b'SMART OPERATIONSTech Acronyms & Abbreviations: Test Your Skills! More recently, a whole new generation of acronyms and abbreviations has been gener- Peterated by the proliferation of technology and the Internet. Many of these terms have becomePellandpart of our everyday conversations, but how many of us really know the words we use?Lately I have seen nearly a dozenviation, along with a brief definition, asthis available at their campsite, and itsometimes using a cloud service, from news reports about an increase in casesa test to see if you know its origin. Havebetter be fast and free.one computer to another. Many people of RSV among children. I was able tofun and see how you do, checking forUSBBefore this was adopted as atry to send large files as email attach-easily surmise that the R stood forthe correct answers at the end of thestandard, there seemed to be a differentments because they are unfamiliar with respiratory and that the V stood forquiz.type of cable for every device connectedFTP. virus, but not a single reporterin- DDoSThis is the worst that canto a computer, each with a unique plug HTTPSIf your website runs under cluding well-known doctors who arehappen to your website, when a serverand computer jack. There are now mini- this protocol, people see a little padlock paid contributors on news networks is under attack.USB and micro-USB options. Thanks toin their browser. has as of yet identified what the S rep- IPA unique address for each deviceUSB, you probably have a box full of old GPSThis is how people find your resents. In case you were also wonder- attached to the Internet.cables that you cannot even give away.campground, sometimes taking them ing,itstandsforsyncytialRAMUsuallyfoundinpairsof URLThis is the address of yourover an inappropriate route. (pronouncedsin-SISH-uhl),andthesticks that fit into slots in a com- website or any other particular page on ICANNWhen you want to register definition is more difficult for the lay- puter, these allow a computer to per- the Internet. It is even more precise thana domain name, you perform a whois man to understand than the word is toformcalculationsquickly.Variationsa 9-digit zip code.lookup at an accredited registrar to see pronounce.include SDRAM and VRAM. Not to be HDMIThis allows a single cable toif it is available, but it is this organization Acronyms and abbreviations like thisconfused with an early solo record bytransfer video and audio between de- that keeps the Internet running by allo-surround us and have become a part ofthe Beatles Paul McCartney.vices such as computer monitors, videocating IP addresses and managing the our everyday lexicon. You are familiarPDFThese are pages of contentprojectors,anddigitaltelevisions.domain name system. with acronyms: words that have beenthat can be downloaded online and willThanks to HDMI, almost nobody usesGIFAnothermeansofsaving formed from the initial letters of a seriesalways render identically on every dis- two tin cans and a string anymore.graphic files, dating back to CompuServe of words and are then pronounced asplayandprintconsistentlyonevery HTMLThe websites that you seeand the early days of the Internet, it is words themselves. Abbreviations, on theprinter.online work because this allows text filespronounced jiff, not giff. If photos are other hand, are also formed from theCPUThis is to your computer whatto be tagged in a manner that allowssaved using this format, they will have a initial letters of a series of words but areyour brain is to your body. Without it,them to display specific fonts, colors,blotchy appearance due to the limited not pronounced as words themselves.your computer would be nothing but agraphics, embedded content, and links.number of colors represented. The ani-For example, NASA is an acronym forcase full of components.Some people think that this is magic, butmated version of this format is responsi-the National Aeronautics and Space Ad- BSODThis is the last thing that ait is really some form of HTML.ble for all those annoying little graphics ministration and KOA is an abbreviationWindows computer user wants to see JPEGProbably the most commonthat you used to see online. for Kampgrounds of America.on his monitor. It is also known as a stopmeansofcompressinganddecom-PNGPronounced like the PING More recently, a whole new genera- error or bug check, and it displays apressing digital images. When saving anwedges, drivers and irons, this is yet an-tion of acronyms and abbreviations hasmemory dump that typically includesimage, the amount of compression canother means of saving graphic files, usu-been generated by the proliferation ofthousands of characters of text that arebeselected.Toomuchcompressionally with transparent backgrounds. technology and the Internet. Many oftotally indecipherable to the averageleads to serious loss of image quality.Well, how did you do? You are proba-these terms have become part of ourhuman being. IMAPA protocol that allows emailbly happy that I did not include EXIF, everyday conversations, but how manyCMYKThese represent the colorsto be retrieved from a mail server, it of- FQDN, FLOPS, GUID, PPGA, SOAP and of us really know the words we use?that comprise four-color process print- fers added functionality over the POP3TCP/IP.Truthfully,Icannotidentify Lets have some fun with a little quizing, as opposed to the RGB colors of dig- standard, including an improved abilitymost of those myself. Lets hope you involving tech terms that will allow youitaldisplays.Mostfolksreadouttheto synchronize your email among mul- had fun! to determine whether you are a trueletters in this abbreviation, but other peo- tiple devices such as your office com- The answers: geek or simply a nerd in geeks clothing.ple pronounce it as the acronym smick.puter,laptopcomputer,tabletandDDoS = Distributed Denial of Service I will throw in a few easy terms, just soWi-FiThis is a means of connectingsmartphone.IP = Internet Protocol nobody feels totally discouraged. I willto the Internet without the use of cables. FTPThis Internet function allowsRAM = Random Access Memory provide you with the acronym or abbre- Everybody at your campground wantsfor the upload and download of files,PDF = Portable Document Format CPU = Central Processing Unit BSOD = Blue Screen of Death CMYK = Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (or Key) Wi-Fi = Wireless Fidelity USB = Universal Serial BusURL = Uniform Resource LocatorHDMI = High Definition Multimedia In-terfaceHTML = Hyper-Text Markup LanguageJPEG = Joint Photographic Experts GroupIMAP = Internet Message Access Proto-colFTP = File Transfer ProtocolHTTPS = HyperText Transfer Protocol Se-cureGPS = Global Positioning SystemICANN = Internet Corporation for As-signed Names and NumbersGIF = Graphics Interchange FormatPNG = Portable Network GraphicsPeterPellandistheCEOof Pelland Advertising, a company that he founded in 1980 that has been serving the family camping industry for over 40 years. His company spe-cializes in building fully responsive websites,alongwithproducinga full range of four-color process printadvertising, for clients from coast to coast.LearnmoreaboutPelland Advertisingathttps://pelland.com or see their ad in this issue. WCM10 December 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine'