b"are on EV technology. The company just launched a partnership with Kamp- nishings for next spring, we strongly suggest you purchase now while steel remains grounds of America Inc. that pushes its new EV Charger pedestal. available. There is no forecasting when the auto industry may come back online. KOA approached us about how to best support EVs, while keeping in mind the800-452-0639www.jamestownadvanced.com standard campground electrical layout, he explained. We worked with KOA in secret for over eight months,MarineSync Corporation closely collaborating on an RV Power Outlet that in- San Diego, Calif.-based MarineSync Corporation, a distributor of utility meter-cluded an EV Charger. After many months of talkinging technology, noted to WCM that business has been a mixed bag in 2021.with several EV charging companies, we decided to part- On one hand, we saw record growth and revenue; on the ner with Wallbox, as that company best understood theother hand, weve struggled to deliver finished goods to our needs of the campground industry, while providing aclients and had to fight, often overpaying, to secure raw ma-high-quality and safe device. The EV Chargers are nowterials for production. Incredibly stressful, noted Austin available to everyone, not just KOA parks. Bleier, president of the company.The company has also partnered with ETL to tackleMarineSync offers meters that allow park owners to keep supply chain issues moving forward. tabs on utility usage from anywhere.ETL has accepted the challenge of partnering withOur RUMmeter is an affordable and simple option for us to build the best supply chain in the campsite fur- upgrading socket meters to wireless read, explained Bleier. nishing industry to ensure we continue manufacturingThese meters provide precision accuracy, remote (wire-quality products with a reasonable lead time, Santilliless) read and remote-control power (on/off) ability. RUM-said. In Q1/Q2 next year, our customers are going tometer is compatible with leading RV software platforms and hear some very welcome news on lead times.can also be used as a Kiosk. In addition, the meter is easy to Looking to 2022, Jamestown is worried about steel is- install and works well for EV parking. sues.Bleier says he fields a lot of questions from owners or At this point, the primary concern is the availabilitydevelopers on self-service and other integration options.of steel, Santilli noted. Due to the global chip shortage, the big automakers areOwners and operators seem very interested in learn-not consuming much steel. These circumstances leave a good supply of steel ining about ways to work smarter, not harder, he noted. It the market for American manufacturers, like us. However, if the chip situation sta- also seems to be fed by the incoming generation of RV bilizes, the availability of steel will drop dramatically. If you require campsite fur- users that are embracing technology and preferring do-it-yourself options. Looking to 2022, Bleier noted that he is excited to be part of this growing industry.For nearly 13-years, our company established itself and our brand as the gold-standard in the marine industry, he highlighted. Now, we created a new division, UtilIoT, specifically focused on bringing our enterprise-grade wireless submetering systems into the RV sector. 619-269-7000www.MarineSync.comUtility Supply Group Paul Croteau noted that Utility Supply Group (USG) was in the midst of a very good year on the sales side as expansions and new park builds have increased the demand for electrical equipment.He highlighted USGs new Wallbox Charger as a way for park owners to integrate EV charging at their parks.We've got a couple new solar products that help the green initiative, and maybe some different configura-tions on pedestals, but we're going to wait and see where that heads, Croteau said.Utility Supply Group also offers design services and a wide variety of pedestals and other electrical equip-ment.Looking to 2022, the company doesnt expect a slow-down in business.I think there are so many new developments and people working on things who are not just playing around, Croteau explained. I think this momentum is definitely going to continue into the future.800-800-2811www.go-usg.comWild Energy Florida-based Wild Energy Inc. has been making a splash in the outdoor hospi-tality industry with its metering technology that allows a tradi-tional pedestal to become what it calls a Smartpost.Mike Sorensen, the president of Wild Energy, noted that the me-ters have special electronic boards inside that collect data and send the data back in real-time, allowing park owners to check usage from anywhere at any time.He highlighted the fact that business has been expanding in 2021, as they continue to add more parks as customers.We've continued to expand our installed base and have parks from Maine down to Key West, Sorensen explained. Mike SorensenSome of the questions he receives from park owners include: Should I be metering for short-term/transient stays?Which Property Management Systems does Wild Energy integrate with?Should I meter electric vehicles?What's the right strategy for EVs?Can you also meter water? Sorensen said that he works with park owners to get answers for all the questions they have, and that the company is integrating with reservation management platforms to make it easier for park owners to manage electrical usage at their parks.We've been working on integrations with the most popular PMS systems, such as Newbook and Staylist, and have others in the works as well, he explained. Our owner's portal has continued to evolve allowing for Electrical Equipmentcontinued on page 3224 January 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine"