b"MODERN MARKETINGLeveraging The Potential of Pinterest: Part 1Pinterest is no Facebook or Instagram. Some call it a photo-sharing site or even a visual search engine. Its designed to help users dis-Evanne cover images that they love and follow a link to the originating websiteSchmarderor shop using pins.In 2012, I had the distinct honor of pre- Facebook is different. Its a commu- and image marketing. etary, promotional image pinned, pin senting a new-ish social media platform,nity where user interaction is the focus.Lastly, like all marketing tactics, dofournon-commercialpins.Consider Pinterest, to attendees at the National As- Groups and Pages are designed to attractyou have the time and/or manpower topartnering with organizations or influ-sociation of RV Parks and Campgroundslike-minded Facebook users. Over thecommittothisplatform?Itrequiresencers that offer an audience overlap. In Outdoor Hospitality Conference in Lasyears, Facebooks business model hasplanning, development/design execu- the absence of co-partners, pin images Vegas, Nev., and again, in a closed session,evolved into algorithm-favoring paid ad- tion, and analysis.from those that follow you or those that to state executives. Ten years later, Pinter- vertising. Even if you have a bazillionIfyouarethinking,yes,Pinteresthave inspired you to follow them. est is still going strong, despite a postfans/followers, organically youll reach amight be right for my business, read on. Pinterest offers a few best practice (maybe not quite yet)-pandemic slump.minusculepercentage,somewhereTerminology and Strategysuggestions for your pins. For standard Its addictive, yet purposeful personality,around 2%. Want more? Youll have toLike all digital marketing platforms,pins and video pins, clear titles and de-has helped it mature into a popular digitalpay to play. Pinterest uses platform-specific terms:scriptions help your pin get discovered marketing network. ComScore reportedInstagram is somewhere in between Standard Pin = Imagein search. You can use up to 100 charac-11.7 million unique U.S. monthly users inthe two. However, being owned by Meta, Video Pin = Short videosters for your title and up to 500 charac-February 2012. Today the platform enjoysformerly Facebook, this branding plat-Idea Pin = Multi-image story-style pintersforyourdescription.Ifyourpin 89 million unique U.S. monthly users.form has begun tweaking what images Pinner = Personincludes a link, check that the link is ac-Looking back, its easy to see why Pin- users see and the ability to reach an au- Pinboard=Likeathemedcork- tive and loads quickly. terest has thrived. Pinterest bills itself asdience organically. Again, were lookingboard, where images are pinnedStandard Pinsa virtual pinboard(that) lets you or- at a price per eyeball.Pinning = Posting an image Use high-quality vertical images with ganize and share all the beautiful thingsThisisnottosaythatPinterestis Repin = Pinning a previously pinneda 2:3 aspect ratio (ex: 1000x1500 pixels) you find on the web. Its a platform forpurely organic. Its not. Pinterest has longimage Put a logo on every pin you make, dreamers and doers. Users often turn tobeen in the paid advertising game. ButDevelop or tune up your Pinterestbut keep it subtle. Avoid the lower-right their Pinterest accounts for inspiration.users are often on Pinterest for purchas- using a business account. This allowscorner, it gets covered up by Pinterests With everything from travel destinationsing inspiration. you access to analytics, advertising andproduct icons. to campfire cooking to hiking trails, usersThe Set-Up selling. As on other social media plat-Add text overlay, the copy that goes search with intent and save the pins thatIn an industry where our customerforms, create your profile using an in- on your pin, to make it stand out. Keep it tickle their imaginations. They are gath- demographicsaremorediversethanstantly identifiable account name, a crispconcise for readability on mobile. ering ideas, discovering possibilities. Andever and images and experiences are atdescription of your business, and a rec- Video Pins spending money.the forefront of our messaging, smartognizable avatar. Claim your website for Make sure your videos clearly and A Different Digital Platformmodernmarketersshouldevaluateaccurate identification and analytics. succinctly communicate your ideas. For Pinterest is no Facebook or Instagram.whether or not Pinterest can benefit theirThink about your Pinterest strategy asorganiccontent,theyrecommend Some call it a photo-sharing site or evenbottom line. it relates to building pinboards. Performvideos between 15 seconds and 1 minute a visual search engine. Its designed toBeginbydeterminingiftheresaresearch using Pinterests robust Trendslong. For video ads, 6-15 seconds works help users discover images that they lovematch between the platforms users andtool and get familiar with its analyticsbest. and follow a link to the originating web- your guests. For example, four out of fivedashboard. What inspires potential fol- Somepinnerswatchvideowith site or shop using pins. Sure, theres theU.S. Millennial (18-34) women/two outlowers? What is unique to your businesssound off. Don't rely on audio or dia-ability to comment and share, but theof five U.S. Millennial men use the plat- that can be categorized into boards? De- logue. Use text overlay or captions to main idea is to save a pin to a users pin- form at least once a month and four outvelop a plan, including goals. Build a fewhelp tell your story. boards, a dream board if you will. Theyof five U.S. moms are on Pinterest. Is thatboards,eachwithkeyword-richtitles Select a cover image when you up-can then visit the images site or Shopifyyour target demographic? and descriptions. load your video so people can under-store and learn more, interact with theNext,askyourselfifyourbusinessFill your boards with relevant, eye- stand what your video is about with just brand or business, and make purchases. aligns with the visual nature of contentcatching images. For every one propri- one glance. Idea PinsStart with a video on your first page to stand out in feeds. Add text overlay for those that watch with the sound off.Plan your content like a real story, with a beginning, middle, and end. Make sure to include everything viewers need to act on your idea. Fill out the detail page so people can make your idea happen. Before publish-ing, make sure to tag relevant topics so that your content reaches the right audi-ence.Idea Pins are for original content, no need to add links. Are You Pinterested?Pinterest has the potential to be a sub-stantial, targeted traffic driver and can expose your brand and build your busi-ness. No longer the new kid on the block, this lush visual platform can help you encourage the beauty and draw of an outdoor hospitality vacation. Feed the dream, its pinteresting. Evanne Schmarder, a veteran WCM ModernMarketingcolumnistand principal at Roadabode Productions, will soon be releasing the second book in her Marketing Your RV Park/Camp-ground Online series. Details to follow at roadabode.comWCM10 January 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine"