b"SUPPLIER INSIGHTS nBY BEN QUIGGLEHorizon Outdoor Hospitality Sees Change in the Types of Customers it is ServingIt is no secret that the outdoor hospi- dustry. Scott Foos, the CEO and owner ofindustry and growing and improving tality industry has attracted more atten- thecompany,toldWoodallsCamp- whattheessenceofcampingreally tion from investors seeking to benefitground Magazine (WCM) that he has no- means.from the surge in interest in RVing andticed a shift in the type of customer theFoos noted that as the industry con-camping in general. company services. tinues to grow it will be important to This in turn has benefitted park man- Our No. 1 customer type90% tokeepprovidinguniqueexperiences, agement firms that have found investors95%were mom-and-pop operatorswhile not having everything be cookie are seeking groups to help them operateduring the first 10 years of our exis- cutter, as more Millennials continue to the parks these groups are purchasing. tence,heexplained. Startingaboutcamp.One group experiencing this change isseven years ago that shifted when in- We think that experiential hospital-CastleRock,Colo.- vestors began to understand the spaceity is what the Millennial generation is based Horizon Outdoorbetter. Through COVID those investorscontinue for the foreseeable future. going to prioritize moving forward, he Hospitality. EstablishedwhohavebeenintraditionalindoorA spotlight has been shown on thesaid. So, it'll be interesting to see how in2004,andofferinghotel hospitality see where their guestsindustry to tangentially related investorsthe industry shifts with that as well. complete managementare choosing to stay, and our businessin these other industries, and many ofHorizon focuses on the guest experi-and consulting serviceshas completely shifted. We have nowthem require third-party managementence and those touch points to help en-for RV parks and glamp- transitionedto90%investor-ownedcompaniesasdescribedbytheirin- surethatcampershaveagreatstay, ing resorts, Horizon is aparks and maybe 10% mom and pops. vestors, he noted. while also enjoying unique activities.Scott Foos familiar name in the in- Foos said that he expects that trend toSome in the industry have wonderedAs an example, one of our properties, how the surge in new developments andBay Point Landing in Oregon, sits right a swell of investor-owned properties willon the coast, Foos explained. There's impact the industry, but Foos told WCMso much to do right in the immediate that he expects the majority of parks toarea from a natural amenities and activ-remain mom-and-pop owned (and op- ities standpoint. A lot of our guests come erated) parks, just given the sheer num- from Portland, and we wanted to design ber of existing properties, and many ofa curated and self-led experience where themaretoosmallforinvestmentour guests could have access to activities groups to touch, he explained. But Iin the area that our team had thought-think that moving forward, we would ex- fully put together for them. Our team pect to see even more institutionaliza- went on all these hiking trails and to dif-tion,ifyouwill,oftheindustry,offerent restaurants and we created half-processes,systemsandstandardiza- day and full-day activity plans, printed tions. This is similar to what the motelthem on sheets of paper and our guests industry saw into the 80s and 90s as itcan grab them and go have an authentic became more institutionalized as well.experience at their own pace.As new investors enter the space, ourIt has helped us generate additional opportunity is to help our clients under- return visits because people want to do stand the unique virtues that make thismore of the trips we have created, he assetclasssospecial,Foosadded.added. We believe focusing on curated That's one area where we can provideactivities and onsite amenities has been the most valuein working with oursomething that's been really impactful clients from other industries to applyfor our clients. growth strategies in a way that main- For more information on Horizon, tains the spirit of the outdoor hospitalityhead to www.horizonoutdoors.com.Doty & Sons B.Y.O. 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