b"Electrical Equipment Suppliers Fight Supply Chain Issues as Demand SoarsE lectrical equipment suppliers, likeElectrical equipment suppliers are battling supply-chain issues, nBY BEN QUIGGLEwhile also tackling questions on metering, EVs and more. most suppliers to the outdoor hos- Credit: Wild Energypitalityindustry,arefighting throughsupplychainissues.But most companies note that orders havestillbeengoingouttocus-tomers on a timely basis.It depends on the product and the manu-facturer you're dealing with, but it could be upwards of 20-some weeksforcertainproducts, notedPaul Croteau,asenior sales engineer at Utility Supply Group (USG). We've been for-tunate that we manage our in-ventory closely. We've saved a lot of people with that this year. Paul Croteau Terry Linnell, the owner of KeegoHarbor,Mich.-based B&B Electrical, told Woodalls Campground Magazine (WCM) that it is still seeing orders come in, almost on an hourly basis, I'm telling everybody to order now so you won't bethere, explained Croteau. Park owners are going to have but that there are significantsurprised in the spring, he noted. I think we'll be in goodto look at infrastructure, new wiring and park design, so I delays for some orders. shape. There is another price increase coming in Decem- think a slow approach is best at this point. We are also seeing someber with some of the manufacturers, so if you think you're Its not as easy as plugging in a golf cart, it's much price increases from manufac- going to need it, my suggestion is you just get it on ordermore than that, he added. USG tells people, put a 200-turers,shehighlighted.ItTerry Linnell and let the time start rolling.amp panel up by your store or some other parking area seems to be getting worse, and I do think it's With all of the talk about electric vehicles (EVs), it isand run four boxes. USG sells the wall-charger boxes that going to get worse over the next three months be- no surprise to hear that electrical equipment suppliers arethey can use. Start with that and see where it goes. Certain fore we see an improvement.also tackling EV-related questions, with many telling parkstates are more ahead of the curve than others. Her recommendation to park owners: Getowners it is okay to take a slower approach to getting theirWCM gathered a number of business updates from your orders in ASAP!parks prepared for EVs. electrical equipment suppliers. Following are those up- Croteau agrees.Its going to take a while before the infrastructure getsdates listed in alphabetical order.WOODALLSCM.comJanuary 2022 21"