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Camping, which was already cant find a place, so theyll book a wholewere paying credit card fees since wegrowing, became a bigger thing. I dont AlestaAManti-microbialpowderbunch of places and then they decidetake payment at booking. Were takingthinkpeoplearejustgoingtostop treatedcoatingsonallcompatiblewhere theyre going to stay and cancel. the credit card fees and we get hit com- camping and go back to cruises and products.Before, if campers canceled 10 daysing and going on them, so we just de- flyingsomeplacefortheirvacations www.jamestownadvanced.comor more prior to their reservation shecided to beef up that cancellation policynowthattheyhaveatasteofour 800-452-0639 WCMcharged them $10. If they canceled foura bit, make it simpler. Its three days orlifestyle. WCMCALENDAR OF EVENTSFEBRUARY3-5: Carolinas Annual SpringConference & Trade Show Embassy Suites Myrtle BeachOceanfront Myrtle Beach, S.C. Contact: 803-569-1986 Campground Views20-24: National School of RV Park and Campground ManagementPartnering with Myrtle Beach, S.C. Contact: arvc.org/National-School- Vintage Camperof-RV-Parks-and-Campground- ManagementCampground-Views.comhas MARCHpartneredwith Vintage Camper 4-5: OCOAs Spring Conference Trailerstopro-& Trade Showvidecamp-Embassy Suites Columbus Airportgrounds and RV parks with a targeted Columbus, Ohioavenue to reach camping enthusiasts, Contact: 614-221-7748according to a press release. The companies will share informa-16-20: Wisconsin Association oftiononcampgroundsthatutilize Campground Owners Convention CampgroundViews.coms new Camp-& Trade Showground Virtual Tour technology with the Holiday Inn Hotel & Conventionexperience made available on PeriodE-Centervents.com. Stevens Point, Wisc.This is a fun partnership as it brings Contact: 608-525-2327our cutting-edge technology together withold-schoolcoolinthevintage 17-19: Northeast Campground camper community, said Mark Koep, Associations Conference on founderandCEOofCampground-Camping & Trade ShowViews.com. We are constantly seeking Southbridge Hotel & Conferenceways to help our client parks expand Centertheir reach and this is a perfect way to Southbridge, Mass.make it happen. Contact: 860-684-6389CampgroundViews.com has over 550 virtual tours for campgrounds across APRILthe United States. As part of this part-nership, any park that pays for a Camp-1: Maine Campground Owners ground Virtual Tour will automatically Association Trade Show & AnnualbeaddedtothePeriodEvents.com Meetingwebsite. Norway Savings Bank Arena The vintage camper community is Auburn, Mainemadeupofdie-hardcamperswho Contact: 207-782-5874enjoy the lifestyle and the history of our iconic industry, added Paul Lacitinola, 11-12: Louisiana Association of the owner and publisher of The Vintage RV Parks and Campgrounds AnnualCamper Trailers Magazine. We focus Conferenceour efforts on helping this community Coushatta Casino Resort/Red Shoesenjoytheirvintagecampersand RV Park & Chaletsthrough PeriodEvents.com share infor-Kinder, La. mation on upcoming rallies, events and Contact: 225-752-1455 WCM great places to visit.WCM36 December 2021Woodalls Campground Magazine'