b'INDUSTRY NEWSKOA Adds Reinard, Burke to Park Resale Program Kampgroundsof America Inc. (KOA) an-nounced it has partnered withCathyReinardto lead the KOA Resale Pro-gram. Reinard, a former KOAfranchiseehaving owned parks in New York and Florida, brings a thor-oughknowledgeof campgrounds,theKOA system and the intricacies of campground sales. As part of the KOA Re- Cathy Reinard John Burkesale Program, Reinard will assist franchisees in evaluating the camp- Group oversight and growth. Burke will con- KOA Report Shows Healthy ground sales marketplace and work closelytinue to provide campground valuations, a with owners to determine the appropriateservice that is experiencing increasing de- Snowbird Outlook this Seasonvalue for their campground. She will alsomand, using his vast knowledge of the in-leverage KOAs extensive network of camp- dustry and the KOA system to help KOAThe KOA Monthly Research Reportfects of COVID can have more of an im-ground buyers to find the right match forfranchisees succeed. October Edition, a data-rich monthlypact on snowbird guests, but indicators franchiseeslookingtoselltheircamp- As the interest in camping continuescampingreportbyKampgroundsofarepointingtoahealthyseasonfor ground.to grow at astounding rates, we knowAmerica (KOA), projects that 12 millionsouthern camping locations. Were end-Reinard is a licensed real estate agenthow important it is to help our camp- households31%ofactivecampinging a particularly strong year of camping with a proven track record of selling parks,grounds develop strategic roadmaps tohouseholdsplan to snowbird campon a high note. and formerly represented another brokerageensure we are delivering on the expec- thiswinter.Additionally,6.9millionInadditiontosnowbirdcamping, firm in the industry. Berkshire Hathawaytations of todays guests. John bringscamping households anticipate taking atKOA projects that 6.9 million camping Home Services, a current KOA brokeragethe experience and knowledge neededleast one winter camping trip before thehouseholds will take at least one winter partner, will continue to provide ongoingfor this crucial mission, said KOA Fran- end of the year.camping trip before the year ends. A full support to the KOA Resale Program, its cur- chiseChiefOperationsOfficerDarinFollowing the April release of KOAs an- 17% of these campers plan to take more rent and in-process listings and internationalUselman. We also know that providingnual North American Camping Report,trips and spend more nights camping support for Canadian campground sales.a program to owners looking to sell theirongoing monthly research indicates thethis fall and winter due to the continued popularityofcampingwillcontinue John Burke, vice president of franchisecampground and execute their exit strat- through the winter of 2022.effects of COVID-19. finance, will focus on working with fran- egy is a great service to our franchisees,Looking ahead to the snowbird sea- According to KOAs latest projections, chisees on strategic planning, includingand were thrilled to have Cathy back asson, about 17% of all campers who have55.9 million households are projected to succession planning, ROI analysis and 20- part of the KOA family. WCM historically taken trips to southern localscamp in 2021, compared to 48.2 million plan to do so again this year. in 2020. An estimated 7.7 million house-Snowbird campers are an importantholds will camp for the first time this part of our business so seeing the newyear. Adding this figure to last years stag-interestisencouraging,saidTobygering new camper number, 17.8 million ORourke, president and CEO of Kamp- households will have joined the camping grounds of America. The continued ef- lifestyle in 2020 or 2021. WCMRV Industry Sets Record with 55K Shipments During Sept.Results for the RV Industry Associa- over the third quarter of 2020. tions (RVIA) September 2021 survey ofWithresearchshowingmoreand manufacturers determined that total RVmore people are camping than ever be-shipments ended the month with 55,014fore, RV manufacturers and suppliers units, an increase of 32.2% compared tocontinue to meet the sustained demand the 41,600 units shipped during Septem- for RVs from consumers looking to get ber 2020.outdoorsandexperiencethemany This September was also the best onphysical and mental benefits of living an comparable record with shipments sur- active outdoor lifestyle, said RV Industry passingtheSeptember2017totalofAssociationPresidentandCEOCraig 43,598 units by 26%.Kirby. With the new report, the RV industryTowableRVs,ledbyconventional sets a new all-time high for the numbertraveltrailers,endedthemonthup of RVs shipped in any previous month33.4%againstlastSeptemberwith and any previous quarter. The more than50,696wholesaleshipments.Mo-55,000 RVs shipped this past month is atorhomes finished the month up 19.6% 1% increase over the previous single-month record set in March of this year.compared to the same month last year Therecord-breaking152,370RVswith 4,318 units. shipped in the third quarter (July-SeptPark Model RVs ended the month 2021), inches past the previous quarterlydown (-3.2%) compared to September record of 151,760 set last quarter (April- 2020 with 301 wholesale shipments.June 2021) and is also a 23% increaseWCM6 December 2021Woodalls Campground Magazine'