b"(point of sale) online reservations and more are included. It has additionalquality support. The company has serviced more than 4,000 operations over capabilities planned for 2023.the years.We charge a $200 setup fee, then it is simply $2 per reservation and a $1We were the first ones to go to the cloud 100%, said Thom Gibb, chairman monthly statement, Johnson said about costs. Reservation and statementof the company. We're in Canada, Australia and North America. We do mul-fees can be set up in the system to be automatically added to the guests reser- tiple vertical integration systems. If you look at most camp-vation allowing campgrounds to pass our fees on to their guests. Guests aregrounds, they're not just a campground. They may rent some used to paying service and reservation fees when they book a stay so this hascanoes or Jet Skis. They may have some cabins and other become widely accepted. This fee covers all support and software updates, sothings, too. We can do all of it, from rentals by the hour, to tick-there are no additional fees for future software updates or support calls.ets,today-passestolength-sensitivebookingstomarina We pride ourselves on providing outstanding support, he concluded. Webookingsetc.are a small company, just like the vast majority of our customers. We get toGibb stated that typically a 100-site park can get up and run-know many of our clients personally, and most of the time when they call,ning within seven days if well prepped with staff ready to do they will be talking to one of our owners personally. Thom Gibb the training. Its newest product platform is the CampWorks Connect mobile app. NewWe have fully-integrated payment processing, fully inte-CampWorks software customers who also use its integrated credit card pro- grated online reservation systems and SMS, he said. We have over a dozen cessing get CampWorks Connect free.It provides a branded business app tomodules, but none of our customers use more than probably 35% of the soft-guests and is a digital tourism guide, customer service tool and remote man- ware because we have so much to offer. It's fully customizable.agement tool all in one.Gibbs said the booking fee is passed on to the end user. It features full, on-www.viswrks.com/CampWorks320-300-4157line integration so anyone that books in the system has an online account for check in, online check out and client account management so the guest can pay any of the bills online. We connect to all the channels as well, added Gibb. We connect to Lock Key and GATE Technologies, so the software can send out the pin numbers for the guests and make sure that it gets to them. We have automated emails for automated marketing as well.Most payment models are per reservation and that is normally passed on to the client and is about $3 per booking at the time of the reservation.Thereservationcomesinforathree-weekstayandyouonlyget charged $3, Gibbs explained. The typical setup fees, one-time, is $795, and we bill a month in arrears for the reservations coming in. It's straight-forward.Service is based on online chat or phone, working with dedicated ac-count managers who have a history with each customer, the company re-ports. Tech support is 24/7 including its emergency support systems with base support from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.Next year we're working on some new technology, Gibb teased. Im not supposed to talk about it yet, but it's going to be very different with some part-ners were finalizing a deal with. It's affordable marketing, and it's the same in the hotel industry. You know, you can't compete with Expedia. Well, it's the same with the campgrounds. Now they will be able to compete with their biggest competitors. Digital Rez is also working on partnerships for marketing on TV, radio and other media.www.digitalrez.comwww.rezexpert.com800-811-5988 Digital Rez Digital Rez has been a 100% cloud-based service since 2013 and has been serving the campground community for 29 years. It is based on a philosophy of providing low-cost, real-time reservation systems underpinned by high-Firefly Reservation Services One of the top selling points of Firefly is its simplicity, said Adams, of his San Antonio, Texas-based firm. A campground can sign up for Firefly at 11 p.m. on Friday night and be accepting reservations by Monday morning. Fire-fly offers a full self-service platform, and we can do that because of how sim-ple it is to set up and operate. We have had customers who switched from using other systems where only one or two people could access the software because training the employees was too difficult.Firefly does not have any setup costs for campgrounds but offers a white glove setup service for those who want it. Most get started for nothing with DIY setup. A library of support articles online makes it easy for customers set up their own property, noted Adams. Firefly allows campgrounds to set up rates depending on how they charge so they can continue with the same rates they had before.It offers features to increase revenue or cover expenses such as add-ons, lock fees and processing fees. Firefly operates on a reservation fee model 18 December 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine"