b"B&B Electricaling/RV Park Hookups division, told WCM that business has been Linnell noted that B&B Electrical is currently working with Eaton to get pricingbooming in 2021.on EV charging stations that owners can install at their parks. She also highlightedWe are seeing an unprecedented demand for our products, he the fact that more owners are talking about metering individual sites. said.We offer conversion kits for existing pedestals,Most of the questions that Eaton is dealing with surround me-Linnell explained. So, if someone buys a park ortering and EV issues.installs pedestals and then later decides they wantQuestions around water metering and remote metering/con-to meter, we can help them out. It's a really simple,trol, Tensley noted. Definitely questions around the viability of im-inexpensive way to alter an unmetered RV pedestalplementing EV infrastructure into a park. We are also keeping anShaq Tensleyto change it to a metered pedestalsomething youeye on whether GF requirements may be written into code soon. can do for around $50, and those are very popular.Tensley highlighted Eatons new Campmate CS pedestal, which consists of a car-The companys electrical layout services are ex- bon steel stand with an optional integrated water box. It can be installed either pad-tremely popular, according to Linnell. mounted or direct burial. Tensley also highlighted the units We help park owners or developers lay outPhotocell-controlled LED lighting, remote monitoring ca-where their parks pedestals will sit and on issuespabilities, 250-amp service rating and standard Sandal-such as wire distribution. We can do anything fromwood finish.new park layouts to expansions or upgrades at ex- It leverages more readily available materials and is spe-isting parks, she said.cially designed for faster assembly leading to reduced lead The company also sells a variety of solar pow- times, he explained.ered lighting, according to Linnell, but most inquiries at the moment are focused onEaton is dealing with supply chain issues, but Tensley pedestals and meters. noted that the company is weathering the storm.Owners are really focused on upgrading and expanding at the moment, she ex- The supply chain has caused its fair share of chal-plained. lenges, he noted. We have still been able to ship product Looking to 2022, Linnell said that the company is focused on keeping customersfaster than our competitors, but our lead times are longer updated on shipping issues. than what we are used to. I know there is going to be a light at the end of this, and I do feel that we're goingLooking to 2022, Tensley said that the company is ex-to come out of this stronger than ever, she said. People just have to be patient andpecting another strong year.get their orders in as soon as possible. The sooner they order, the sooner they're goingThere is a lot of activity in the RV park development space, along with the ex-to get it.pansion and renovation of existing parks, meaning the need for electrical systems 888-391-3802www.bbelec.com will continue to be strong, he explained.757-258-6324www.eaton.com Eaton Corporation Shaq Tensley, product manager for Eaton Corporations Marina Power & Light- Hialeah Meter Lisa Senior, general manager of Hialeah, Fla.-based Hialeah Meter, told WCM that the company is still warning campground owners that it is getting more difficult Real Log Park Model Cabins to get used dial-type meters from utility companies.Owners are looking at having to pay more for newer digital meters without access to the meters the company acquires from utility companies andReal Rustic Log Cabinsrefurbishes as a way to recycle them. The company has been supplying electric metersTurn-Key!to campground and RV park owners since the 1950s,Durable and Appealingaccording to Senior. Amish CraftsmanshipHialeah Meter also repairs and calibrates existingPays Off Within 1-3 Years meters that park owners have installed.Park Model CabinsIf a meter has been plugged in for more than 10 years in a single spot it should Starting at $29,900 always be looked at to make sure it is still accurate, Senior explained. It is really important park owners keep up on their calibrations, especially at sites that host Located in Lancaster, PA long-term seasonal customers. 717-445-5522www.LancasterLogCabins.com 800-654-0821www.hialeahmeter.comJamestown Advanced Products Jamestown, N.Y.-based Jamestown Advanced Products has continued to find ways to streamline processes to help alleviate supply chain issues as business continues to remain busy, ac-cording to Spencer Santilli, a market-ing associate for the company.Like every other business in 2021, we have faced issues with our supply chain, capacity and labor, he noted. However, the team here at Jamestown came together todeliver A m e r i c a n -madecamp-g r o u n d equipmentat recordnum-bers this year. Duetothe campingin-d u s t r y ' s growth, we are now140peo-ple strong on our team here in the U.S. Our purchasing and engineering teams learned how to source parts better. We havestreamlinedourglobalsupply chain directly to our factory just out-side Buffalo, in conjunction with new shipping partners. Santilli explained that the most fre-quent questions the company receives 22 January 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine"