Needless2022,MillertoldWoodallsCamp- four-decade career, as a Fellow of Dis-experience. We have plenty of room toto say, our boxer, Gracie, is the currentground Magazine (WCM). We also sawtinction. do it properly. We dont want someonereigningselection!)Theyutilizesomelateseasontravelersthisyear,The annual event, CONYs first during to get here and have a bad experi- Google adware and advertise in localwhich brought a nice ring to the end ofthe pandemic, began Sunday, Oct. 31, ence.print media in the tri county area.the season.withcertifiedpooloperatortraining. The couple is already partneringWord of mouth is so important,Other sessions included pool water res-with the local community. Recently,says Emily.We try to under promiseIllinois Campground Associationcue training, CPR and first aid training, the Nature Connection, a nonprofitand over deliver.The Illinois Campground Associa- andothereducationalseminars in the North Fork Valley brought 50Typically, Kebler Corners season istion (ICA) met, via zoom, on Oct. 26, forthroughout the four-day conference.children to camp overnight in theirMay through October, although thisits annual fall conference.Christine Taylor, a principal partner upper meadow.year they are reaching out to previousNew President BJ Davis, from Rusticat The Towne Law Firm, P.C., led two Someofthesekidshadneverguests and opening their cabins forAcres Campground, led the meeting.seminars, including one titled How spent the night in a tent or seen ansnowsportsinJanuarythroughThe conference started with a mo- the Law Helps and Hinders: Permits, open fire, said Emily. We hope toMarch.ment of silence for the previous presi- Guest Ejections & The Marijuana Reg-bring more children here who mayOursummerseasonismostlydent Walter Freeman, of the Bentonulation&TaxationAct.Tayloralso not have opportunities to experiencefamilies and then we get leaf peepersKOAJourney,thatpassedawaythisheld a seminar to discuss CONYs Legal the forest and nature.in the fall. People go apple pickingpast May. There is a scholarship that isHotline,whichprovidesassociation Likewise, guests are expected to re- and wine tasting. After that, we attractbeingestablishedforICAmembersmemberswithonefree30-minute spect the pristine and beautiful na- huntersfromalloverthecountry,through the National Association of RVlegalconsultationeachyear.Taylor ture of the area. Once they realizedparticularly Texas and the East Coast,ParksandCampgrounds(ARVC)inprovidedexamplesofthetypesof howexceptionalthecampgroundsexplained Emily. In spring and fall weWalter Freemans name to help peoplequestions she typically receives from fishing was, they decided to limit thealsoattractsnowbirdspassingattend the National School of RV Parkpark operators along with the answers number of guests allowed on the riverthrough, and they often decide to stay& Campground Management and theto such questions. at any one time and allow catch andfor a longer period of time.Outdoor Hospitality Conference andEd Marden, CONYs longtime treas-release only.The family has adjusted to camp- Expo in 2022.urer and an accountant for H&R Block, WerecommittedtoprotectinggroundlifeinColoradoextremelyDavidBaslerandJeffSims,bothled a seminar on budgeting for camp-that resource, and were still learningwell.from ARVC, were in attendance and ex- grounds. Deborah Stevens, assistant di-how to manage it, said Emily. We re- Our boys are having so much fun,plained new updates with the ARVCrector of Greenberg Traurig LLP, led a ally see our role as connecting peoplesaid Emily. Initially, it was a bit un- website, benefits and current legisla- seminar covering new and pending leg-to nature.nerving living on wilderness propertytion in the campground industry andislation affecting campgrounds which Certainlynotasfamousasthewith wildlife and having 100 visitors athestateofIllinois.TheICAboardinvolvespaidleave,wagelawsand grapes grown in places like California,day. But we set rules for them andnoted that in the near future the focusCOVID-19 mandates. North Fork Valley is home to the Westnow they just love being outside. Theywill be developing a grassroots effort toCONYalsoannouncedthatithas ElksAmericanViticulturalAreapaddle their own kayak. Next year,pass inherent risk legislation similar toraised $211,000 for Camp Good Days & boasting wines made at the highestthey plan to sell ice cream from a golfwhat has been passed in other states. Special Times in 2021. Camp Good Days elevations in the United States. The Stcart.Andthelocalschoolisgreat.Davis also mentioned the updated ICAis a Mendon, N.Y.-based nonprofit or-Ruths capitalized on this by obtain- Weve created an environment wherewebsite at www.illinoisgocamping.com.ganization that offers free camps, special ing a liquor license and selling localour friends come to us. Its never quietIf any Illinois campgrounds are in- activities and other services for children wines in their campground store. around here.terestedinjoiningtheassociation,suffering from cancer. Our local grapes rival Napa Val- email info@illinoisgocamping.com.Since they started supporting Camp leys, explained Emily. We cant keepSue Bray is well known in the RVGood Days in 2012, campgrounds affili-our wines on the shelf. community, primarily due to her workCampground Owners of New Yorkated with CONY have raised more than In fact, they hope to host a localas executive director of the Good SamTheCampgroundOwnersofNew$960,000 to support the Mendon-based wine and music festival at the camp- Club. In 2009, she was inducted into theYork (CONY) held its 57th annual expo- nonprofit organization, which provides all ground in the future.RV/MH Hall of Fame. When she retiredsition and tradeshow from Oct. 31-Nov.of its programs free of charge, noted Don-Kebler Corner hosts an interactivein 2012, she started her own consulting3 at the Conference & Event Center inald G. Bennett Jr., president and CEO of website which is updated frequentlybusiness; visit www.suebray.comWCMNiagara Falls, N.Y., which attracted 105CONY.Ben Quiggle & Jeff Crider WCMMARKETPLACEWOODALLSCM.comDecember 2021 33'